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  1. This is such sweet drama... Thanks for posting this. Unemployed Devs living off of character and gold sales of a couples of 100 bucks a month and destroying their own community that way
  2. Deckard is not doing much proactively hes more like stumbling through the world. The movie is hugging along in the amazing scenery and atmosphere and acting by Rutger Hauer and Olmos and such. In the second one theres actual detective stuff happening more like what you would expect from a Blade Runners job. That said "weakness" is probably too much I don't want to step on anyones toes I love the original too
  3. I saw the movie yesterday and its a masterpiece. Has been years since I saw a movie that good. I would say its even better than the first one even though certainly less groundbreaking. But the weaknesses story wise the first one had this one didn't. Its definately one of the best sequels ever really true to the original in style while not being a soulless copy. Sure theres peoples saying it was too long and too slow pacing but thats what good movies used to be and imho should be. For every movie with maybe a little too slow a pacing theres tens of movies these days where fast pacing ruins the whole build up and story. I think the slow pacing was good for experiencing the visuals and audio and atmosphere and cinematography. I think it did not hurt the movie quality wise even though it probably did regarding box-office success. And btw. you really should watch this on the big screen at home its probably only half as good.
  4. 3.0 patch notes: https://pastebin.com/ns8vTSp4
  5. so Reddit says 3.0 has been gone to Evocati also they will be testing the new patcher as well with incremental patching and Concierge will be next wave for PTU after Evocati NDA phase
  6. No SC release -> no new PC I guess Intel/AMD don't get my money this generation That said I like the single core performance maybe I buy one to play Dwarf Fortress EDIT: also thx @Caldon I'm the great Cornholio I need 3D²⁰⁰⁰ for my GPU⁰⁰
  7. If you don't want to wear pants I really hope I can use Augmented Reality holograms from my mobiglas to make me pretend you wear pants.
  8. While I played the original WIng Commanders the game that did it for me was mostly TIE fighter for its amazing story, missions, different ships and weapon shield config and stuff. And privateer + elite but the latter not so much. But what made me dream of a more complete game with mutiples different gameplay elements combined was a totally different game not even a space game: Sid Meiers Pirates. For me that was one of the prototypes of a game that successfully combined different gameplay mechanics like different and a bigger world where you could get lost in. Sneak into town to sell the Spaniards their tobacco back is somethink I need to do in SC sometime
  9. wooo now there will be a reddit thread that Montoya, Test and Imperium leadership are plotting with Mods to return Org flair OK jokes aside I actually agree with Montoya that there will be a time when it will be almost mandated from reddit and everyone will call for them to be implemented. Like when there are org tags in the game and PU is running then ppl want that mirrored on reddit as org flair. So maybe this was just a little premature so it caused the outrage but will naturally return. One thing though the problem with only Top Orgs getting it could be the same CIG might have to think about when addressing the topic of Org specific decals that has been mentioned a couples of times by backers. Unless they do a complete client only system where its not really uploaded to servers (or they just do the shape generator thing of course).
  10. The Dragon/Wyvern issue as I see it: The reason why the thing came up with GoT dragons being wyverns is that historically a wyvern was classified as a two-legged dragon. Especially in things like medieval heraldry and older sources. So technically from that perspective peeps calling them that are not totally wrong. I would argue though that in 20th century fantasy literature in which context GRRMs works have to be interpreted we have many settings where wyverns have differentiated themselves from dragons as their own thing. Usually as a dragon like creature but different which is less magical, intelligent and powerful as a dragon sometimes having special extra features though like poison or spikes somewhere. So thats why some peoples on the other side go against that "GoT dragons are wyverns". As far as there being real wyverns in GoT I don't remember but if GRRM has mentioned them like in WOrld of Ice+Fire then for me the issue is settled. As for the dragons GRRM having a more realistic approach to his world creation wanted the dragons to have 2 legs and 2 wings as that makes more sense from an evolutionary perspective and there is really no precedent for a 4 legs 2 wings flying creature. Probably also good for the animators and the quality/cost of the dragon CGI we got in the series
  11. I would think that in 98%+ of the city-planet surface you can't land. So in those areas you only have "rough skyline" kind of detail without NPCs and small objects and such. Basically it is impossible to procedurally generate a maximum detail city planet with NPCs and vehicles and city life that is believable in any way. And the planets are just too huge to do artist-guided procgen for the whole surface.
  12. That sweet oxygen and reactor fuel from your own piss: Glorious life in space!
  13. I don't actually think that the "no VIP transport missions" will stay except if they also remove it from Phoenix. Makes no sense that the Phoenix could do it and 600i can't. Also I think from concept to actual ship it will get way more utility. And also compared to the Phoenix its double the mass and bigger for same price. That said I don't care didn't buy any more ships since the original Hull-E sale. My wording "Drama" wasn't meant to insult anyone it was just meant as a neutral description. I am actually an active participant in flight model/combat mechanics rioting and hating IM on Spectrum (pretty much the only stuff I post on Spectrum)
  14. There is quite some drama on Spectrum and Reddit about the 600i ship sale especially price versus performance. As the Mods on Spectrum are generally very protective of SC they probably thought your threads intention was to hate on the designer? I wouldn't waste my time to try to appeal the action. What you can maybe try is open a second thread with a different and very constructive topic where you sneak your original question in as a subtopic.