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  1. Welcome!
  2. yeah the laugh wasn't targeted at you but that was my goal but even when there is no full 3.0 for a long time we still might get other important information and reveals as well as minor patches
  3. march is impossible
  4. I like this rum http://www.rondiplomatico.com/rumreservaexclusiva https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diplomatico-Rum-Reserva-Excl-70/dp/B0090I3YSS and no its to drink straight if you mix it with coke buy cheaper stuff instead like CptMorgan/Bacardi..., careful in some EU countries like GER it is sold under the name Botucal but its the same stuff as for whiskey I am not one of those single malt scotch peoples (that said I wont refuse drinking it of course) but I like me a blended JWalker black to quote Hitchens "Breakfast of champions" overall though I greatly reduced my drinking had a 1-2 beer every evening for years and hard stuff on the weekends now its only occasionally as for beer I stopped judging and discriminating I drink all the beers... except stuff like "bud light" but if nothing else is available even that
  5. unfortunately noone knows could be anything between 4 and 14 months my guts says end of the year or even later but I am known for my pessimism CIG will give an update though later this month once they got all their project managers feedback
  6. Miners are best! love your Gazette
  7. The game looks interesting but will they have a story campaign mode too? I got burned on those content lacking survival type games that promise much but never deliver.
  8. Hey Maisonn good you came back Welcome to The Fleet!
  9. I think they want to do some automated Twitch integration with the new Lumberyard features that is possibly a way to do this. Maybe instead of streaming to twitch you can also change option to stream to disk which is basically recording. Even if you only can to Twitch that's still good if its a streamlined built in feature.
  10. It is usually very easy to complete a single player campaign in any game you basically don't need much more than time to do it. Exceptions are probably Dark Souls like games. Therefore I personally would not have an issue with peoples using such a cheat so obtain something that is easily available and almost everyone who will later play SC PU obtains anyway. But sure your right we don't know much about the benefits. If there's something rare and hard to get that gives you a considerable advantage in PU I would agree that cheats might be an issue.
  11. I don't think that the completion of Sq42 will have a significant effect on SC PU. There have been mentions that it will have an impact but nothing more than minor cosmetics. And also the campaign can be repeated countless times until PU actually starts giving every player the chance to easily acquire those cosmetics. Sq42 singleplayer will afaik not feature a permanent client-server connection which makes cheat prevention almost impossible and also as no other players are touched and have their fun ruined by singleplayer cheating I dont see any issues with it and CIG should not waste any effort. Sure it would be different if you could gain game changing advantages within Sq42 then I would totally agree with you. But at this point I am quite sure that will not happen.
  12. The main reason for requesting video evidence is of course to not get swamped with unsubstantiated claims by peoples who just got killed by more skilled players. Anyway its great this has become an issue so CIG puts peoples on this early. Zero tolerance for cheaters in multiplayer.
  13. @BigBennysTV Maybe you can bake a cake with the Imperium and SC logo when there is another big CIG event in LA or so ?
  14. For me ED is like the Richard King (Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar) of Sound Design. SC has been extremely good on the music part with Pedro Camacho. I think they also try to be revolutionary on the sound part but aren't there yet. Maybe they will keep up with ED one day but maybe they should just hire the ED sound guys by throwing money at them.
  15. Welcome to Imperium BigB!