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  1. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

    Hope you had a great year. 😉      🎄🎆 🎁

    One Step closer to being in the verse with all of you 😃

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Specially like this annoying bug... guess horses in this universe have some trouble getting over non existence stuff...
  4. I was less thinking about missions and more about status, i know there's a reputation system for the jobs that u do, being delivering cargo, exploring, etc... maybe there's a way that by x reputation in a job, u get a higher position/rank in the universe and that could come with a new/improved outfit or something.
  5. I also don't want this game to be a grind, but if we don't get recognition for missions/status that we did/have what's the point? since there's no leveling in the P.U everyone is alike, and i don't know if thats good or bad...
  6. I never said it had to be in sq42 i was just asking what kind of costumization should we expect... I just don't want everyone to look alike. Also having exclusive or hard to get gear should be a incentive to get better at the game.
  7. I think for a greater sence of immersion, people shouldn't all have very similar outfits. Yes civilian clothing will probably have a lot of ranges to choose from, but more specific roles, like the military will probably look very similar if they don't put badges or color changes for us to differenciate between someone high up in the ranks and someone who just enlisted.
  8. Welcome to the base! Hope u find what u are looking for in our organisation.
  9. I was wondering, with so many things to do in the verse, there's a lot of different outfits for specific roles in game. So i now we'll have different outfits depending on our job path in the verse, i was just wondering if we'll be able to have things that differenciate ourselfs from other players or npc's- For exemple: u r parte of a military unit of some sort and have their outfit, to be able to distinguish between an officer and a sargent will there be any clothing difference like badges or something?
  10. So i was listening to [REDACTED] ep13 at round 33:40 , and they talk about organisation fees/taxes that we'll need/may have to pay to be part of a ORG. I would like to know if there is more information about the matter? Also what's your guys opinion on the subject? I would understand some money going to the ORG, thus helping the Organisation buy supplies, ships and other assets.....
  11. sorry for that, it's just that in the leaked topics i didn't see the video posted ... i didn't know u guys had already posted it in this topic.
  12. Note: this is a video of leaked assets On the Net - but Not at the Consent of CIG
  13. Anyone wants to play Heroes of the Storm?

    1. Pagan_X2


      Add me: NerfHerder#1772

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