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Found 8 results

  1. Good afternoon, I am putting up for sale my REAL ADMIRAL - LTI and RSI AURORA - LTI packages as after 8 years of waiting it has reached a point where the game no longer motivates me. It can be purchased as a whole pack or separately. Both packages have lifetime insurance. REAL ADMIRAL - LTI - $510 USD + PayPal fees. RSI AURORA - LTI - $90 USD + PayPal fees. PACK REAL ADMIRAL - LTI + RSI AURORA - LTI - $580 USD + PayPal fees. All prices are negotiable. Payment will be through Paypal platform. Thank you!
  2. Hi there all, It pains me to be here, but here I am. I bought into the game in 2013, which was a very different time in my life. Over the 10 or so years I have invested pretty consistently to have the account I have now. I still believe in the project and am glad to see it going so well, but, my life just doesnt have the free time it once did. This is my second pass at trying to make enough free time to play and keep up with the game/gaming and unfortunately my last. I'm also selling my gaming PC and other components for those who are more local and are interested. That said I am selling my full Grand Admiral account: Game: Squadron 41 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Ships: Banu Merchantman (LTI) Anvil Carrack (LTI) MISC Odyssey (LTI) RSI Perseus (LTI) Crusader Mercury Star Runner (LTI) Xi'an Scout (LTI) F7C-M Super Hornet (LTI) Anvil Terrapin (LTI) Drake Dragonfly (LTI) X2 Content/Rewards: Fish Tank Mark 1 & Midas Fish (20M Funding Award) Jane's Fighting Ships Style Manual (19M Funding Award) UEE Towel (UEE Award 2014) Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) MK9 (UEE Award 2014) Greycat PTV Takuetsu Consolidated Outland Mustang Model + Box (Dec. 2014 Reward) Space Globe - Good Health (Jan 2015 Reward) N4-160F Turret for Hornet Takuetsu Prestige Khartu-Al Model + Box (23M Reward) 2015 Holiday Wreath (Holdiay Reward 2015) Exploere Class Mobiglas Rig (42M Reward) Hadesian Artifact (45M Reward) Engine Tuning Kit (47M Reward) Xi'AN Space Plant (49M Reward) BB-12 Manned Maneuvering Unit (52M Reward) Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII Gatling (55M reward) J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler (56M Reward) 2943 War Bond (100M Reward) Reveal and York Hanger AEON Club T-Shirt (Subscriber Flair) EPOCH Society T Shirt (Subscriber Flair) Top Hat (VIP High Admiral Reward) Monocle (VIP High Admiral Reward) Radegast Whiskey 2947 Limited Edition (VIP High Admiral Reward) K&W Archlight 2 Laser Pistol GOLD (VIP High Admiral Reward) Citizen Con 2948 Duster Jacket (2018 Citizen Con Goodie Bag) Citizen Con 2948 Trophy (2018 Citizen Con Goodie Bag) Citizen Con 2948 Weapon (2018 Citizen Con Goodie Bag) 200M Commemorative Coin (200M Reward) Nautilus Mine Flair (Subscriber Flair) Drake Caterpillar Statue (Subscriber Flair) S-38 One Empire Pistol (300M reward) Best In Show Carrack Gear Pack (2950 Best In Show Flair) - Carrack Helmet, Carrack Paint, Carrack T-Shirt CCC Aves Armor and Helmet Set Badger and Badges Reward Neoni Helmet (Subscriber Flair) Venom Lightning Bolt Co Weapons Pack (Subscriber Flair) Mandible Snowfly Helmet (Subscriber Flair) Aztalan Armor (Subscriber Flair) Invictus Flight Jacket (CIG Community Give Away) VFG Industrial Hanger Mercury Star Runner 3 paint pack 100 Series Sand Wave Paint (Subscriber Flair) Pyro RYT Black Cherry Multi-tool (Subscriber Flair) Avenger Copernicus Paint (Subscriber Flair) Banu Made T-shirt Pack 1 (Subscriber Flair) Savior Collection Night Fire Paladin Helmet (Subscriber Exclusive Helmet) 2951 Day of Vara - The Hill Horror Helmet (Event Flair) Citizen Con Digital Goodie Pack - Arden-SL Armor, RRS Knife, Citizen Con 2951 trophy (Citizen Con 2021) Pembroke RSI Sunburst Edition Armor (Subscriber Flair) K&W Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Gold (VIP Grand Admiral Flair) 2951 Best In Show Star Runner Paint and Jacket (Citizen Con 2951 Best in Show Flair) Artimex Weapons and Armor Collection (Subscriber Exclusive Armor/Weapons) Cataby Backpack MPUV-1C Edition (Subscriber Flair) Sanger Helment and Morozov Aftershock Armor (Subscriber Flair) Luminalia Goodie Packs (All 12 Days) Doviline Mining Paint (Subscriber Flair) C2 hercules Plushy (Subscriber Flair) Voidripper Helmet with Defiance Armor (Subscriber Flair) Salvo Saeed Frag Pistol (Subscriber Flair) ASKING PRICE: $2,200 USD
  3. As this position can be seen in all three of the current subdivisions of Professions, I thought it should have it's own tab to deal with commanding multi-crew ships as well as strike groups, squadrons, battle groups and the like. There is plenty to discuss here, and if it comes to larger orgs I am sure this can be considered a profession on its own considering the complexity of managing multiple ships both capital and strike craft and understanding space combat ect. On the smaller side discussing the ability of commanders in ships like the Reclaimer, Starfarrer and even the Constellation would make this a rather larger sub thread if created. There is plenty of theory crafting I have on tactics and abilities.
  4. cybercore

    Want to Buy Rear Admiral Pack

    Hi, iam looking for a rear admiral pack. pls contact me if you can sell me one. I had one but selld it a half year ago and now i want it back >.< i hope you guys can help me.... I looked on ebay but i cant find one regards
  5. Looking to purchase a constellation Phoenix package.
  6. Hey guys, middle manning a trade! Priced to sell! LTI - Rear Admiral Package 410$ SOLD Verified Paypal only and buyer covers any fees. Cheers!
  7. I want to find out what our member's pledged! Take the strawpoll! http://strawpoll.me/665001
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