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  1. VKGT

    Gameday, December 15th

    Sounds awesome, I'll come on to join you all! That's 10am for me in Illinois (Central time) so will see you then
  2. VKGT

    Helllppppp lol

    Welcome! I'm still kinda new but def willing to help you out
  3. No worries, thanks! Wasn't sure if the group was active or not.
  4. VKGT

    Greetings All

    LOL huge BSG fan and recognized it immediately the first time I saw it. Super cool!
  5. VKGT

    Greetings All

    ooooh, you're going to need that Vanduul Blade aka Cylon Raider. Welcome!
  6. Who runs the IMP group on Steam? Had a request in just because it shows a handful of people in chat but still pending. Here's the link. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/imperiumfleet
  7. VKGT

    New recruit here, this is great!

  8. That Arrow was a good buy I think! I snagged it also while on sale and also got Squadron 42 with it for $100 out the door. Really liking the agility of the Arrow so far. I've got the Glaive on my watch list and may jump into one at some point. Not going to lie, I want a ton of ships but I'm going to need a lot of money for that dream. lol
  9. What did you all pick up during the anniversary sale, if any? I jumped on a Cutlass Black though that was before I discovered the for sale section here to get them with LTI
  10. VKGT

    intro New Guy

    Welcome! What's in your hangar?
  11. Prices are great, get the best you can afford and pair with this: https://www.pcbuildersclub.com/en/2018/12/amd-navi-rx-3080-allegedly-as-fast-as-rtx-2070-costs-250-us/?fbclid=IwAR3YjCrx2u03lRGG7GVOYFEtmWoMlJtoe5XnwikRUZC_TmE69xZt9QvsAUU
  12. VKGT

    Dune 2019 (movie)

    He who controls the spice controls the universe.
  13. VKGT

    HURSTON...what the heck...

    Fire, reload LOL
  14. VKGT

    New recruit here, this is great!