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  1. Jez this thread ain't died yet ... https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security
  2. I fixed the spelling of my name by the way in your quote above ... How on gods earth are you doubting an original buyer of and current owner of the Idris-M back in 2014 ? Not to mention the actual transaction video of me paying $1000 via paypal to buy the bloody ship lol
  3. Are you meaning me if so My name and creds here speak for themselves, my Idris-M is not a fake and I am the original buyer I can also provide something fakes cant ... the real proof One Last Time for the Fake Sayers and the Doubters ... Now the mind boggles here but never mind the first video posting date the bottom one click you-tube at the bottom and check date month year of the post, no one keeps a fake up for 5+ years
  4. Hi Guys, I am still around and still a Avid Idris-M owner, have they even allowed you to spawn the idris in a hangar or other setting in the game yet or still waiting ?? I'm also now using a watermarked image since idiots have been using my images for there stupid plans on reddit
  5. Sale being scrapped and Ship is being kept by Me ... Its been long enough and to be honest i'm glad to still own one of the most rare ships that will be in the game ENDING TRADE OF THE IDRIS-M P.s Just wanted to add this Picture ... just to show that its still in the account and look forward to seeing you in the Game Picture In Account
  6. There is no God Damn way any Idiot is going to sell anyone a Military Variant of Idris at Cost Price just wont happen but I wish you luck finding one for a grand.
  7. No one with a single post on this forum will be buying anything NOT TRUST worthy enough sorry
  8. On here i'd like to think that facts of speaking to admin staff on here and also having positive trader feedback scores would help to assure people, take my Idris-M i'm selling right now, I haven't disclosed why I want to sell the ship but I will on this reply because its nothing for me to be ashamed about. I need a new car in real life and I'm going to use the Idris sale to help fund the deposit for a new car that simple, myself and my family rely on my car to get back and forth from work and to do the shopping with plain and simple.
  9. As you can imagine, I'm being very cautious with this sale due to the value of the ship, before sale happens I might either converse with Imperium staff first to ensure buyer is genuine and also might request a staff member as a middleman. The offer: 1x Idris-M with LTI (Fully Giftable) Cost will be $4000 o.n.o, Buyer will also incur paypal fees, which will be calculated when deal is struck and buyer will be presented with value+paypal fees together ... e.g $4000 + Paypal fees would cost the buyer: $4119.77 Price Change and Wont come any lower $3000 ... Seller will
  10. Sure as per the PM i sent you payment details are in there and I can get the ship to you in under 10 minutes Just make sure to PM me with your RSI Email that is on your account so I can gift the ship to that account Icey
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