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  1. CyberianK


    Welcome Oh Great Cornholio
  2. CyberianK

    3.3 and 3.3.5 split.

    You need to buy more As and less Ns
  3. CyberianK

    New Here

    Hey Welcome! You checked TS or Discord yet?
  4. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I can't see a 2019 Sq42 as many things required are far from finished. I was thinking 2020 Sq42 2021 PU beta. And there are peoples even more pessimistic. I would guess they could finish all game mechanics required sometime in 2019 but then they probably still need half a year of final polishing. But its probably best for the health of the community if he announced a Sq42 releasedate like christmas 2019. Then he could still delay it a few months. And if we have that they could do some better trailers towards end of the year maybe hire some professionals for that. And then they could put it on steam for examples to get some preorder money and such from non-backer audience so they don't have to milk the backers so much with insane sales getting ever more desperate.
  5. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Just saying things can't possibly be always nice, clean and happy in the sausage factory where the Star Citizen Sausage gets made. All the issues are stuff they have to deal with and which can put pressure on peoples. Its not meant in a "SC is going to fail and will never come out and CR is a traitor" way like what DS is doing. On the contrary part of this means giant respect that CR still seems to manage and hasn't gone totally crazy or become a drug addict or shot himself. I can't imagine the pressures on him but also on others of course as part of that pressure is probably going around everywhere in the company in all directions as it should be.
  6. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I think its just a giant shitshow overall because of many factors complicating things: multiples offices coordination family things (bosses wife and brother) crytek law suit and other law things extreme difficulty of ambitious tech solutions insane complexity of the whole software project with so many pieces having to fit overtime/long hours taking toll on peoples massive delays and late on any even worst case envisioned release windows community drama having to find very good peoples for below very good money and keep them having to keep the crowdfunding money stream flowing That said maybe it has to be this way. Ambitious things usually can't be accomplished with low effort, no problems walk in the park approach. Work hard (CIG) - play hard (SC).
  7. CyberianK

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    Sometimes twitter is funny
  8. CyberianK

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    Also I mean when Madonna did Black Jesus in the 80s it was controversial and disrespectful to the source material but also creative and it was also commercially a wise choice because her core audience probably wasn't pious conservative catholics anyway and the scandal created wider reach. Pissing of huge parts of your core audiences like all peoples who liked Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars or anyone who played Witcher and liked it for its authenticity just isn't a wise choice. Especially cause you will not cause as much media attention to make up for the damage media just is too dispersed these days. You mainly reach the peoples who are pissed off about it not millions of the general public who will decide to get a netflix subscription to see what all the buzz is about..
  9. CyberianK

    Netflix' Ciri will be cast by an ethnic minority

    I don't mind progressive SJW hollywood fanatics if they produce something creative, respectful to the source material and authentic like "Mad Max Fury Road" then I can forgive them. If they give it the Disney Star Wars treatment then I am raising the pitchforks with you. If its feels forced it never works. The progressive stuff in Fury Road makes roughly sense in the world is approached in a mature and thoughtful, real way and is often subtle and not hurting the story much. It has to be natural instead of forced if its there in the first place. There have been movies with political messages in the past that didn't feel so forced and cheap like the stuff we are getting in recent years. The signs I have heard regarding that Witcher production makes me very sceptical. Could become just another shitty video game/book adoption even with netflix money.
  10. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    The paywall thing is extremely bad of course especially as they make millions during a CitCon month anyway. That said if the event itself is good and the content is good they might make everyone able to forget about it and be happy again for a short time. And then it goes back to normal painful waiting for anything relevant to happen. Most interesting part of the whole year for me could be that panel: The Principles of Light Building the NEW Star Citizen flight experience that said it can also be just a bunch of lofty intentions without a bone behind it
  11. Sweet drama on reddit again with that CitCon digital pass.

    I will be only watching the keynote though probably and rest on youtube later. The important infos from the minor streams will end up on reddit asap anyway. Still I don't totally get their decision. And is concierge free that was a bit confusing if it is or not.

    1. Tom Villder

      Tom Villder

      Lets see how quickly the noobifier can summarize this years citizencon

    2. StratoCrewzr
    3. Serxon
  12. CyberianK

    The Disabled might as well not play SC

    The game alpha is painful for me too and I don't have any injury or handicap. I can't imagine how bad it is if you have added physical pain at the PC. Maybe stick to watching videos about the game and streamers and such which you can enjoy in a more relaxed position until the game alpha is more polished and therefore better enjoyable. There are many good SC streamers on twitch or youtube.
  13. CyberianK

    My Brexit road trip - GER to Northern Scotland and back

    Getting my ferry tonight so I am probably there early afternoon
  14. CyberianK

    My Brexit road trip - GER to Northern Scotland and back

    @WarWulf @Dragon-Knight I will probably be there sometime on Saturday depending on when I get my ferry and such. We could probably meet up late afternoon / early evening if that's fine for you. I will update you tomorrow evening.