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  1. Dirty hobo great info man really appreciate it. Thanks for the warning on the outback sport
  2. Hey guys busy day. I still plan on test driving the car possibly tuesday with my teo best friends and fiances dad (head mechanic) 20+ years... anyways now for replies @Mercer good tip man on KBB but theyre spot on in terms of that. Just a lil under suggested retail but over on the fair market.Heres a screenshot of it. [emoji14] @Gremlich yeah ill look at insurance here tomm but im sure ill hev that aspect covered. @TitanEntity ill buy it off you for 8k cash =P @Ricko13 nice car man and thanks for ur opinion. Wish I could afford a newer wrx but way outta my budget. Still tho Idk why but the bugeyes hev been growing on me...
  3. Well ive been looking for a new car and was wondering what yall could suggest. Budget is 8k but would like a little room for preventive maintenance. Requirements. 4 door, manual, no more than 15k miles per year. Im bout to go test out a 2002 subaru wrx... theyre asking a little much for it but hopefully I can get an affordable price Heres a pic. So what do other cars would you guys recommend? Know of any good strategies to talk dealers down? Let me know down below
  4. Pfft more the merrier I always say. They need to work more anyways for the money I spend on virtual items...
  5. Didnt know u could do the rebuy trick and get lti later. I bought it just cuz I love aegis ships...
  6. Lol well it is named Sledge... yeah but CIGs balancing logic is pretty whack right now two cuz of people complaing that their $40 ships get beat by $150 ships... imo they should be beat just like I dont excpect an aurora to go toe to toe with a frigate...
  7. @Furioso heck I think it works better if it doesnt fit andvthen at end of video your audience is scratching there head thinking "wtf did I just watch? O'well it was quite entertaining. Thumbs up." do what you think will stick in peoples minds the most and make sure u cover ur butt wif copyright laws [emoji14]
  8. @Dr. Argon lol thats basically what I said then of course I get primaried by the other three guys so I sent them on a lil chase flying as close to asteroids as possible. Sane goes for my ghost... tbh Idk why the f7c is n hangar. I should only hev ghost n tali...
  9. So uhmm can you eat it or just look at it? For sum reason I dont think diamonds and gold would taste very good but then again ive nvr tried @Pagan I like tali to much to get rid of it. I still think itll tear the vanguard to shreds. But thats just my thoughts but honestly if vanguard looks as good as the tali ill prolly get it... I = diehard aegis fan
  10. Im siding on astrojaks logic. Limit the sale to increase the price. Then itd be a steal at the price considering those scythes sell for 5x the amount they were bought for. Plus as jak said about the redeemer and connie are way better buys imo compared to a single role long range fighter.
  11. @Gallitin Nope but u definately hev put sum time in to notice I had the brightness turnt up. didnt get to play a single match today tho which is upsetting. Take that back I got into one with the f7c that I stripped weapons off of....
  12. @Daishi yup I use tapatalk on my fone to stay connected 24/7 hevnt logged into SCB since I had to fix my TS but on the downside now I dont get to see signatures and who noes wat else. Oh and here's another good laugh for ya. Thats no computer screen but a 720p 32" TV.... man I wish I could afford sum of the things other people hev. @Gallitin no flash function on phone...
  13. Anyone else try to dodge the little blocks while waiting for a match to load? Reminds me of the browser game cubefield. If not what do you do to entertain yourself while a match is being found? Edit 1: Sorry for crummy quality. Spent all my moneyz on game and billz and dont make enuff for a fancy fone
  14. Dr. Tran


    Ty lightmonk ill check it out. Currently watching parasite.
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