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  1. Didn't like today's episode. The whole plot just is rushed too much. Then all those rescues and such feel too forced and artificial and lack the natural development that was strong in earlier seasons. Nothern expedition wasn't dramatic enough with the obvious rescue and only one guy died. Plus Arya part was bad this episode. I think its just bad writing by D&D. Its still a good show but it seems the ending messes up the show a bit and ruining its spot as the best TV series of all time its sinking further down.
  2. My fear is that the general performance, optimization, "netcode" and architecture just won't be at a stage to handle it all even when the content is in. So after an initial hype that could lead to a big disappointment again when 3.0 isn't really playable in some minimum fluidity.
  3. Going to Wacken Town:

    see you next week

    1. Dragon-Knight


      Enjoy your Metal Village tour :-D

  4. Yeah having additional combat ships parked and EVA probably takes too long. That said though it hugely depends on how durable larger size ships are in the end. If it takes 5 minutes on average to bring down shield and defenses of an Orion than there might be enough time. What could help if there is limited remote autopilot capabilities like if the EVAers could have their ship come to them or power up shields. If all that is not possible then the only way would probably be if the escorts are directly docked to the Orion but they already implied that you probably can't fly around much with docked ships. But it could be enough for limited hovering around mining operations. But I wouldn't bet on it. Best might be a mix of ships who can assist in the mining but still do some fighting maybe an Orion accompanied by Constellations who can do some hauling or maybe even put on additional tractor beams but are otherwise equipped for fighting and protect the Orion in case of an ambush. That said it all depends on how encounters will be finally chosen by the server. If you regularly face big groups of AI pirates and players then probably nothing can substitute for a full combat escort.
  5. Discussion is probably not over because the clarification basically just said "Don't worry we are still doing 100+ eventually" but I never questioned that anyway. The first sentence "Chris was asked a specific question about how many systems we expect to have online at the point that we've got most of the core mechanics completed and we would consider the gameplay experience suitable for a larger audience" in the clarification could still mean that we eventually get 5-10 systems for release even if CIG does not call it release but Beta. Then its more the question what you define as a released game. I think for a persistent MMO the point at which there are no player state resets is still the best definition and that could actually be at the point in the above sentence. Maybe Beta Release with 5+ systems in 2019???
  6. So are they now officially using it or are they just looking/exploring all over the place for better solutions?
  7. This opens up the broader question when Release actually is. For me it is when there are no more resets of Ingame credits. And I don't think they wait for that until they have most of the systems in. It would be strange if they didn't do something like a special beta release when they consider the gameplay experience suitable for a larger audience. And if they then decide to do no resets anymore I consider the game released even if they officially say it is still beta. Anyway I guess good news? But I keep my original point that it could be 10+ years and multiples content patches after release until the full potential and original vision of this game has been reached. Most important though is now for them to deliver something working and having a good game experience like a Sq42 so they don't have to rely on the backer ship sales anymore and can broaden the customer base. Ship sales won't last forever.
  8. To be honest this probably is just the first glimpse of "Ugly Hydra of reality showing one of its heads" There is a big bubble of very optimistic peoples on reddit and official channels partly hyped by each other and just by sheer optimism. While I am not part of the naysayers who circle around SC like vultures waiting for it to die I have long since reduced my expectations especially around the loftier goals like amount of initial content and scope of the MMO experience (giant space battles of 100+ peoples). And even 3.0 will not be the holy grail like some initially thought there's just too many essentials that aren't in it but planned for later patches I really don't always want to be the Pessimist but that's just honestly how I currently feel. I think we have to accustom ourselves to the possible reality that something coming close to the full vision of what was sold to us will only be possible years after release after countless updates/expansions maybe 10 years from now. That said even a slice of that like Sq42, 10 systems release and only fluid space battles with ~48 players max. could be an amazing success if they get it right. But even for that they still have a lot of work to do.
  9. So you fly your nice little scout ship onto this beautiful perfect Gaia planet you just discovered everything is running fine you go for a walk in the evening sun THEN SUDDENLY
  10. I hope they don't just limit Mark Hamill to a few lines. They have to give him enough screentime before doing whatever to him like they probably will. Also movie has to be longer first movie was too short creating some pacing issues and plot holes (starkiller base for examples). Don't cut the movie to easily please some focus group tested short attention span young american audience. All the epics of movie history give time for buildup and characters and that's equally so with recent stuff (Dark Knight, Thrones). You need to go there too. Last franchise film was a good move in the right direction so don't f*ck this up Disney like George Luckass.
  11. Ozzy man = best man and funniest channel on youtube On a different note is it supposed to be that Danys fleet is at Dragonstone right when Eurons fleet is at KL? Because realistically theres no way out of Blackwater Bay for Euron without a seabattle. A few patrol boats are enough and Dany even has air recon:But maybe the show doesnt care for such details anynmore or we get the seabattle right in episode 2.Or Euron does some "Best captain of the 14 seas" commando shit steal Tyrion for present or such
  12. Liked the episode especially the Hound/Thoros scene was AAA. Theres some criticism but thats mostly with the pacing because of the limited time left with only 12 episodes total. For me the Intro scene was actually exciting because I tried Sky Ticket for the first time and there is no "What happened last" and the UI isn't the best so the first 10 seconds I was like: Damn I clicked the wrong episode this is from one of the earlier seasons. Then I was like Oh no this is NOT old scenes and the guys are drinking something *giggle*.
  13. I am so lazy in changing my habits that I am still using IMGUR although I know there are better alternatives
  14. So what was the last estimate? August? edit: OK was some other guys comment who said December 2017 not noobifier and also the whole drama with the original December 2016 statement by CR was what probably confused me sorry wasn't intentional I was working at the same time I read that in passing
  15. Question: Read somewhere in passing on Reddit today in some Noobifier video thread that it might be delayed until december? Was the BS as I could not watch the video yet? The schedule has not refreshed right? If it drops as scheduled it should be with Evocati right now but we probably would have heard that right? Probably no news right? But I thought I'd ask anyway as I am not 100% up to date with all info currently. What was the latest ETA we had wasn't there a date in the schedule? Don't remember if they actually said its delayed in ATV but that was the schedule of noobifiers video so I am a bit confused. Probably same as ever its done when its done and noone has any news?