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  1. @Porcupine I wouldn't worry too much. I'm basically in the same situation with my creaky old rig. The difference being that I can actually get the thing to load.......... BUT............ I've now given this crapola 4 attempts with the following results all trying to do a bog standard box mission i.e. nothing fancy. 1st attempt (best), I actually managed to collect all three boxes. I delivered 1 and then game completely froze solid. I gave it plenty of time to unfreeze itself then had no alternative but ctrl alt del. 2nd attempt, same again but without being able to deliver
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll try to answer in order. @tripperdan99 Thanks for that tip about simply letting the game time out instead of shutting the game down via the quit button. What happened to me was the first time it has happened but losing over 700k through no fault of my own did sting a bit. Was looking forward to reaching my first million. I will definitely try your advice next time. I too have found the Crusader to NB/Microtech have been the best routes for me too. The most I have been able to chain and deliver successfully without a game crash is six boxes but each ti
  3. At first I tried doing trading runs in my freelancer. However, due to the myriad game crashes, usually when my freelancer was full of the trade goods, I ended up losing more aUEC than I was making. So I switched to simple Box delivery runs. Boring but safe. At least when the game crashed for whatever reason, my aUEC was safe even through the three character resets I've had to do because of un-retrievable ships. Well that was the case up until last night. I had grinded my way up very slowly to just over 850k aUEC (according to my contract log it should have been nearer to 890k but it seems
  4. Thanks Skywing, much appreciated. I'll try a reset then as I don't have any ship mods/upgrades etc.
  5. Hi Guys. New patch, more problems. Too many to list from lift doors not opening at New Babbage, falling to oblivion when going through a lift door, trains at microtech travelling through each other and player getting stuck going nowhere and more. Then there's the game breaking 30k error. The first one I got away with as I hadn't managed to get to my ship due to the myriad other bugs. However, I then managed to get to my ship and headed out to Port Tressler. A comparatively short hop which I thought I might manage before the next bug hit. But no. I escaped Microtech's atmosphere to en
  6. Yes, I tried deleting user directory. It was the first thing I tried. Thanks for the reply though.
  7. No. I've been given the Hornet but I bought the Freelancer (standard model) as a game pledge with real money. I'm now stranded at Levsky. No fuel services there and getting there sucked the Hornet dry, lol. None of the ship retrieval terminals will divvy up my 'lancer. I either get the 'ship disappearing bug after a few seconds or the usual 'Failed to retrieve vehicle. We are unable to deal with your request at this time' etc etc. So far I've tried Port Olisar, Lorville, and here at Levsky. It's rather looking like I'll have to wait for the next patch and hope that sorts it.
  8. @ macgivre, Yes I get the little blue icon showing direction and distance for about 3 seconds before it disappears = no ship. Also on the terminal screen it says the ship is stored but nothing under location. I'm not sure if that's just a buggy ship or a retrieval bug. Thanks for the Levsky tip. I'll try that. I've already tried to retrieve my Freelancer at Teasa spaceport at Lorville which is where I am now but still the same issue. I'll try every terminal before I move on. Oddly enough I am able to spawn a Hornet F7C so I can get from place to place, but if I do end up needing a
  9. Thanks macgivre, but I've already tried that and still have the issue. Thought it might be a bug. I've also tried going to other ports and retrieving my ship from another console but still no success. It looks like I'll just have to wait for the next patch. Such is life. Well I finally managed to get my Freelancer back by going to Lorville Teasa Spaceport and using a console there. This time it worked although I had to retrieve it by filing an insurance claim. That said at least I got it back. Now having got my truck back I wanted to recoup some of the money I lost previo
  10. I have as the title suggests a ship retrieval problem that I can't seem to resolve. I made a successful landing at Port Olisar . I left the ship and entered the port. Then I quit the game. When I returned to retrieve my ship the console reported that my ship was at Olisar but the info showed unknown as per the image below. I decided to try to retrieve my ship anyway and the story went as per the images below. I am unsure if this is an actual 'thing' in game or if it is a bug. Please can anyone clarify? I need my Freelancer. Thanks
  11. @Porcupine and @LowZone Thanks very much guys. Very helpful. I'll try those suggestions later. Busy this morning. I suspected those OM Markers might have something to do with it.
  12. Ah right rgr re: the null message being a bug. I wonder if you could help with another aspect I'm not sure of. I've tried another couple of missions and found out what outposts etc are on what planet. I can also QT to the planet fine, but then the outpost I have to pick up from or deliver to is generally so far away i.e. on the other side of the planet that I run out of time before I get there even at my highest boost speed. 2 x failed contracts like that. Is there any way to QT nearer? Thanks
  13. Yeah I noticed the "expedite claim" option which is supposed to cost money, but as it costs, or at least is supposed to, I haven't tried it. However, on trying to clam my hornet back I was presented with a "null" message. Probably made too many claims now, lol.
  14. Ah thanks. That must have been what happened the first time. I wasn't sure it had worked as I didn't get the countdown timer. Still all's well. This time, I got to Levski as intended, had a look around and its impressive. I went to the ship retrieval console and my ship was ready at hangar 3. I entered the lift for hangar 3 and when the doors opened I entered and promptly fell through the floor to the bottom of the lift shaft or into the black void at the bottom. Anyway, no way out except to quit. So that's what happened this time. It seems falling through the floor at Levski, various are
  15. I just tried for a lift to Levski to no avail and then checked my ship status and lo and behold they both seem to have found their way back to Olisar on their own. It seems you only have to wait a couple of days and everything gets re-set, apart from my alpha UEC of course. Hehe.
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