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Found 8 results

  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16940-Space-Is-For-Lovers Space is for Lovers HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Blazing Hearts and Burning Passion From Aberdeen to Port Olisar, love is in the air (and the vacuum of space) and we want you to share it however you see fit. Whether you create an original Valentine and send it to your loved ones or blast them out of the sky, if it comes from the heart (or Heartseeker), it’s a beautiful thing. LOVE LETTERS FROM THE VOID Share the Love Last week, we invited the community to design their own Star Citizen Valentine. Check out the charming results and share your love with that special someone, no matter how many star systems separate you. View the Spectrum post here. FROM ANVIL WITH LOVE Hearts Afire Rekindle your love affair with space combat in Anvil’s limited-edition Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker. Blast your enemies halfway across the universe with its quartet of imposing Behring laser cannons. Isn’t it romantic? For more details visit the complete Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker Ship Page If dogfights don’t get you in the mood for love, grab your significant other and tour the galaxy in comfort and style in Origin’s starship built for two, the 85X. Or maybe you’re looking for a more down-to-earth relationship. In that case, race at the speed of love in a cherry red Cyclone RC. HORNET F7C-M HEARTSEEKER WARBOND- Standalone Ship $175.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART HORNET F7C-M HEARTSEEKER- Standalone Ship $195.00 USD IN STOCKMORE INFOADD TO CART Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker in 3.5.
  2. I was hoping to find a Super Hornet that I could add to my hangar.
  3. Hello I'm looking to downsize my fleet and I'm selling somes ships ! ((I exaggerated during the "anniversary sale", (I was addicted ) and now I must sell some of my ships (or my wife will kill me ) before Christmass ) all with LTI .: (same price as original (with taxes) exemple : Freelancer MIS : 199 USD F7c-M super hornet : 199 USD Carrack : 423,5 USD almost everything is possible ( CCU from p72 lti) Verified Paypal only
  4. Stand Alone Ships, all LTI (ccu from Hull B ) Mustang Delta -65 USD sol M50 - 100 USD sold Avenger Warlock - 85 USD F7C-M Super Hornet - 165 USD sold Banu MERCHANTMAN - 240 USD sold Also I can upgrade to following ships ( Upgrade Service) to LTI and non-LTI Freelancer MIS - 170USD sold KHARTU-AL - 170 USD 350R - 140 USD Verified Paypal only
  5. The Gladiator and Super Hornet are gone from the RSI store and I have a few of each available for the next 24-30hrs at $160. If you would like one, please just send me a PM. PayPal verified only and the price includes fees. Please also note, these are not LTI and are the normal standalone ship versions.
  6. Hey everybody, I need to sell my Super Hornet. I have several trades completed here. Verified PayPal, buyer pays fees. (Friends and Family will mitigate these somewhat.) $185
  7. I have 6 Super hornet anniversary edition for sale. They where originally Aurora LX ships that I upgraded to Super hornets. They have 24 months of insurance Price is $165 each which includes paypal fees only paypal, no trading or RSI credits all sold 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD 1x F7C-M Super hornet anniversary edition SOLD
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