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  1. My Brexit road trip - GER to Northern Scotland and back

    Nah its a bummer they did not let ze Germanz vote on Brexit for some reason. As for 23 hours I will be driving zigzag on smaller roads and deviate to many nice locations it will probably be many more miles. @Dragon-Knight done deal
  2. Hey everyone, thought I'd post it here as we are so international and many UK peoples. Have a little trip planned from Frankfurt, Germany by car to Aberdeen north of Edinburgh in Scotland. Inspiration was my work contract says I can only drive my company car inside EU borders so I thought why not drive around UK. This is my currently planned route: google maps route Frankfurt, Germany Aachen, Germany Antwerp, Belgium Bruges, Belgium Dunkirk, France Calais, France Dover, UK (by ferry) Canterbury, UK Cambridge, UK York, UK Whitby, UK Durham, UK Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Alnwick, UK Edinburgh, UK Aberdeen, UK Have 14-17 days available first two weeks of August and will have lots of camping and hiking equipment with me. Will try to use mostly cheap lodging so I can spend the money on other stuff will not book stuff in advance so I am flexible where I can go each day. When in Scotland I want to do lots of half day hiking in different places. As theres many UK peoples here and I will also travel through parts of Belgium and a little bit of France I thought I'd ask if anyone has any MUST see places they know along the way or other important advice. Have already used other sites more suitable for planning this so the route is not that random but has many nice places along the way and I also know most of the basics that said go for it if you can think of anything.
  3. Blind Culling delayed - again

    Its really tough these days. Even Reddit has turned to a place where all criticism was being downvoted to a place that's not defending CIG anymore. I fear if we don't get anything substantial soon things might get worse. If they can't deliver either satisfying performance or Squadron42 within the next 2 years (which is probably true) I think they need a new strategy to keep the community happy. Current patches are not working keeping peoples happy for a multitude of reasons. One option they might have is to redo and polish Arena Commander and Star Marine. Even if that takes resources away it would actually prove to peoples they can deliver something roughly polished on a smaller scale. Yes its not the best solution but I don't see an alternative. If they continue on the current path things could get very ugly before they get better.
  4. 600i vs Caterpillar for CCU to Herc

    drop the 600i keep the caterpillar
  5. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    So the first thing Montoya does on release is killing himself with an alt and cashing in ONE MILLION DOLLARS credits for lolz? Strange video...
  6. Elon Musk - Artificial Intelligence

    To me there is a lot of hype and fearmongering in AI discussion currently. And many public actors have an interest in hyping it up more. Its is 22 years after Deep Blue defeated Kasparov and now AI can beat some Atari Arcade games. A robot can have smart pathing algorythms to travel around obstacles from A to B but if there is anything majorly unexpected or bad weather he is fucked anyway and we have no sufficient portable powersource for human strength electric motors or endurance also limiting many other electronic appliences. Industrial robots in manufactoring have been around for 50 years but theres still major labor needs worldwide and appliances are just slowly creeping into some service sectors and costs are still way too high. Everyones talking like in a couples of years all cars will be selfdriving but we havent even accomplished to fully automate the railway network. There are philosophical discussions that AI might maybe need a close to human experience to develop general intelligence. But the truth is nobody knows because we also know so little still about the human brain and intelligence neuroscientists understanding in many cases is still limited to "it glows roughly in this general area". Yes its all very fascinating and I am a major tech geek but it has been my belief for some years now that the general public massively overestimates the speed at which everything is changing. Some of the scenarios I hear in debates about the topic I would bet serious money against them happening in our lifetimes and I am less interested in what happens in 2100+. Yes there will be massive changes but some of the predictions I have heard by serious peoples about what will happen in 5 or 10 years are just ridicolous and I regularly laugh out loud about those. I have a suspicion though that many actors know that but that it is better for their public work to get the wanted effects and reactions so societies think about it and slow institutions can be prepared. It might be some of the same reasons why CR said SC will release something 3 years after the kickstarter when the reality is more like 10 years. Maybe you need the same strategy for AI so you can shock in 5-10 years everything will be drastically different and we have to prepare when in reality it will probably be much longer time spans. Anyway still exciting times.
  7. Protecting our industry.

    Convoys of multiples traders banding together and defending against threats plus clear tactics/protocols what to do when certain encounters happen might also be solutions

    My current stance: Disney is an evil communist company that should be destroyed and I will not watch any more of their garbage (salty saltminers unite!). That said the trailer looks good but that could be part of their maleficious plot of stealing my soul again. So I will basically await a few reviews of channels I trust after the movie is out and decide if I watch it.
  9. RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    Its a bit funny how so many peoples complained about the 600i when its way more ship per buck than the Phoenix for almost the same price. I still hope the Constellation in general and also the Phoenix will be worth anything once all the new shiny ships have come out. Unfortunately its a reality in many franchises that the stuff coming out later is often better I hope they can protect against that.
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie

    I agree but the performance style is imho certainly dictated by the script and director. Its also one of the worst fails of the new trilogy. While the original trilogy had lots of comedic relief like whenever R2D2/C3PO come on screen or Stormtroopers fail at catching rebels or you see wacky aliens the main villains of the Empire can keep their serious and dark tones. You would not nominate Tarkin, Vader or the Emperor for "Best Comedy". Which is part of the overall success of it that the classic heroes journey works that well in the movies even though the movies themselves have quite a few weaknesses they are more than made up for by their strengths. In Last Jedi: Snoke is a joke Hux is a joke The whole First Order and their appearance/strength is a joke The "Rebels" are a joke (in how they are organized/led and their support and how they go from ruling the galaxy to 20 peoples in a month) The Jedi are a joke (best shown by Luke throwing away the lightsaber) The Hero (Rey) is a joke as she does not have to work for anything and they toy with her origin story The inner logic and authenticity of the Sci-Fi universe is a joke (too many examples to count) There are already quite a few good YT channels who manage to show an overwhelming chain of indication suggesting the whole intent of the movie in its nihilistic approach was to completely destroy the rotting carcass of the original Trilogy and quite successful at that. The only thing that's not sure for me is the reason why they did it a-) politically motivated b-) franchise motivated (kill it so in the future franchise the moviegoer takes everything stuffed down the throat) c-) incompetence and unintentional (Hanlons Razor) and a mirror of the creators pathetic world view or probably a mix of the three. Anyway my disgust of Hollywood is complete at this point.
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie

    Lando (Billy Dee) is 80 that said he is probably in better shape than Carrie Fisher and maybe even Harrison Ford who also wasn't really motivated to do SW again would have been great to see Lando. Mark Hamill still has a huge onscreen presence though and I guess he would have pulled off anything required. No need to let him do insane stunts anyway. Also I like all the younger actors its just their roles which are horribly written. All in all it seems the peoples to blame are Katleen Kennedy (Lucasfilm president), Rian Johnson (director and writer), and in general Disney and Hollywood.
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie

    IMDB score often takes a while to adjust but yes I can't understand it either its usually a pretty good indicator. They eliminate outliers and use weighted averages due to scoring of users. So probably a hefty amount of very low ratings got filtered out by the algorithm and others weighted less while higher ratings peoples who liked the visuals and did not care for the lack of authenticity might have weighted more.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie

    It was Jedi: The last Star Wars There is no Star Wars after it its over.
  14. Don't want loot crates, pay us MOAR

    @Fizzlefuse As I said I also think/hope they will find ways to manage that problem and hope they go in directions you mentioned even though its not very easy to implement. As for loot boxes companies shitting on their fans unfortunately often does not have serious consequences. I don't buy EA games, don't watch Marvel movies in cinema anymore and probably won't watch the next Star Wars, I am also not actively on facebook. But truth is their business decisions work and they don't care if they loose a few hard core fans as long as the casual masses keep buying.
  15. Don't want loot crates, pay us MOAR

    Yeah, you go exploring with your Aurora and enter an unknown area Carrack flies by "Good Luck guys but I already scanned all the big secrets" you go mining in your Aurora (which might be not possible anymore but initially it was supposed to be with mining lasers) Orion flies by "Sorry Kid that asteroid is hollowed out" you go trading in your Aurora Hull E flies by "Bought ought all the trade goods here except salt, have a nice day" you fly around in your little spacebike on a planet surface and get shot by a f*ing tank Honestly I hope it won't be that way but there is a point that it might have been healthier for the game if everyone started with Auroras and Mustangs. But then it would have never been made or needed lootboxes