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  1. reulini

    Nintendo 2DS

    I went to a store today that sells the 2ds and I think the screens are way too small. The impression I got was that it's like when you are using an ipad and then you switch to an iphone, its just too small. Probably going for a 3ds xl around xmas with a nice discount
  2. reulini

    Nintendo 2DS

    Nice! are you enjoying it so far? what is it like to play using the 2 screens, does it feel natural?
  3. reulini

    Nintendo 2DS

    I've been looking into it mostly because pokemon x/y came out too. The last one I played was silver so I'm some generations behind hehe. I don't have any of their portable consoles like 3ds or something, so I don't know if there are any other good games out there. Are you going to buy it? also a lot of people with 3ds claim that 2ds is for kids. any special reason why they saying that?
  4. yeah, I wasn't going after you personally, its just the things I read on general chat and sometimes on reddit, sorry about that hehe ^^ let's hope not ^^ do you know any eta for the aurora cl btw? I saw they just released the ln variant and looks pretty cool
  5. I don't think its a valid reason to be mad like all those guys on the forums. I mean, they obviously should not be promising things they can't deliver, but a two day difference shouldn't be a reason to be that mad at RSI. We all know they are working very hard to deliver this, a couple of days can't be enough to be mad imho
  6. He also spoke about a patch coming out today. Do you guys know exactly when? He said that they introduced new stuff, like the fish tank, the option to change your suit etc. can't wait to see this ingame ^^
  7. Gladiator up for sale: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/gladiator edit: the pic was added
  8. It's kinda late isn't it? hope they dont delay it for like 1 more hour
  9. Just traded my 300i for a Cutlass! I was going for a connie, but after some research I think Cutlass fits better. Anyway, how awesome would it be to have the dogfight module ready tomorrow to test it haha
  10. Honestly I didn't care much about it because I thought there would only be space fighting, but now that I come to think of it, it might be cool. Hopefully this will be well implemented. I don't wanna be shot by a Constellation while walking on the beach xD
  11. Do you guys know how can I upgrade my ship? Do I need to go to "My Hangar" and exchange for store credits?
  12. Yeah, I agree. You should always do your own research anyway. It doesn't hurt and you may find something else you prefer ^^
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