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  1. For Honor - Technical testing. Mmmh.

    1. Serxon


      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <---- !!! ;D

  2. Psst, de_cache is chernobyl. The actual building is visible on the map. Most maps have big random parts, but then there are a lot of inspirations from real places and easter-eggs kind of.
  3. I was looking through some old twitch-highlights and came across this one.. We had some fun back in the day, didn't we? @CyberianK @DarthAraknus @Trooper2400 


    (Psst, JamTu and @Deltoran, the reason  I was alive for so long was that you guys were not shooting my wings off from behind with FF.)

    1. CyberianK


      Yes the War Thunder Session together were epic funtime stuff with stoff

      Good old double Boomerang + Spitfire sealclubbing :)
      and really good teamwork we had even with WT which isnt a very teamwork promoting game

    2. Stoff


      It was the greatest. I remember there being an 8 Imperium members Versus Ze Stoff event going on aswell, and I do Believe it's on youtube. Haha. :D 

      It was a fun teamwork game but indeed, they did not promote it. Odd tbh :) 

  4. Hmm, because.. beer.

  5. If i were to rate it right now, id give it 7/10, and its not complete and i havnt played for about a month.
  6. Stoff


    Razer is well known for their quality mechanical keyboards. Personally used the ultimate, but now i have "ultimate - Stealth". Other than that, qpad is pretty good. I would never settle for logitech nor corsair.
  7. Mohaha. I hyperspaced out my shit to the frontlines, who knows what would happen. Rematch someday, without relics and challenges and shit.
  8. Homeworld 2 works on win 7 atleast, never tested on win 8, so if you download it aswell it should be np. The main thing with this new release has to be the multiplayer capabilities through steam, which support was dropped from long ago in the original release. Other than that, the unremastered game looks beutiful aswel.
  9. I was promised Homeworld gamenights, so far I've only been able to trick @stefmarster to play with me, what up peeps?!
  10. Time for some Homeworld, multiplayer all the way! http://steamcommunity.com/id/stoffie Is me, have fun!

    1. stefmarster


      O....M....G...!!! Fight for the Higaaran people!

  11. If you ever find a job here in Linköping you are more than welcome bunking with me until you find a place, remember that. Other than that, now, i know im only talking about Linköping, but usually university cities such as this one offers a lot of housing. Many of them are through "private" or smaller connections though, but my new coworkers usually get a place rather quickly when moving here as an example. Norrköping, Karlstad and other "smaller" university towns should be the same. Good luck though!
  12. Actually Timziito, the norwegian economy is in many aspects similar or slightly lower than ours. The only thing really they have which is better is the GDB per capita, which is 55 000ish USD vs our 41 000ish USD. Our budget is showing minus however while the norwegian is showing plus, but they only have about 1% more growth than us. You usally earn more in norway however, but you also spend more, which makes it really a different thing. No offence norway, but we're just too scandinavian both of us to be all too different from eachother lol! Biggest issue, bringing down our numbers is the high unemployment - which is about 8% compared to the 3%. And that is because of, excuse my for saying this since you seem to fall in that category, because most of our unemployed are a bit picky when it comes to finding jobs. They do not want to relocate, they do not want this or that wage, they do not want to do this or that, which is a problem. TBH the biggest asset when searching for a new job comes down to having experience and without any previous employment, you do not have any. Hence relocating or settling for a job with lower wage usually gets you a lot further than waiting for a very very very lucky break. Med det jag menade var det att du verkade bara söka i stockholm, vilket är ett stort misstag om man verkligen vill igång. Att flytta till en ort som ligger 2 timmar bort, eller 4, bara i ett par år eller så om man inte vill vara kvar kan göra jävligt mycket på ens CV.
  13. It's swedens biggest Alarm Central(for corporate alarms), located in Linköping. Al i do Is just help our parnters installing our systems and handle the incoming alarms with the appropriate response such as either just send over a couple of guards or the police or even the firefighters. On my last paycheck (They vary because of OB) I got about 26100 SEK after taxes, which is very good for a job which doesnt require years and years of university studies(We educate our own at the office) and you do not really stress your body with physical work. All in all, a good place. 10/10 would do again. Best feeling in the world is when you direct the police dogs over phone while controlling the cameras of an are which a burglar had broken into, and then 5 minutes later that same guy is coming back over the camera area with handcuffs. Pretty fun at times.
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