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Gaming joysticks that work best

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I am new and am working with mouse/keyboard setup. I want to upgrade to a joystick for better control but not sure where to start. I’ve been researching the Thrustmaster T-16000M duo and it seems like a great deal as it’s reviews seem solid and it’s and my budget. But I’ve seen that for this specific game it’s not as smooth in the center and leads to jerks and hard landings. I can modify it apparently but would like to avoid screwing the warranty.. I’ve seen warthog brand has great reviews but comparatively it’s not much better than Thrustmaster considering the extreme price jump. Should I go with the T-16000m duo or not waste my time with it? 

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Never own the T-16000M, but played with people that do, they were all happy with it.

Nevertheless most have or are changing to VKB's tho to the feel and increased precision.

If you never had dualsticks you better off getting the T-16000M and see if you like to use dualstick, depending on how you treat them they'll last 2 to 4 years without any major problems (according to my mates) .

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I think a dual stick setup is going to be better than stick & throttle for Star Citizen.

I've never tried dual sticks, but the game is definitely being optimized for it and most reviewers like the setup after a bit of practice.

One of these days I'm going to mimic this Morphologis setup: 


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Hey @DarkAngel!

 So I have a great suggestion, but you're not going to like the price lol.

Sticks + AccessoriesVirpil

Mounts: Monstertech

I have experience with the Wharthog HOTAS and dual stick Virpil Alphas with the MongooseT-50 base with Monstertech Chair mounts.

I'll tell you using the Virpil sticks was the most glorious experience I've ever had, I did sell them because I couldn't justify $1400 when I didn't use them more than once a week at the time.  But if you are looking for the best, Virpil is great quality, and if you get the MongooseT-50 base over the WarBRD base, it has 3 interchangeable cams for both cam slots inside, 3 springs tensions and offers fine tuning using a hex key.  

If money was no object, I would buy the same exact set up again.

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