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  1. My account is currently locked with CIG after a trade deal with IXERER for a Constellation Andromeda. I cannot even login on the RSI site. Also contacted by GodZE regarding the reputation of this individual although information all received late after the deal was done. I ended up melting the Connie because it's a turd and applied my credit towards a Vanguard instead. Either way, I'm not able to play because of whatever scam Ixerer was running here in our forum.
  2. I think the best ship in the game considering it's capabilities and price is the Cutlass Black. This is an old thread now, I have a pretty decent fleet now
  3. I got tired of waiting. Turned my Reclaimer into part of a Exploration Pack
  4. As long as it happens is right. It's an incredible game and I can't wait for more content
  5. Same. Interested Sent message. Discord wouldn't allow direct message since we aren't friends yet
  6. If you have a prospect and gift them a game package, do they count as a recruit?
  7. Agreed. I was hoping it would be at least 1/2 of what the Anniversary sale was
  8. That's what I said... and that Greycat PTV is back too. SMH
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