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  1. Happy Buck-Birthday!

  2. nice vid... subbed @Ostiaheres another member with video editing skills quick send an abduction team
  3. I restarted the phone back to default   1 month ago   almost like    repimpinge it    now  it doesn't listen.does what it wants, and wants more money.....

  4. Just pimped my phone

    stupid old S5neo that was snailing around now lighting fast by deinstalling much, halting some Apps, using black background and less brightness, empty cache, different Launcher and Greenify

    also don't disturb with exceptions hate random apps giving notificationbs


    should have done that ages ago knew it but never did

    happy now

  5. also this:
  6. In a good tailored single player experience you always want the music. Don't play Skyrim or Witcher without the music. At least not on the initial playthough. MP experiences or some game on the side while doing other stuff I usually disable the music and either have just voicecomm or I might watch some video on a second screen.
  7. Do you mean the Starfarer with StarG?
  8. That is interesting especially as SC doesn't even have working multicrew gameplay in yet. Who would have thought ED had multicrew before SC I hope this can give CIG additional inspiration or improve their schedule.
  9. Welcome to the base!
  10. Moin Bartfresse KA ob ich nach Frankfurt fahr hängt ein bischen von den Fortschritten bezüglich SC ab. Did you visit last year? Was it good?
  11. I take 100 bags thanks
  12. I used to buy the same here in Germany too at insane prices. Mainly for food when going hiking with tent and also music festivals. After a while I switched to more regional stuff again because I didn't feel comfortable being ripped off like that. I don't have a cheap supplier but I would be interested in one too
  13. Welcome!
  14. yeah the laugh wasn't targeted at you but that was my goal but even when there is no full 3.0 for a long time we still might get other important information and reveals as well as minor patches