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Found 8 results

  1. Do you like to pew pew? Do you like to go fast? Do you like to cap the core? If you answered yes to any of these questions and enjoy the leader board ranking system of Arena Commander, then show off your accomplishments and standings by posting your own rankings in this thread. Post your screenshots and compare your mettle to other top pilots within Imperium and the SCB community. We hope this creates a great atmosphere for members to improve their skills along side their fellow pilots while showing off your accomplishments at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Start posting your standings! Useful Links: Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check the below threads for additional information: Arena Commander Tips: Click here Imperium Racing: Click here
  2. Looking to improve your piloting skills? Looking to find out the latest meta? Searching for new strategies and maneuvers? Want to learn tips and tricks from veteran pilots? Use this thread to discuss all related arena commander topics and improve your abilities through the knowledge of fellow Imperium members. Don't forget to post footage/screenshots if you have any to share! Useful Links: Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check the below threads for additional information: Imperium Arena Commander Leaderboards: Click here Imperium Racing: Click here
  3. So I just found out about this: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unified-weapons-master#/story Basically Tekken in Real Life in which all Martial Arts can compete against each others in Arena Fights. As one comment noted it would miss that registered hits should simulate a cut leg or so. A Manga/Anime already did a similar thing I really liked, which is pretty hardcore when you know that 11 year old girls are harder than you. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid, magic is fucking amazing:
  4. That's it. I would like to trade this code for 2 Steam gifts of Dungeon Defenders II Early Access. But wait... if you get that here (the only cheap games/game keys website I trust) you will pay less than the value of this AMD code (at least the value of it in this forums). Check my for rep on trade and selling stuff in other websites. Contents of the AMD code:
  5. Hi, I'm selling this code I've got from AMD for 19.50€ or $24 Paypal (If you pay the fees then I'll do it for 18€ or $22). The code has this on it: I don't have any sales completed in this forum and my account was created a while ago, but I have feedback and successful sales here. Only latest sale got feedback in the right place of that website where you can leave feedback (http://www.epicnpc.com/itrader_detail.php?ir=506374&u=264597). The others before were posted directly in the threads where I anounced the intent to sell because I asked for feedback and maybe they didn't know there was a right place for that, and they feedbacked directly in the threads. I have one successful trade in here too.
  6. Arena Commander V0.9 Released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SpsjUHj_II NEW GAME MODES MODULE IMPROVEMENTS GAME IMPROVEMENTS Lead Target Indicator RACING SHIPS NOW AVAILABLE RACER SHIPS FOR SALE Slow Patching issue's? A solution found by @Wu Jen And that’s not all. You can find a complete list of new features, balance changes, bug fixes and known issues in the R13 Patch Notes. Since Arena Commander V0.9 makes so many changes to the game, our crack publications team has updated the previously-released Arena Commander manual. You can download a copy here. And to further celebrate Arena Commander V0.9, we’ve added the two racing-oriented ships as permanent additions to the pledge store! If you’re interested in backing for an M50 or a 350R, you can learn more (and see our most fun ship commercial to date) here. Finally, for those interested in ship stats we have a post from the design team talking about how and why changes have been made to the ships now integrated into Arena Commander. You can find that here.
  7. This is just a little something i put together with the "beauty shots" from my first runs in Arena Commander, nothing much to it except being a small performance and concept showpiece Hope you guys enjoy it
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