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  1. this trailer that was released today brought my hype up again liked it way better than the last trailer
  2. Movie looks good but I am unsure if the characters and story are as memorable and interesting as 5th element. Lets hope so, good new stuff is better than Spiderman 37.
  3. There's basically jump points everywhere. Sure you still have to get to them and also you can move through unexplored space. But outside of Exploration I would be surprised if we get really long flight times. CIG just aren't going the all out hardcore path in most areas.
  4. I just hope we are not talking about item 2.0 in 2018 anymore I feel it was like 2015 when I was super excited about item 2.0 coming but I am not sure when exactly it was. Good show again but skipped the Turbulent part anything important?
  5. Legally afaik although I am not a lawyer it might have been in gray zones initially but it was always regular sales if you had to pin it down. Meaning us buying a service or good. And tbh its not that different from the backers mindset it was always this way for the majority of backers. If it wasn't about buying ships but just about giving an amount of money of your choice to support the project none of SCs success would have happened. Sure its selling a non existing shiny thing and paying mostly for dreams. But its still kind of a sale and not that much different from buying a X000 dollar Apple product.
  6. ? we got discord and teamspeak Welcome!
  7. If it could be effectively done by a neutral intelligent authority I would be all for it. It can't though its is not technically possibly and therefore a flawed idea. And the peoples promoting it know that it can't be fairly and effectively done but they do it anyway in full knowledge of that for nefarious purposes. Massively deleting, censoring and filtering the written word of your peoples is exactly the same as burning books.
  8. Its also the EU though (and the German government) pressuring Google and Facebook to launch major Censorship campaigns against "Hate Speech" and "Fake News". These are major assaults on liberty and free speech because the problem is who gets to decide what is "Fake News" and "Hate Speech". Outside of a real full fledged legal process for 100% unambiguous exceptions where a court and the law decide no dubious NGO or Kangaroo court or self/company/government-appointed committee should have the power to tell me what I can and can't say and type in public.
  9. The referral program is stupidly focused on insanely high numbers only. Its basically tailor made mostly for Youtubers.
  10. great job guys
  11. I usually do chicken and beer bath separately but this works too
  12. posts he got a question without posting the question twitter logic
  13. just watched Ghost in the Shell expecting it to be mediocre only but I really enjoyed every minute of it

    1. Scotterius


      So did I!  I think that if it wasnt the remake of one of the best scifi films of all time we would be talking about it like 'the matrix'. ...but it is the remake...of one of the best scifi films and an important anime. It is good despite that, and holds many unexpected redemptions and pleasant surprises.

    2. DeMoN


      The spider tank was badass :D

  14. Welcome Firehawk!