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  1. posts he got a question without posting the question twitter logic
  2. just watched Ghost in the Shell expecting it to be mediocre only but I really enjoyed every minute of it

    1. Scotterius


      So did I!  I think that if it wasnt the remake of one of the best scifi films of all time we would be talking about it like 'the matrix'. ...but it is the remake...of one of the best scifi films and an important anime. It is good despite that, and holds many unexpected redemptions and pleasant surprises.

    2. DeMoN


      The spider tank was badass :D

  3. Welcome Firehawk!
  4. yeah this argument might really be unbeatable Probably only 20% of PCs today have windows 10 probably even lower. For Gamers its much higher 48% according to steam probably even higher for enthusiast gamers but still you don't want to reduce your potential customer base by 50 or 40%. Thats why like for ages games were basically DX9 games with some higher version features sparkled on top. Even if 90% of your potential customers might have Windows 10 one day the argument still persist. To double your customers or even only increase it by a few dozen percent if Win10 adaption would improve that argument is just killer. If CIG who explicitly target high performance PCs and enthusiasts because of their games high system requirements and who are already funded and don't have to sell their stuff make that decision other studios who don't even have that probably will make that decision as well. That said everything is dependant on Vulkan getting decent developer support. Thats really the reason why OpenGL never took off the ground and DX was superiour because noone took OpenGL under their wing while there was a staff of good developers at MS actually caring for DX support and improvements. With Khronos Consortium and Unity supporting Vulkan hopefully that will be different for Vulkan.
  5. damn all that stuff that was unexpected... also:
  6. Welcome to The Fleet!
  7. On the business side I really like to work with Microsoft. Currently got a customer who got all hosted exchange, office365, dynamics and some azure stuff its just working and I can expand everything and do all the customizing and addon solutions he needs from within the ecosystem and Visual Studio and theres like great frameworks/SDKs for everything and nothing is locked down. I know its kind of the contrary to what MS reputation was 15 years ago but these days I am mostly happy with them and the evil companies are mainly others.
  8. the commlink is Necro from 2015 for anyone wondering (not a complaint) THX for compiling this stuff
  9. deleted the duplicate thread @VoA On topic some peoples might know that I have pretty strong opinions on this. I try to keep it mostly out of SCB and TS and calm myself with breathing exercises else I would ramble about it all day long. Basically my opinion is that the current space combat gameplay is total shit and has been since AC came to be and I think it needs a major rework from the grounds up which is unfortunately not happening. Also the game has moved away from its original promise to reinvigorate the SpaceSim genre it is currently an Arcade Shooter in the tradition of Freelancer instead of a game in WC tradition. More explanations and details and sophisticated explanations can be found here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/interactive-mode-gimbal-control-issue (upvoting the spectrum thread is hugely appreciated) That said my love for the game is still strong else I would have left here and tried a refund long ago but I am not going to. Even if combat ends up being shitty which I hope it won't there is still so many amazing features, concepts, great tech and insane assets in this game. And I hope the rich noncombat mechanics give additional incentive of enjoying and playing the game.
  10. will be delayed have to get my high bandwidth modem working:
  11. CIG have a serious problem with their whole idea of fighter combat and ship balancing. With them continuing all those turrets and gimbals on single seat fighters I wonder when they return to sanity. Lets see when everything is in the game. But the guys tasked with bringing everything together and improving the final combat gameplay have insane challenges I don't envy them. And it probably won't happen without slaughtering some sacred cows and causing some more drama.
  12. Happy Buck-Birthday!

  13. nice vid... subbed @Ostiaheres another member with video editing skills quick send an abduction team
  14. I restarted the phone back to default   1 month ago   almost like    repimpinge it    now  it doesn't listen.does what it wants, and wants more money.....

  15. Just pimped my phone

    stupid old S5neo that was snailing around now lighting fast by deinstalling much, halting some Apps, using black background and less brightness, empty cache, different Launcher and Greenify

    also don't disturb with exceptions hate random apps giving notificationbs


    should have done that ages ago knew it but never did

    happy now