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  1. No. I am happy with the ships I have.
  2. I don't disagree with the REC. I think it's a good incentive to get people into Arena Commander and doing some PvP. It's a good idea. However, this comment kinda annoys me: We as backers are taking all the risk. This game isn't funded by loans, or the game company's previous profits, it's funded by us. Yes, all those things aren't free. Because we've paid for them. Backers will continue to pay for them. And although this may be the BDSSE, when the product is finished, although we will be getting a fantastic game, we will not be getting dividends from the profits. I hope Chris isn't losing site of that.
  3. Yeah, I'm glad to hear they're making those changes. Every time I use the Holo table I'm torn by the frustration of the practicality, but love of the concept.
  4. Yes, I know this. I've switched weapons around into different places, nothing changes once I go into Arena Commander. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, but when I said it's not doing anything, I meant the changes I make in the Holo table do not effect Arena Commander. Edit: Figured it out. I just needed to post to clear my head I think. With the Holo table I don't think i've been exiting it properly, and in Arena Commander Home is now the key which allows stuff to be switched around.
  5. A few months back I picked up the Super Hornet. Had been waiting for it to go on sale and snapped it up when it did. Flying around with it was really fun. Although I got the Behrings and submachine guns firing, I couldn't figure out how to shoot with the turret. I left the game for a bit. I turned on Arena Commander the other day because I wanted to try flying with a controller. However, now the only weapons I can get to work are the Behrings I play around with the Holo display in the Hangar, but nothing changes. I go into the Arena Commander and the only weapons which seemed to be equipped are the Behrings. I've deleted my User folder a couple of times to get the Holo and game back to default in case I've done anything wrong. I've trawled the Internet looking for a way to actually have all the weapons on the Hornet (let alone fire them) when I get into Arena Commander, but nothing seems to work. I'm just left more frustrated as I watch YouTube videos of guys flying round firing 4 lasers or all 3 sets of weapons but not explaining how they set it up I don't think this is about Fire Groups either. When I go into Weapons in the ship in Arena Commander, the only weapons there are the pair of Behring's. Added to this, instructions also seem to be from the middle of 2014, and key bindings have changed since then. Could someone explain how to set everything up for me? It's driving me mental and away from the game. Thanks.
  6. So I'm not sure what happened, but since the update game/ships been handling much better. Been playing around with decoupled mode and also with trying to knock myself out with G-Safe off. Really enjoying flight mode, and it's now a pleasure flying around learning how to maneuver. Thanks for all the input!
  7. Whatever the default is. Just logged on after my hols and flew around for a bit to see what it's like. Can't check right now cos at work.
  8. Thanks for the input, especially the link. Turned graphics down and set motion blur to 0 but didn't change anything. However, this part of Robert's article describes what I'm experiencing: "This means that to a certain extent you need to anticipate where you want to be and ease into that position. If you’re used to an atmospheric model when first flying in a model where momentum is much more important it is pretty easy to overshoot your desired heading. Then as the counter thrust isn’t instant you can overcorrect the other way. This is why the ship can feel “twitchy” when trying to line up a target." I had suspected this was the case but was hoping perhaps there was a way around it. I've played other flight sims so realised my issue could be that this game was a 'real' space sim and I wasn't used to it. At least I'm in on the Alpha so have a lot of time to practice
  9. Been away for a month on vacation. Came back and was very excited about Arena Commander. However, flying around I'm having some trouble with the movements (using mouse and keyboard). It's mainly with moving around. If I move the mouse the camera seems to move smoothly for short distances. However, after that small distance the camera seems to jump and it feels like there is a delay between my input and the movement in game. Trying to regain control just means the camera jumps in the opposite direction. It's made flying around inaccurate and frustrating. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to counteract this issue.
  10. I've seen some drawings for mining machines, so I was assuming they'd implement enough planetside stuff so you could set up mining operations.
  11. Thanks for sharing those magas, they look good. I'm a big fan of the Warring States Period, read Romance of the Three Kingdoms and like to swat up on its history, so Kingdom looks great. With Breaker: New Waves what language did you read it in? I saw on the wiki it's been published in South Korea, France, Italy, Russia and Poland, so I'm wondering if there is an English version.
  12. OMG another Battle Chasers fan! I loved that comic book series, always wondered why I couldn't find any more... I'm a big fan of Gatz (Guts?) from Berzerk and Manji from Blade of the Immortal. I quite liked Lone Wolf and Cub, but the series got a bit boring as you always knew the protagonist was going to (had to) win his fights. With Manji, as he was (slightly) immortal, he could actually lose fights, or get the crap absolutely kicked outa him, which helped make the fights more enjoyable to read through and much less predictable. Oh, and Battle Angel Alita. That's gotta be one of my favourite comic book series. I'm afraid I haven't heard of any of yours @Captain Canuck!
  13. It looks good. I'm glad the series was taken away from Lucas. What he did in E 1-3 left me scarred. NSFW
  14. Yeah, you two may be right. Traditionally consoles lose money on their hardware initially, but make it up later by charging top dollar for games. I walked into a HMV the other day and browsed the games section and almost gagged when I saw the prices. £60 for a game! As a PC gamer I'm not used to paying that kinda money for a title, cos I get Steam sales, early access and a lot of F2P choices (the type of money I pledged for Star Citizen is an exception, and with it I get alpha and beta access, lots of other goodies and the full - totally awesome and amazing - game. Plus that was all available for $29 anyway). Like the vid was saying, part of the reason PC game profits have been doing well is cos of MOBAs. You can run them on really cheap PCs and they're essentially free games, but with a lot of room to make big $$$ while also dealing with the issue of piracy. I think one of the challenges for consoles is how they'll adapt to the F2P market. If consoles and console games have traditionally made their money from the high price tag of games, it may be a gamble to start making F2P games on consoles which lose money because of manufacturing costs. If they raise the price tag to mitigate manufacturing costs, people may just look to build or buy their own PC. My PC cost as much as an Xbox One a year ago, it's better and I can upgrade it. Consoles don't offer that luxury. There's also the (huge) Asian market to consider. Most Asian gamers play F2P games in net bars, rather than having their own PC. Microsoft has started selling Xboxes officially in China now, but it'll be interesting to see who will buy them, especially with the level of government censorship of games taking place. Maybe if they have Xboxes in net bars too?
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