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Found 4 results

  1. Just a couple of questions that I hope someone can answer. If I were to buy a ship, say Aurora or Mustang that had LTI on it, and that person gifted it to my account, can I then upgrade it to say a MISC Freelancer, and still keep LTI on that ship? Is it possible to buy a ship from someone that has LTI, then melt my ship(that was upgraded) and use the store credit to upgrade the gifted ship with LTI and it still keep LTI? Please help me with a detailed explanation of how this either works or doesn't work. Thanks in advance!
  2. HI, Theoretical Question: If i am gifting a Friend or a Person a ship and he accepted it, is there any chance for me (if i send him for example the wrong ship) to get my ship back ? for example: Talk with paypal (if i traded) or with SC ? PS. I checked the SC page and there was no way visible for me to get it back. I lent my friend a ship and now he can’t send it back. Why? The ‘gift-once’ rule applies to the item and not to the account. As soon as a gifted item has been accepted by the receiver it is locked to that account. I’ve been the victim of a fraudulent trade. Can you help? No, we can’t. You trade on the ‘grey market’ at your own risk. CIG cannot support these transactions or render arbitration in disputes.
  3. Looking to sell/gift my ship+SQ42 Combo for $50.00 Steam card code. Reply or message me if interested. Please no scams.
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