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  1. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    @Porcupine and @LowZone Thanks very much guys. Very helpful. I'll try those suggestions later. Busy this morning. I suspected those OM Markers might have something to do with it.
  2. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Ah right rgr re: the null message being a bug. I wonder if you could help with another aspect I'm not sure of. I've tried another couple of missions and found out what outposts etc are on what planet. I can also QT to the planet fine, but then the outpost I have to pick up from or deliver to is generally so far away i.e. on the other side of the planet that I run out of time before I get there even at my highest boost speed. 2 x failed contracts like that. Is there any way to QT nearer? Thanks
  3. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Yeah I noticed the "expedite claim" option which is supposed to cost money, but as it costs, or at least is supposed to, I haven't tried it. However, on trying to clam my hornet back I was presented with a "null" message. Probably made too many claims now, lol.
  4. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Ah thanks. That must have been what happened the first time. I wasn't sure it had worked as I didn't get the countdown timer. Still all's well. This time, I got to Levski as intended, had a look around and its impressive. I went to the ship retrieval console and my ship was ready at hangar 3. I entered the lift for hangar 3 and when the doors opened I entered and promptly fell through the floor to the bottom of the lift shaft or into the black void at the bottom. Anyway, no way out except to quit. So that's what happened this time. It seems falling through the floor at Levski, various areas, is a pretty common event at the moment. It'll get fixed though, same as the frame rates.
  5. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    I just tried for a lift to Levski to no avail and then checked my ship status and lo and behold they both seem to have found their way back to Olisar on their own. It seems you only have to wait a couple of days and everything gets re-set, apart from my alpha UEC of course. Hehe.
  6. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    I've already asked for a lift to Levski or Yela. No offers so far. I could keep trying. Nice idea with the buggy though
  7. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Well I have a ship stuck at Yela somewhere and so I thought I'd use my loaner Hornet to check out Levski. Got to Levski, got assigned a landing pad (the most awkward one) then messed up the landing because of lag, ran out of time, the pad closed then re-opened, I landed touched down, bounced all over because auto land didn't work even though I assigned a key to it. Could not extricate myself so quit. Now I have the loaner hornet stuck at Levski, my Freelancer somewhere at Yela (I'm assuming Grim Hex or God only knows where) and I respawned at Olisar. Great LMAO I wonder if the buggy (all I have left) will appear on a landing pad? Think I'll try driving it off the pad and into the black and see what happens. Should be fun.
  8. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Thanks FoxChard. I know controls and such change significantly after each significant patch and I admit I haven't been following things as closely as I once did. Thanks for the TS offer. I may well take you up on that when I have a bit more spare time. Hope you had a great New Year.
  9. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    @Caldon Wow! Damn bad luck. I feel for you too with the server crash. Sorry I can't help with the mobiglass issue. At least that hasn't happened to me yet. @FoxChard Thanks very much re: the big white disk. I'll try that the next time I manage to get something to fly. I'm out of ships at the moment. One stuck in Yela and the spare Hornet is now floating around Olisar somewhere because real life intervened and trying to land back where I took off from got me a criminal status. So now I'm a heinous criminal with, obviously, a wanted status. So to add to my list of .... frustrations , I'll now have every bounty hunter and other opportunist hunting me down. I still have a greycat buggy but I'm not sure how effective it would be in space. I suppose I could always retrieve it and drive it off a landing pad to find out. Can it be fitted with a quantum drive? @Gremlich I have no idea what you mean by "so you don't get a pass" and I don't really care. I can only assume from that tone that you are trying to antagonise me. It may be my mistake that I omitted to state in my original post, that I was fully aware that the game is in ALPHA, that bugs, glitches etc are to be expected, that I have been a backer since mid 2014, My age, gaming history, my ability to read and understand terms and conditions, of which again, I am aware, etc etc. For all that I apologise. However, I was not aware that it was needed as most people are able to understand me without having to explain every syllable. I really don't know what sort of reaction you're trying to get out of me. You are not trying to be helpful in the slightest, so I can only assume you are trying to force an argumentative reaction from me for some reason, by criticising my use of my own native language. Furthermore, I have neither the time nor the inclination to enter into a game of semantics, or indeed a full blown argument with you. You are quite correct in that statement, however, I am not new to all this and am sick and tired of the unfinished garbage those companies push out every year or so. This is why I sometimes get a little frustrated - its because I so badly want Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to succeed. Yes, there was initially a little disappointment during my first foray into ALPHA 3.0. There was also some frustration too, which finally led to me posting for some help here. Finally, think of me as you will. It matters not, to me. It is your privilege entirely. I bid you goodnight. @Caldon @Catbuss @Painmiester and @Buckaroo Yes you all make valid statements. I'll take them on board. Thanks guys
  10. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    How very perceptive of you. I am English and have had very many years experience of conversing by the written word in my native language (lessons not required or needed but thanks for the offer). I am also amongst the older echelon of backers and might not have as much patience as I once had. Of course that is no excuse and I apologise if my slight disappointment upsets anyone. I am sure these annoyances will be fixed in due course and I still have a fair bit of patience left, more than most at my age I think. I still think this game is amazing in both scope and quality and knocks seven shades out of some full release triple A games out there. This release though? I just don't think it should have been released in this state. Yes bugs are expected at this stage of development but I just think this was rushed out for the holiday break.
  11. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Wow! Sounds like I shouldn't really post anything. I'm sorry my tone showed a little disappointment. Anyway I did try the insurance claim and got a replacement ship at least. Tried again with another contract and after a few hours managed to claw back 74 auec. So that could count as a success story. Bolstered by my new found success, I then confidently took on another pick up and delivery mission. After managing to land ever so gently and have the ship bounce back into space announcing "Launch successful" or whatever, numerous times I resorted to simply cutting the engine and have it thump back down to the surface. The only way to get it to stay there. I then picked up the cargo. I took off for my destination ArcCorp 157. All was good except when getting close to the planet's surface. A great glaring white disc appeared on my Freelancer's dash, with the intensity of a super nova and obstructing most of my view. Entering the dark side of the planet things did not go well. With everything BLACK except for a great white supernova blinding me I obviously hit something which sent me spinning wildly away to God only knows where. At this stage I quit. Tried again this morning and I was back at Olisar. I was expecting another claim but no. This time my ship appears to be stored at Yela. Where on (or off) Yela I have no idea. Also I now have no way of getting there, unless someone gives me a lift, but then I'll likely end up stranded on Yela, lol. Ah well it's ALPHA. So, all in all a good trading evening. I lost 1.5 freelancers and around 2000 auec - I say 1.5 because apparently, the second one isn't lost, its at Yela but I'm at Olisar. Lost one, maybe two cargo's, but I did manage to make one successful cargo run to net 74 auec for taking the trash out. So I'll count that as a success story. I'll be a transport tycoon in no time, Hahaha. Thanks for the suggestion @Buckaroo , but I seem to have enough trouble just being legal at the moment @FoxChard Thanks for that info. Very helpful. Not sure I'll be around much today but you've given me a few things to try, thanks On a last note, I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a sincere and very happy New Year
  12. 3.0 CTD. Lost ship & half my auec

    Yeah I'm only too well aware that it's alpha. Bugs and crashes are expected. I know the roadmap of game development. However, in the case of crashes why do we have to lose our ships, cargo and aUEC for something that is entirely beyond our control? As Drum said, at this rate we will all be just running around, broke, shipless and with no way left to make any money. Well, it was quite good for the 15 minutes or so before it crashed. Guess I'll have to wait for the end of March and try again so long as my ship gets returned to me without costing me more credits. I didn't bother trying to make an insurance claim, because even if it did work, I'd only get my base ship back sans cargo. So it would cost me more on top of what I've already lost. Oh, thanks for the TS tip. Might try that but maybe after New Year. Have a good one guys
  13. Ok, I decided to finally give 3.0 a try. That was my first mistake. I managed to get some cargo and load my freelancer and take off. I also took a contract and headed to the pick up point. Whilst trying to figure out the illegible star map and quantum drive the damn game crashed to desktop. The launcher said "Game running" which it obviously wasn't. I then closed the launcher and started again. The game launched with me back in my box bunk, back in Olisar. Ok I can't get my freelancer because its stuck out there in the void somewhere and the persistent universe has persisted in stealing half my credits all because the damn game crashed. Hardly my fault. So I've no ship and only half my starting credits. How do I get out of this one? Please. I thought if the game crashed you were supposed to respawn in your ship at the location you were at when the game crashed. Evidently not. As its the persistent universe, I doubt deleting the game fully and re-downloading and installing it from scratch would affect the persistence as its on their servers. Any help appreciated - even if its only "Tough, you're f***ed" So far, not the experience I was looking for. There was a good point though - at least this time the frame rates didn't make my eyes hurt. They weren't good but at least it was playable.
  14. When do you think SQ42 and SC will released?

    Doesn't really matter much if you can't connect anyway (for the PU at least). i just keep getting the "10002" error. Scratch that. Forgot about new patcher. Trying again.
  15. PC Gamer Article on Star Citizen

    Will there be fish and chips? I like fish and chips. If there are no fish and chip shops I will open an interplanetary chain of them. There will be signposts and billboards everywhere. "Change Your Vector to Victor's Chippy. You'll find one at every space port and habitable outpost. We serve only the finest fish-like creatures available - if not actual fish." Remember: Victor's Chippy for quality fare and enough on your plate at reasonable prices! Salt & Victor Vector's Special Reserve Vinegar extra.