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  1. @aquilesopkarg did it two years ago and it was a pretty nice trip but I prefer road trip can't get that into a plane sure all you'd need is one back pack and money but I like at least a little bit of luxury if I am not staying in hotels the full back to the nature is nice occasionally but it gets rough if you do it for longer went basically as shown above and then Cairngorms (Braemar) - Inverness - Skye - Fort WIlliam/Nevis - Loch Lomond - Stirling back to Edinburgh then drove back to GER
  2. I hope so. I feel we should def get something going for Theatres of War or even 3.8. Like hopefully the Argo Mole multicrew mining experience means you can actually have meaningful gameplay in small groups. I don't like any gameplay in current or past patches and combat is still shit but hopefully with their QoL focus and devcycle change + new Gamemode that changes last patch had already some improvements. I hate how performance is still shit and if I go trade and crash I can loose all my invested cash. Hopefully that improves in coming patches. Will def play more than currently (barely at all) for coming patches and modes and when Persistence comes. That said if they still don't get their shit together and Theatres of War gameplay is still shit I can also see interest falling very shortly after the patches again. Ultimately we need good gameplay and performance before playing SC for longer times makes sense for peoples. If playing the game is pain then ppl willl loose interest again.
  3. Hey, Marius Welcome! Improwing mäi Inglisch tüü only Riesen I am still hier. Its very gut nau.
  4. Probably to protect the info that they are only a shell company atm not actually doing anything
  5. One of the worst endings in TV history.
  6. No Spoilers from me. 10/10 action and movie making 2/10 story and writing I am saying since the end of the last season that they are going to fuck up the ending and now its almost certain. You got to give D&D credit for bringing the show on screen but they just don't have it in them. Its still the best TV ever and great craft by everyone involved thats not D&D. Unfortunately it ran out of breath before the finish line to be a true Masterpiece. Like George Lucas they were at the right place at the right time but they aren't really masters of their craft just lucky kids who had others make the magic happen at times and when it was their time to shine they failed. When The Godfather was written you had Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola writing the Screenplay. In the beginning you had George R R Martins writing thats your Puzo but you never had the Coppola and when there was no more book material you had neither. Just David and Dan two Hollywood Hacks shitting on their source material and making trashy inauthentic decisions like so many other adaptations do.
  7. Director made some good movies (absolutely love Thank You for Smoking) and was involved in others (Producer for Whiplash) so there is a chance they might actually not fuck it up. But I remain sceptical Hollywood likes fucking up sequels/remakes these days.
  8. One thing: the math with the Developer salary does not work. Only a minority of their 500 peoples are real Developers/Programmers and they only have maybe 50 senior peoples who will have high salaries. Then they have lots of communits peoples, support, junior artist and all kind of other jobs. In general many young guys and peoples with mixed vita. Also we don't know how many of the 500 don't work fulltime. I would not be surprised if the average is significantly below 60k across all 500. No way to know until you list all employees and their job description and fulltime or not and make better guesses based on that.
  9. Hey everyone, some peoples know that I have been very critical on current SC combat and flight. That said I was extremely happy with the flight model panel at CitCon and CIG now giving this a bigger priority. In recent RTV they also mentioned that gunnery and flight are kind of connected so in order for combat to work and be fun they might also have to touch that. MHE on spectrum has made a pretty brilliant post about some problems with gunnery and how they can be fixed and provide a more satisfactory combat in future versions. This is the post: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/a-different-angle-the-geometry-of-gunnery and this is the document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/neniy4qbddenazy/A Different Angle.pdf?dl=0 Jarus/CitizenGamer also had him at his last show discussing this: If you are interested in these topics I suggest you take a look at the document or at lest the video it is very enlightening.
  10. I hope they release the stage 2 panels. Stage 1 was already all watchable from Twitch but not Tage 2 because they forgot to turn on their VOD option in Twitch.
  11. Is the back ramp a physical object or does it clip into the ground? As I know CIG its probably the former one and also procedurally created ground is seldom perfectly flat. So what happens when the ramp touches the ground does it cause damage? Also does it influence your ships course so you might crash? Because you probably have to get extremely low where the ramp is touching the ground else the vehicle can't cross that distance. No idea because I don't have that ship just asking. Maybe you can do it on some kind of road like surface and with the finer ship thrust control we get in 3.4? When its possible someone will do it and we see a video on reddit.
  12. I would guess you need some kind of ramp for the vehicle to make a small jump to do that
  13. Everyone can steal your ships if they somehow get into it. Will be fixed in some future version with actual security systems that would have to be hacked before being able to steal ships.
  14. The content was very great all the videos and most of the panels. When they originally posted the Bishop speech and Mark Hamill I was one of the peoples disappointed in the quality of the characters back then. Now that looks really great and its even going to be improved. Characters panel and the Ivo Herzog tech panel were great. My biggest relieve though is that they are working on gameplay. In the beginning keynote all the flight and FPS gameplay was shit. That was party of course because it was some Dev guy who does not have time playing the game and is using a gamepad. So you can't solely blame the game for that but they have to work on gameplay in the next Alphas. So because of that I was really happy for the flight model panel. Even though I always want more regarding FM I would watch a 10 hour panel on that I am very happy that they now actually say what they want and what they are working on. And things like more weight to ships and realistic parameters and them having tools to do them right is great. Peoples very deep into the Flight Model and Controls debate had critizized in the past that the simulation and model was good but the parameters fed into it were unrealistic and bogus and created the bad experience. Now they are actually changing that. And its important that they start thinking what they want: and they also posted that they are working on ESP, controls, landing&docking as well as UI improvements I might soon actually enjoy playing the Alpha (instead of just looking around or watching videos of it) - makes me very happy having this outlook that I missed the last year
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