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  1. Caution: Personnels aboard this SC ship are advised to brace for impact when WIFE/GF contacts bank statements.
  2. ok, you could be a young man got those gifts from a wealthy widow, her first husband was the ex-CEO of Aegis Dynamics, .....and her last husband was the chairman of MISC, all of her ex-husbands had mystery fatal accidents in an asteroid hangar.....and then the insurance company hired you to investigate the accidents. That's why you have to approach the widow....
  3. Yes, it is compulsory, and personally I got fined twice because I didn't turn up on time. Actually I could vote from overseas, just have to remember it's time to vote. Last time I voted in the Sydney Airport before I got to the boarding gate.
  4. It's nice to see a planetside stretch goal. I would like to see the AI all have their daily schedules.
  5. So anyone could outrun UEE Advocacy agents with the Aurora or the Mustang that are lighter than the Avenger, this doesn't sound right.
  6. Connie Aquila has a MAKO (from ME series) equipped.
  7. 237 left, anyone wants it must move faster.
  8. Looks nice, but I would like to have something useful....
  9. I am not surprised. In terms of software project, a schedule is made to be delayed.
  10. Gladius looks gorgeous, I wanna get one in game, however it's a typical Terran space craft.....I would like to see more alien vessels.
  11. Technically you still need a physical medium like air particles to pass the sound wave to you.
  12. This Xi'An scout design was not accepted.....pity
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