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  1. Hey been awhile, hope you stop by the discord sometime soon! Happy birthday!

  2. I finished fiddlin' around in Georgia and met no one better at fiddlin n me. House occupancy increased by one soul.
  3. I'm heading down to Georgia, I have a soul to steal
  4. Nice! I have a specific channel called #Star_Citizen_Chat that I'd like to post here and/or receive posts from here. If necessary I can give you admin rights to our Discord so you can set up what is needed.
  5. I can't edit it at all so I can't use HTML markup on it. I believe I may have been able to initially but I submitted to see if the copy/paste I had made needed editing. It does badly. The text is just carried over from our portal unit site. (Should units there be renamed clubs?) I do not see a setting/area for any sort of editing. Lemme grab a screeny so you see what my permissions are showing me. It is very likely I simply don't know where to look. Oh snap, as the kids say Consider the wheel reinvented ! Yes that is essentially the same app that we apparently already use. I so often skip the main page I'd not recalled it was there. I hope to integrate my own unit/clubs discord with this forum as much as possible. Whether to provide access to it to other Imperium Users, to repost Discord comments in particular SC related channels as forum posts here, or other ways to direct traffic from Discord to here and or from here to the various unit Discords. This is because (A) initially I was prolific in posting here to set the example to be active on these forums. However, I've never been successful in drawing Discord traffic to the Forums. This despite having a relatively active Discord community. At times. So my initial motivation is to assure that Lantern Watch members see themselves as and participate with Imperium members, as opposed to a seperate organization. Which is why I've always integrated Imperium symbolism into Lantern Watch branding. Another (B) reason is that some of my members came from without Imperium and are not as aware of Imperium and it's strengths and assets as are members who've found us through Imperium. Further, the recruitment process and all the various steps to connect a player to the RSI site, this forum, the Portal site, and various discords would benefit by integrating them more tightly. Especially as the Calendar tool I plan to make use of is hosted here, it would be good to see members as familiar and comfortable with this site as possible and seeing their posts or at least seeing Discord associations here. A third reason (C) is that the Forum allows longer form and more dynamic posts than is often available or easy to read in Discord. I can format a long detailed description of operations, roles, or even an Opord here that an equivalent post in Discord would be more difficult to read. I'd like to see effective ways to draw attention in Discord to forum posts here. Possibly with posts here showing up as a link in Discord, which might be accomplished via a Zapier Zap as I do with Reddit posts. Likewise, seeing Discord channel posts show up here would be good. I balk at this though as a reply here to a post that originated from Discord may not be seen by the originator who posted in Discord. A way to DM a discord user from this Forum may be of interest too. Or to send a Discord Notification about activity at this Forum? I'm not sure if there could be Discord Widget based functionality that approximates this already though.
  6. This looks highly promising: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9298-discord-native-widget/ and is free whereas the Brilliant Widget: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9287-brilliant-discord-integration/ has a fee of $35 up front and $10/6 months. I found a few embed widgets, of the two I prefer widget bot. The other is Titan Embeds. https://docs.widgetbot.io/ https://titanembeds.com/
  7. Ok, so knowing more about this forum has me looking at IPS Marketplace and I hear good things about a "Brilliant" Discord Bot but I do not see it yet on the Marketplace. I see an old bot for version 1.1 that isn't supported any longer so hopefully someone has picked up the idea since then and has a working solution.
  8. Ha! I just looked at the bottom of the page and this forum IS an invision Community forum! That takes care of the fee too.
  9. I was sent my invision service demo and it appears to only work with their own Forum. I'll continue to evaluate as to whether this is the case or if it can be used with a forum outside of Invision Community. So I inquired about this and received this response: Our cloud plans only support Invision Community and applications available from the marketplace at https://invisioncommunity.com/files/ It is not possible to install 3rd party applications such as Wordpress although you can host these elsewhere. Integration is possible with various externally hosted applications through single sign on. I do not know enough about our current Forum to know how this affects us. This information may be more valuable to you @Gallitin
  10. I was sent my invision service demo and it appears to only work with their own Forum. I'll continue to evaluate as to whether this is the case or if it can be used with a forum outside of Invision Community.
  11. Thanks Gallatin! I've made a post that shows up when you select the "Activity" on the bar between "Home Page" and "Members", the post is called called "About this Club". It looks like a wall of text and I can't edit it, format it, or even delete it. I'd love to work with you on the invision tool!
  12. I'm fine if you'd care to clean up the old Lantern Watch Unit. The new Lantern Watch Club seems to be running smoothly except for an issue here and there. Minor stuff. Let's move forward!
  13. Ok, I can add peeps myself! I'm growing in fondness now. Discord integration and I'd become a certified fan! hmmm, something to google there. Maybe a zapier type thing with a webhook? This looks interesting? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9287-brilliant-discord-integration/ I'll investigate it when the $35 fee is available to me.
  14. I've made a post that shows up in Activity called "About this Club" that I cannot edit. I'm displeased about this. Fortunately I was able to format a better homepage than that post. Please note the link to our Discord there. The calendar looks promising here though. I use a system for signing up in Discord that would require me to hand jam data into the events here but as this is a good way to communicate to Imperium as a whole as well as to display info about the event I'll be using it. So keep your eyes peeled for events in the future! I have a new job that has me traveling and working crazy hours. So I'm likely either going to post events on the few days I'm off, when I know when they will be, or on Saturdays. Anyone in the "club" in our Discord can organize an event though and I'll explain how they can do that if they get with me. That way we can do things regardless if I'm available.
  15. I'd consider this purchase if I knew the asking price. Feel free to DM me if you don't feel comfortable declaring one publicly.
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