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  1. Hey everyone, some peoples know that I have been very critical on current SC combat and flight. That said I was extremely happy with the flight model panel at CitCon and CIG now giving this a bigger priority. In recent RTV they also mentioned that gunnery and flight are kind of connected so in order for combat to work and be fun they might also have to touch that. MHE on spectrum has made a pretty brilliant post about some problems with gunnery and how they can be fixed and provide a more satisfactory combat in future versions. This is the post: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/a-different-angle-the-geometry-of-gunnery and this is the document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/neniy4qbddenazy/A Different Angle.pdf?dl=0 Jarus/CitizenGamer also had him at his last show discussing this: If you are interested in these topics I suggest you take a look at the document or at lest the video it is very enlightening.
  2. I hope they release the stage 2 panels. Stage 1 was already all watchable from Twitch but not Tage 2 because they forgot to turn on their VOD option in Twitch.
  3. CyberianK

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Is the back ramp a physical object or does it clip into the ground? As I know CIG its probably the former one and also procedurally created ground is seldom perfectly flat. So what happens when the ramp touches the ground does it cause damage? Also does it influence your ships course so you might crash? Because you probably have to get extremely low where the ramp is touching the ground else the vehicle can't cross that distance. No idea because I don't have that ship just asking. Maybe you can do it on some kind of road like surface and with the finer ship thrust control we get in 3.4? When its possible someone will do it and we see a video on reddit.
  4. CyberianK

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I would guess you need some kind of ramp for the vehicle to make a small jump to do that
  5. CyberianK

    Stolen Terrapin?

    Everyone can steal your ships if they somehow get into it. Will be fixed in some future version with actual security systems that would have to be hacked before being able to steal ships.
  6. CyberianK

    citizencon austin

    The content was very great all the videos and most of the panels. When they originally posted the Bishop speech and Mark Hamill I was one of the peoples disappointed in the quality of the characters back then. Now that looks really great and its even going to be improved. Characters panel and the Ivo Herzog tech panel were great. My biggest relieve though is that they are working on gameplay. In the beginning keynote all the flight and FPS gameplay was shit. That was party of course because it was some Dev guy who does not have time playing the game and is using a gamepad. So you can't solely blame the game for that but they have to work on gameplay in the next Alphas. So because of that I was really happy for the flight model panel. Even though I always want more regarding FM I would watch a 10 hour panel on that I am very happy that they now actually say what they want and what they are working on. And things like more weight to ships and realistic parameters and them having tools to do them right is great. Peoples very deep into the Flight Model and Controls debate had critizized in the past that the simulation and model was good but the parameters fed into it were unrealistic and bogus and created the bad experience. Now they are actually changing that. And its important that they start thinking what they want: and they also posted that they are working on ESP, controls, landing&docking as well as UI improvements I might soon actually enjoy playing the Alpha (instead of just looking around or watching videos of it) - makes me very happy having this outlook that I missed the last year
  7. CyberianK

    Star Citizen Lurker - Finally looking for corp

    Welcome! I hope you can fix my hand when I can't push any more Buttons MEDIC!
  8. CyberianK

    RSI - Phoenix (Constellation)

    I am in the same boat but I would wait if I was you. That young guy who sat next to Jared did not have much clue of what he was saying (Jared had to massively correct him) and the whole thing gave me the impression that everything is in flux anyway. And it makes sense because the game if just so far away still and they want to change many combat mechanics and we don't even have multicrew yet plus many of the systems that will go on multicrew ships aren't done. I wanted the Phoenix for being the best ship in its size category and I think theres still a chance that it will be. Of course its a question if a few improvements over base justify its high prize as its prozed the same as many much bigger ships. But we know that it will have a unique hull so it could have slightly unique characteristics plus that additional turret. And even upgraded components could be a benefit if its heavily used with insurance. But yeah I guess its a possibility that its huge investment over the base Constellations might not worth it in the end but we probably only know years from now.
  9. CyberianK


    Welcome Oh Great Cornholio
  10. CyberianK

    3.3 and 3.3.5 split.

    You need to buy more As and less Ns
  11. CyberianK

    New Here

    Hey Welcome! You checked TS or Discord yet?
  12. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I can't see a 2019 Sq42 as many things required are far from finished. I was thinking 2020 Sq42 2021 PU beta. And there are peoples even more pessimistic. I would guess they could finish all game mechanics required sometime in 2019 but then they probably still need half a year of final polishing. But its probably best for the health of the community if he announced a Sq42 releasedate like christmas 2019. Then he could still delay it a few months. And if we have that they could do some better trailers towards end of the year maybe hire some professionals for that. And then they could put it on steam for examples to get some preorder money and such from non-backer audience so they don't have to milk the backers so much with insane sales getting ever more desperate.
  13. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    Just saying things can't possibly be always nice, clean and happy in the sausage factory where the Star Citizen Sausage gets made. All the issues are stuff they have to deal with and which can put pressure on peoples. Its not meant in a "SC is going to fail and will never come out and CR is a traitor" way like what DS is doing. On the contrary part of this means giant respect that CR still seems to manage and hasn't gone totally crazy or become a drug addict or shot himself. I can't imagine the pressures on him but also on others of course as part of that pressure is probably going around everywhere in the company in all directions as it should be.
  14. CyberianK

    CitizenCon Streaming

    I think its just a giant shitshow overall because of many factors complicating things: multiples offices coordination family things (bosses wife and brother) crytek law suit and other law things extreme difficulty of ambitious tech solutions insane complexity of the whole software project with so many pieces having to fit overtime/long hours taking toll on peoples massive delays and late on any even worst case envisioned release windows community drama having to find very good peoples for below very good money and keep them having to keep the crowdfunding money stream flowing That said maybe it has to be this way. Ambitious things usually can't be accomplished with low effort, no problems walk in the park approach. Work hard (CIG) - play hard (SC).