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  1. Absolutely astonishing! Unless one considers that the kind of excellence and spirit required to support one of our own is typical among Imperium members. Every utterance of the word Awesome we are bound to hear in the near future is absolutely deserved by all of you! My most heartfelt thank you to each and all of you!
  2. Spectacular! I dropped a few duckets in the pot myself and plan to do more soon. I already miss the guy's daily presence and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those of you who also have demonstrated your true appreciation for his exuberance and genuinely good nature.
  3. I am hosting a Conan: Exiles server and all Imperium members are welcome. Judging by the number of mentions on the forums and frequency of Conan channels opening up on TS when I'm on in the mornings I've only opted for a 10 slot server. I am currently reviewing mods for the server and will be updating it with them soon. Please feel free to drop by and check things out, provide constructive feedback, or just look around :)


    Password is: PYIfP2P

    Protecting Your Interests from Port To Point

    I usually hang out in the Disturb Me channel but I can be reached throughout the day via the Lantern Watch Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gCghtBc

  4. I had the issue today as well, so I investigated a little more. It seems to have been an issue with mods. Mod makers are not creating unique IDs and that was creating conflicts. I deleted my mods, restarted the game and all is well Now to build my castle
  5. I tried to connect through the Top Conan Servers link and I receive an error: "PendingConnectionError" "Could not connect to server. Unique ID not valid!" I received the same error when attempting to access the server through the game itself though.
  6. This isn't posted in response to any particular conversation I've had recently, but I ran across it a few days ago and have referenced it since. I thought it one of the valuable lessons I feel should be more commonly taught, along with logical fallacies and other critical thinking tools. If I can do anything of value for my fellows here in Imperium, I hope sharing important ideas is appreciated.



  7. Today's distraction came from a spacewalk on NASA TV. I don't know if any of you other space fans know about or watch it but they are becoming social media savvy as a post on FB about the walk drew my attention to it. 

    I wonder if the same kind of fervor we fans of space sims were directed to actual space exploration, would we be able to affect a change in how important such work was considered? Could we battle the stigma against tough to understand subjects like math and numerous "'ologys". 

    We already see an upsurge in popularity of space sims because of our passion toward the Star Citizen project and many others like it. I would love to see us leverage this passion towards science in general. Which is why I dedicate my twitter feed to juxtaposing popular culture, specifically Star Citizen, with science stories.

    I may be feeling particularly strong about this today as I marvelled at Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough spacewalk in actual micro gravity. Seeing differences we benefit from and how I'd like to see some modifications to how Star Citizen simulates 0G. I took particular note of the sense of awe I felt watching them and how I cherished all of the many acheivements that brough this spacewalk into being on the television here in my home. 

    I hope many more homes like mine welcome space and science fiction so we can all appreciate the marvelous accomplishments we have made and the optimism that dreaming of our futures brings.

  8. It is a relief to hear that our teams efforts in building our Portal and associated tools aren't expected to be supplanted by Spectrum any time soon. It is clear as @Doopsumslays out for us that the Starship Crew Connector; or aptly summed up by @Nerubi as friend connector, won't be at risk of drawing users away from our Portal. I appreciate the reminder that the Portal will be a tool available to other orgs and players as well. As Spectrum and Portal grow as the game matures I am excited to see the ways the two systems can integrate to further propel Imperium into prominence as the greatest organization available. I don't consider the SCC of INN very valuable in the near term as it is essentially a readily available tool presented to a shrinking audience. Still, it may be worth watching from a distance. The only advantage that INN currently retains that our Portal arguably has no need of yet, is in branding or marketing. INN is still a destination and a source that some have relied on. Once the Portal is fully operational, how will we advertise it to the player base without testing it on Alderaan?
  9. I was intentionally trying not to throw dirt on a grave not yet dug by speculating on the fate of INN. WolfLarsen is still a Star Citizen and is sacrificing his time and effort to the enrichment of our larger community. I am more concerned with whether he is currently making valuable contributions. Less so with whether his fellows saw eye to eye and what led to the creation of Relay.sc, as I see it as as much my concern as my dirty laundry is to them. I wish them all luck and Relay.sc is my destination for a great deal of content. I still check to see if there are valuable things on INN. So far this is the most interesting thing I have found there since the split. As to stealing ideas, ideas are not sacrosanct and the service of aiding large ship captains to find crewmen hasn't been patented. Progress is made by taking the ideas we find and mashing them together until a new useful idea can be found in the jumble. I appreciate the umbrage taken by the use of the word "steal" though @Donut, as it marks you as the kind of wingman a fellow can trust. The idea that Spectrum will be a tool to replace Starship Crew Connect and that can be a valuable asset to our Operations department is one I wholeheartedly agree with.
  10. It appears in its worthy efforts to draw traffic to Imperium News Network, INN has begun offering organizational services to its visitors. In acting like an organization with open membership, INN has instituted its Starship Crew Connector. Which promises to do much of what our own Operations division expects to do, only with less support as our Operations team is larger and naturally better in all measurable and conceivable ways One primary advantage that our Operations department offers multi-crew ship captains over INN SCC users is Operational Security. Advertising on INN is a great way to communicate to nefarious parties your vulnerabilities and plans. By keeping such details within the confines of Imperium, vital details concerning crew compliment and mission details are more secure. Competition breeds creativity they say, so there may be valuable ideas to steal from INN to aid our own Operations and tech team in building automation tools to aid us in assuring Imperium is crewed, capable, and committed to fun and excitement in the best damn spacesim community ever.
  11. You shouldn't have anything to fear if you have nothing to hide Seriously though, I'm having trouble thinking of what I would need to go offline to discuss. The potential for GM using eavesdropping abilities to influence their storytelling seems intrinsic to their job. Those who find obstacles placed before them as a part of "story" are not likely to see it this way though. Noobifier's point about in game espionage being a reason to use third party comms is a valid concern. I think there are plenty of ways to hack and intercept informations without those informations being the contents of Spectrum though.
  12. Spectacular post and a very intelligent and level headed review. I'm in disagreement with nothing in your post Chimaera, and nearly nothing in the comments. I would add that the increasingly content rich AtVs and especially Games Con may have cannibalized a bit from the pool of ready to release information that would have been ideal for this Citizen Con. It felt as though much of what was presented was rushed in comparison to the 3.0 Demo. Squadron 42 Demo was attempted but still not up to par with the quality Chris was hoping for. Perhaps the biggest error CIG made was simply a logistical one. Committing to two large Demo oriented events spaced only a month or so apart. As for Turbulent, I feel some compassion for the tight spot they are in. They are not in the same business as the rest of CIG. They cannot simply reinvent the internet the way CIG has done with the Crysis Engine. While the Discord comparisons are appropriate, they are often dismissive of the advantages of having a major game integrate in this way. This could well start a trend of other major developers create their own "Discords" the way they have created their own Steam like launchers. Looking at Origin, Blizzard, Arc, Ubisoft and others. This means more competition and creativity in the market place. Can this be a bad thing for the external VoIP users? I look at China's WeChat app and how it developed into a conglomerate of Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and more and I see an opportunity for us as a community to mold this new Spectrum concept into something as revolutionary and groundbreaking as the rest of Chris' game. That said, I might have put the Turbulent demonstration just prior to the birthday celebration as it would have been better to wind down with it, than to have opened. I thought the filler interviews were very well done and yet another demonstration of consistent improvement by the community team. We who were watching Trophius' stream understood why there was a need for an hour long delay as there were still untamed hordes clawing at the facade of the building trying to get out of the heat and into the venue. Were I to have a complaint, it would be a matter of these logistical errors that seem to have been made. What caused such a delay, and would certain segments have done better at different times. Even so, hindsight is 20/20 and there is far more that I do not know than I can pretend to. All in all, I'm as fervent a fan as ever.
  13. Havin' Desktop issues which make it unappealing to stream. Looking forward to 2.5g later today on PTU and No Man's Sky though, if the desktop holds up that is...

  14. Had a blast the past couple of days streaming new 2.4 content, despite my aversion to combat. Had someone host me and I learned what the heck that is :) They helpfully explained and now I have follow and host alerts :)

    I've also been invited to join a Chronicles of Elyria kingdom by someone outside of Imperium. I've expressed that I'm more interested in working closely with Imperium members but he's been insistent. I'll keep the discord link handy and maintain the contact but I'd still prefer to work within Imperium.

    Havin' lots of fun on Twitch, I look forward to seeing more folks there. :) 

  15. I don't know if anyone else is aware of this game, but I was intrigued. It is likely that SC will take up much of my time; but, when I get tired of Sci Fi and want a little RTS/MMO action (I guess now that's a thing!) there's this. I backed as a Weapon Master/Count (I'd like to see more Lantern Shields in games heheh), and it would be real swell to have some Imperium members working together here. If anyone else is interested, let's keep in touch.


    1. BryGen


      Yeah a few of us have already pledged on KS, you can see the discussion on it here - 



    2. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean

      Great! Looks like a good place for us to coordinate our eventual efforts and to speculate :)

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