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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Since this is my introductory post I'd like to put my best foot forward by getting all up on my high horse about 'old school' (1990's) gaming technique and its miss-application to Star Citizen. Now I see that C.I.G. is aware of this issue because in the latest Calling All Devs it is mentioned that a game mechanic is in the works to limit character stamina and I say, "Hallelujah!" Of course what will follow are the cries for in-game super-stamina or some esoteric version of energy drinks and these characters will once again be crashing into other players and doors and walls even when they are doing mundane things like buying a hat. Although I admit it IS entertaining when I watch YouTube videos of Star Citizen team-play that reminds me of what it would be like to watch a herd of cats on uppers try to escape a duffel bag. Watching a party of players try to take the narrative of their collective game-play in eight separate directions . . .well, even if the resulting comedy is unintentional I am still enjoying the show. The keystone cops-like game hi-jinks aside bunny-hopping is, in effect, taking my head out of the game when I see other avatars taking absolutely no time to stop and 'smell the roses' of the spectacular scenery and atmosphere the developers of this game have meticulously sculpted and compiled. But to each his own I guess. We are slowly coming to realize that this new kind of game requires a new style of play that is perhaps still culturally embryonic. In summary, I would just say that some parts of Star Citizen are FPS and some parts are decidedly not FPS and a player that can appreciate this distinction and get the full enjoyment out of the game that Chris Roberts is trying to deliver is the kind of player that I would most like to team up (or alternately do battle) with.
  2. Let's post our ideas for Star Citizen. The galaxy's a huge place, full of curiosities and splendor! Please be polite and have fun, while we discuss in detail the additions we want to see in SC. Constructive criticism is always welcome, keep it friendly... Here are a few ideas I will start us off with: -Planets- Planets should have highly varied biomes and environments. These should include ocean planets, desert worlds, jungle moons, cavernous lands, ice planets, swamps, (and a personal favorite) lava worlds! It would be cool to have various atmospheric conditions, such as excessive heat or cold or toxicity, even radioactivity, which could have specified suits designed for protection from those environments (without which players would perish!). Planets should also definitely have varying levels of gravity, some with no gravity at all, and some with intense gravitational pull and pressure, suit required. Gas giants would be really cool, where traversing the upper atmosphere would be OK. There could be floating outposts, etc. Then moving too close to the core could crush most ships... Also would be cool to see asteroid-based outposts, with subterranean areas. -Weather- Weather should factor in on at least some planets, but not all. Some planets should remain placid, while others could have weather cycles such as: sandstorms, blizzards, high winds, etc. It would also be interesting to have electrical/radiation storms where again, special shielding would be required to survive. Another interesting addition would be meteor showers, perhaps not damaging to the player in most cases... Of course, the most intense weather should be on planets with lesser city-populations. There should also be 'weather' cycles in space the likes of radiation/electrical storms, where ships' shields would be rendered ineffective. Perhaps here or there, a neutronic wave front (Star Trek, Ahem)! Deadly nebula! -Ships- The ships so far are absolutely bad-ass. Can hardly put it into words just how right they look and feel. I do have one minor issue to discuss regarding player immersion: Planetary entry/re-entry seems a bit off... It feels somewhat awkward orienting the ship into a nose-dive and then accelerating toward the planet. While that should still be an option for entry, it seems lacking, if it's the only way. Players should be allowed to let their ships drift slowly downward towards the surface (with a horizontal orientation relative to ground), all the while getting pulled to greater and greater speeds due to gravity. Currently it seems as though there is no gravity, requiring ships to nose-dive and hit the thrusters. The level of gravity should also have effects on how quickly ships take off, and how much fuel is consumed. Also some of the more lightweight craft should be capable of water-landing and flotation, some, not all. -Weaponry- Weapons are also looking pretty nice, and I can't wait to hunt some bounties and pirates with the Scourge Cannon! Turrets on ships are awesome and so are the weapons additions to the ships main systems. Weapons turrets on ships should not be automated. Automation would detract from the challenge of the game, and we never want that! Instead the player should be able to either hire NPCs or other players to man different positions aboard their ship. Also it seems some of the infantry firearms are being slightly 'overdone', so to speak. For example the Devastator shotgun seemingly has way too much level of detail and unnecessary bulk added to it. My suggestion is to lean more on the side of realism. I know it's Sci-Fi. Still I hope devs don't get hung up on making things like fancy-diamond-encrusted-platinum-laser cannons with under-barrel flame throwers..! It would be amazing to see (in rare cases), Orbital Weapons Platforms that could, if accessed, rain supreme firepower down on the planet's surface, destroying small outposts, structures or towns... Of course it would be necessary to make accessing it an extreme challenge. Accessories are nice. But keep away from over-extravagant weapon design. -Exploration- Exploration should be the fundamental, key point of the game. While some may argue that it is space battles, I tend to disagree. With so many space craft, vehicles and weapons, the gameplay will quickly become boring and the equipment redundant if there is not a vast amount of exploration. Here are a few thoughts on aspects of exploration: Artifacts, Flora and Fauna. Scattered throughout the verse there could be a plethora of different types of Artifacts to be found, only through rigorous exploring. There should be ancient ruins with old alien technology, perhaps rare weapons. There should be Obelisks and Pyramids and rare trinkets that could be sold or held as trophies. There could be mysterious devices, like the Orbs in Mass Effect (the first game) with strange properties. There could be alien tech that could be found and then saved for use at a far later date. Regarding Flora and Fauna, there could be a huge variety of harvesting options for certain crafting items. There really ought to be many creatures, perhaps mostly neutral/friendly. However some animals, in rare cases could turn out to be hostile, and highly challenging to face. Perhaps giant worms, or insectoids! Another thing could be infected worlds, or derelict ships (think Dead Space, or The Thing) where your only choice is to fight for survival or run for your life. There should also be intact derelicts. We've seen plenty of demolished ones. Some should be intact, abandoned in space, or even on land. Exploration should not, and I can't stress this enough, should not stem solely or mostly from missions! Let the missions be vast and varying in type by all means, a multitude of missions is always welcome. But please don't conflate missions and side quests, with exploration. -Armor & Apparel- The armor should of course have good variety. Weight should factor in, which I believe it currently does. Also there should definitely be highly specialized suits for specific tasks. Of course there'll be a space suit for EVA in outer space, but adding other specializations for other armor sets/suits would be great too. There should be a set more suited for enduring intense heat, or cold or radiation. There should also mostly be non-EVA capable sets IMO. Body armor should not be conflated with EVA suits, and they should for the most part be separate, with a few exceptions. It would be cool to see a lot of options other than simple armor for combat and space suits for EVA. One thought would be a stealth-suit with either quiet movement or even invisibility. Mostly I'm hoping it will prove an actual challenge to obtain armors, so that everyone isn't immediately buffed just after they begin playing. Let there be lots of varying, quirky outfits to be found. -Miscellaneous- NPCs for hire or available as crew members should use a rating system the likes of the one used in Metal Gear Solid V. They could have a certain class of career like 'linguist' or 'gunner' or 'medic', and within that specialty a certain set of ratings. Players should be able to activate distress beacons (false or genuine). If a player's ship is captured, they should be given the option to fight aboard the enemy ship in order to escape (think Han Solo and co, the capture of Millennium Falcon!). Where are all the AIs? This is the future after all... There should be robots of some kind or another, even perhaps a sentient machine race! There should also be a minimal amount of spawn/respawn actions. I realize this is counter-intuitive, given there's a massive universe to traverse. But it will add to the replay and return-to-game value; if people can easily spawn their ships and/or fast travel around it will make things overly-easy. It's nice that there's a wait-timer for summoning ships (at least destroyed ones). However, if a ship is not at the station at which you are staying, it should take time to arrive near you, and there should be a fuel cost and fee. Having all your ships easily at your fingertips will take away from the immersion and challenge of the game. It should also be more challenging IMO, to acquire cash. Gaining millions of credits should take a very long time. The quicker people progress in the game, the quicker the MMO will die. I don't believe there should be a 'difficulty setting' option. The universe in general should prove pretty damn challenging, with areas of extreme and lesser challenges. Some mini-games would also be cool, so long as they remain within the Persistent Universe. Game modes are a bad idea. It's understandable at this point, given there are players currently in the game who want something working. But later on, when development is (mostly) "complete", having different game-modes will detract from the main MMO. All hoverbikes should remain as hoverbikes, and not be turned into flying-space-hoverbikes! Please remove the flight-function for hoverbikes. Having flight for them is ridiculous and totally misses the point of a hoverbike. While I do agree that they should have some (slight) altitude control and perhaps a jump/boost, they should not be able to simply fly away, especially up into space. A hoverbike is like a speeder from Star Wars, it's not for flight; only for elevated, fast, ground travel! This goes for all ships and vehicles; if they have a specialty let them stick to that specialty, no blurring lines, except perhaps in rare cases.
  3. We all have been waiting for 3.0 to hit, and I know it's been hard. I put the game down, like many others, to take a break and watch the development progress. I purchased my Cutlass Black way back. The new ship rework is very exiting, and a welcomed addition to such a enormous update. However, it is bitter sweet; I will miss the ol bird when she's gone. I wanted to make a video worthy of the memory of the first generation of the Cutlass. It's not perfect, but neither was the ship. Enjoy!
  4. I think it would be a cool idea to make players put all (or at least most) power to engines to be able to quantum jump. Do you think this would be a cool feature to stop people from running away and help ambushers? Would it be balanced? I want to know your opinions.
  5. Hello Imperium Pilots! I still try to understand persitence in current PU 2.6, specialy when findings weapons, if you find a weapon, later you quit the game with the weapon equiped; should you have the weapon equiped when you get back to the game? (spoiler below) Now recently I went to the weapon shop and I notice that the weapon menu changed from Try and Buy to Equip and Unequip, not sure if it is related, but that puzzle me Anyone have info how persitence work on 2.6 ? Just curious Fly Safe!
  6. After watching the game-play for SC Alpha 3.0, I am really excited about the direction the game is going in. Repeatedly, the vocal minority were beating the drums and blowing their horns how Star Citizen is going to be a massive let-down, and how there was no way Chris Roberts can fulfill his promises. After Alpha 3.0, it's very clear that the game is progressing wonderfully! If I were to express some concerns, it would fall under two categories... 1.) Solo Game-Play and 2.) PvE. I've been playing EVE Online since October 2006. While the game is highly geared for team playing (I was a big fan of Factional Warfare), most of my up-time was solo. The same with LOTRO, STO, SWTOR, etc. It's a hoot to play with friends, and I am eager to get back into a game that I can run with others, but if the past taught me something in MMOs, most of my online time will probably be running solo missions. I'm 51 years old, and retired... I don't know of ANYONE who will have as much play-time as me. The other issue is PvE. Call me an ole' fuddy-duddy, but I just don't find it 'fun' to shoot at other real people. EVE Online has taught me that folk don't like losing, and I personally would prefer to play 'with' others than 'against' them. NPCs don't mind getting shot up, so I don't have a problem with them. I will be happy flying a trade route and doing some exploration. Though I don't mind an occasional combat action (especially if it's team-related), it's not going to be my primary 'thriller'. So... has anyone heard any latest news about solo-playing? Will we be allowed to fly our big ships solo, or will they have to be grounded until we can find and afford team mates???
  7. My hype is renewed, as does often happen (or it never vanished ... lol) ---- anyway I was wondering about the following Does anyone see themselves trying the following game play - or are hoping that this is possible in game? (because I am hoping) 1. Serving as a crew member on an MISC Endeavor but basically as the role that uses the stations not any space interaction (aka no gunner or pilot or engineer seats) - and then just walking around the ship and enjoying the views when not 'working' - all while the captain and other crew on the ship (that you may not know or even interact with) just go about their business. - Not really caring what the destination is - just enjoying the beauty of the views while the endevour is being flown around. ??? It's hard to explain, but when I'm not captaining a vessel I would love to just walk around a large ship and use the equipment as I want (think Endeavor doctor station/research station/agricultural station) - while it's going where ever it's being flown and just feeling like i'm living on a space ship etc. --- thats about the best I can explain I'm afraid! 2. What other roles do we know are going to be available? I can see, Pilot, Gunner, Engineer, Miner operator, --- I'm very curios to know what other roles there will be on the larger ships (the ones with at least 10 stations - idris and such - what do we know so far? and what do we think) (Thats it for now - I forgot my other questions been awake too long haha)
  8. Hey fellow star citizens , just starting this thread for all of who are interested in how the game plays in 4K . I have set up a YouTube channel in which I ll post regular updates in Star Citizen 4K Gameplay , in maxed out settings with frame performance etc. Not just Star Citizen content though , right now there are dedicated playlists on Benchmarks in 4K ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfuS158oXuea8zF97Ks02jIyezZlwzoj- ) and a Batman Arkham Night 4K list too ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfuS158oXuebnxqpGueVNTUIHMz7OvRz7 ). In the next days , most probably during Xmas period , I plan to upload Grand Theft Auto 4k maxed out videos , and some The Witcher 3 benchmarks and gameplay . Feel free to subscribe , I would be really grateful! Don't hesitate to comment and tell me your opinion My Rig is a custom build water cooling PC named "Project Replicant" , the full build guide can be found here : http://www.overclock.net/t/1569287/build-log-parvum-systems-s-2-project-replicant-finished-project Specs are : *CPU : Intel CPU Core i7-5820K / OC at 4.2GHZ ( via a custom water-cooling loop ) *Mobo : ASROCK X99M EXTREME4 RETAIL *RAM : KINGSTON HYPERX PREDATOR 16GB (4X4GB) DDR4 2666MHZ *GPU : EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked *PSU : Corsair AX860 80+ Platinum *CASE : PARVUM SYSTEMS S2 *HD1 : SSD SAMSUNG 840 EVO 500GB ( OS, apps , games ONLY ) *HD2 : HDD WD GREEN 2 TB ( for docs/photos/videos/music ONLY ) *OPTICAL DRIVE : External Blu-Ray Reader/Writer *KEYBOARD : Corsair K70 Gaming RGB - CHERRY MX RED Switches - *MONITOR : Αsus PB287Q 4K 1MS 28'' *OS : Windows 10 Home. The video card is manually overclocked with MSI Afterburner to a max : +125mhZ Core & +425mhZ Memory. *Current Display Driver Version : 359.06* The system is stable. Crushes and glitches free. So , this is my playlist of Star Citizen 4K videos , hope you ll find it useful! So , what do you think ?
  9. Has there been discussion on gameplay mechanics and how RSI will prevent the game from being easily exploited through use of LTI, ownership of ships, ect? I forsee the whole system as being exploitable, causing problems in game. Here are just a few hypothetical situations I forsee happening, without strict prevention methods in place. 1. Fly your Hull E into a corner of the map, turn off the shields and blow it up with whatever ship on another account, use reclaimer to salvage it, get the ship back for free with "LTI" and of course it would be empty and not have anything but base components so it is pure profit 2. Let your own capital ships be "boarded" and taken, get them replaced by "LTI" or even in game insurance 3. Having new corporation members (or even old vet spies) go for a test drive in your Idris, only to have them pull out a pistol, doubble cap you in the head and fly it away to your opponents organization. I am not even against this mechanic, as it does add depth of gameplay, but obviously getting free ships if you get screwed over by someone else in game, is going to cause several problems There is going to understandably be a huge sense of entitlement for people who have spent crazy dollar amounts (Im up to 1250$ myself) to get their favorite ships at launch, but how are things going to be ballanced out to prevent exploiting vs reward players in game for funding the game? Solutions, albiet not perfect ones? Post your thoughts 1. "Time restricted LTI" Your ships are insured for life, but say it has a 1 month cooldown timer. If your ship gets blown up, stolen, whatever, you get another back, but have to wait a month for it. This could even have say a timer to where if you have the ship for a month then get it blown up, it counts the month of good use and you get it back instantly, or if you blow it up 2 weeks into the program, you would wait 2 weeks to have it replaced. Pros, slow down the exploits Cons People could easily still double their ship hangers every month 2. RSI could restrict LTI by crafting time. You get paid back the current value of the ship hull on the market, but you have to buy that hull still and may need to have it specially crafted via a large corporation ect for larger ships. Once again, "pirating" ships is a HUGELY exploitable in this system 3. "Security lvls" Ships could be flagged as pirated ect, and be unable to be used except in strictly pirate space. This could reduce the usefulness of these exploited ships ect, but so long as people could find benefit by using ships in these zones with reduced cost, it once again, would still happen As far as I can tell, there is no easy way for RSI to make an "open ended" game where you can steal ships as well as keep their promise to people who have invested thousands, to have "lifetime" insurance on ships. Has anyone thought up a "perfect" system that can allow for freedom of play, while preventing these exploits?
  10. Rules for this thread: Screenshots must be awesome, beautiful (in terms of graphics) or humoristic. Let's go creativity! How: Press F12 to capture a screenshot. The images are saved in your USER folder. (\StarCitizen\CitizenClient\USER\ScreenShots) This may also be a great place for the media guys to get some graphics for signatures etc - Did some freeflying, and it went pretty good without the wings too!
  11. Just a sightseeing trip in my Aurora landing & going EVA in the Broken Moon map.
  12. Here you go, it's not perfect! This is my first time I ever edited any recorded videos. I'm using PowerDirector (user friendly/noob friendly) It's music on it, and i like to think that's from the internal soundsystem from my 300i So anyways, this is how I like to drift...
  13. After seeing a lot of post on RSI forums saying the flight model & particularly that the joystick controls are bad.I decided to see for myself if joystick was better or worse than my mouse & keybored,so dusted off my Logitech 3d pro. I was happy btw playing mouse & keybored just needed an hour or two to get the hang of the new fight controls having been playing star conflict for the past year.
  14. Should I post this in RSI Subscribers Den? As a long time space Sim fan, there is a long list of things I and many of us have wanted in our space games. Lets go through a checklist of what we can see in SC: The simple things you want is of course space fighting, trading and mining. *check* More advance wants you begin to see more archetypes of activities; bounty hunters, personnel transporting ect. *check* Finally the coveted: "I want to walk around on everything not just see a space HUD": Ships *check* Space Stations *check* Planet walk *check* but how much? cities only? Planet Flight ? how big will the planets be explorable via flying? While there are some questions up above my craving for more is this: Wouldn't it be great if cargo was a Physical Object instead of numbers on a screen? Picture this: You log in to your hanger to do some trading, fly out to a space station and purchase 1tonne of rations for 10uec ea., a forklift comes along with a box, and drives right into your Freelancer cargo bay and sets down the box. Now when you walk into your freelancer there is something taking up physical space on your ship!! You can inspect it and if they get really fancy with this game, even mess with it as you wish ie. eat some rations, but none the less when your cargo hold is full, YOU REALLY can see it is full. You then of course seal your cargo doors and fly to and outlying world, a dusty place that buys rations for 80uec ea., a rather nice profit even after paying for gas. Of course were not dealing with numbers here so you take out that buggy you have inside your Freelancer and cart that box of rations to the vendor, finger on the mouse ready to use your fps mode and whip out a laser rifle Call of Duty Style should things go south, since your goods are physical and thus steal-able, selling them just gives you that much more feeling of accomplishment, and makes use of all this actual cargo space we see when we walk on our ships in the Hanger Module. A game that had a lot of space, flying around in worlds as much as in space was: *There was a game which was notable because it tried to implement many of these "wants" called Battlecruiser 3000AD(or Millennium), but it was simply ahead of it's time and thus without the proper tech/funding/people on project etc. it never became that big as far as I know, however, for those of us who did play it, we have always "wanted" more. And now demand more from our space Sims saying, "here we are in 2014, lets do what this 80s-2001 game had but better," it's been over a decade so why not?* ^is my reasoning behind having a more physical universe; flying/walking around on planets, ships, stations etc. and feeling like you have a stake in what's going on because it's not just spread sheets, it's actual real-estate and rendered objects. A couple other things that would be fun is: Will there be air issues? If systems are hit and cabin pressure drops, will my crew have to worry about life sapport and thus have purchased expensive space suites just in case? Will my ships level? Will I level? Will leveling simply be how much UEC I have and so more upgrades and ships? Will there be crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A simple way to answer these questions for all you dyslexics out there is recapped here: 1 How big are the planets and how much will players be able to fly in them, walk on them? 2 What do you think about making trade-able goods an actual physical sprite or art asset? 3 Is there going to be an oxygen system? 4 Any type of leveling? 5 Crafting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has any insight on this please comment
  15. Imagine if you will: You're flying a solo exploration mission in a single-seat spacecraft when suddenly you're ambushed by a group of stray bandits. After a tense dogfight in the deep and uncharted reaches of space you manage to escape the bandits, even taking out one of their ships. However you don't come away unscathed. Your weapons are fried after you overcharged your weapons to deal with the bandit threat, your engines are overheated from the enormous strain your shields and weapons put on it, but worst of all your navigation systems have been damaged, rendering you unable to find your way to a jump point to take you to a safe zone. Landing on the shadowy side of a lone asteroid drifting through space you take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Cursing yourself for choosing to try and single-handedly discover a new system rather than going with a party you pull on your Avionics Integrated Respirator and grab the Spacecraft Technology Assessment and Repair Tool and open your hatch... Fellow Star Citizens, I ask of you; what happens when your ship has taken extensive damage and can no longer function well enough to transport you to a safe location? Are you left to sit and die in your cockpit, trapped in your spacecraft-turned-deathtrap? Or will you be armed with the means to make some hasty patchwork repairs to your beloved ship? If so, that would mean space walks. What are your thoughts on how such gameplay mechanics might be implemented into the final game? Will you be given a spacesuit with temporary oxygen supply? Will you have a suit tethered to the ship? How will repairs work? And if worse comes to worse and the damage is too much to repair by yourself and you're stranded on that lone asteroid, what happens then? I imagine if your communications systems are still active you could beam a distress beacon out into space and hope a benevolent soul comes to your aid, rather than the bandits you just escaped from. I'd love to hear your thoughts, fellow Imperium Star Citizens.
  16. Just a thought but could oxygen be the balancing act for ships? I.e. a Hornet, which is supposedly carrier based, should have a shorter supply of oxygen than a Freelancer? I could see having Oxygen Scrubbers to increase the lifespan of oxygen for your ship, would of course use up an upgrade slot. I think, IMO, that having damage to your ship and forcing you to use your suits oxygen supply would add quite a bit of realism. I would want suit hookups, to supply ship stores oxygen, to crew members during battles. I.e. before the battle everyone suits up in space suits. On larger ships they would go to their manning stations, turrets, engineering, pilot chairs etc. They would hook their suits into the plug at their station. When the ship takes damage and hull is breached or life support is hit, then they would switch over to suits O2 system. Anyhow, tell me your thoughts on O2?
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