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  1. Want to Sell Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    Still in my Hangar
  2. Want to Sell Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    No one with a single post on this forum will be buying anything NOT TRUST worthy enough sorry
  3. Want to Sell Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    I have to agree Orville yummy
  5. PSA - Scammer ALERT!

    On here i'd like to think that facts of speaking to admin staff on here and also having positive trader feedback scores would help to assure people, take my Idris-M i'm selling right now, I haven't disclosed why I want to sell the ship but I will on this reply because its nothing for me to be ashamed about. I need a new car in real life and I'm going to use the Idris sale to help fund the deposit for a new car that simple, myself and my family rely on my car to get back and forth from work and to do the shopping with plain and simple.
  6. Want to Sell Selling an Idris-M (Giftable) - $3000 USD

    Price Change
  7. As you can imagine, I'm being very cautious with this sale due to the value of the ship, before sale happens I might either converse with Imperium staff first to ensure buyer is genuine and also might request a staff member as a middleman. The offer: 1x Idris-M with LTI (Fully Giftable) Cost will be $4000 o.n.o, Buyer will also incur paypal fees, which will be calculated when deal is struck and buyer will be presented with value+paypal fees together ... e.g $4000 + Paypal fees would cost the buyer: $4119.77 Price Change and Wont come any lower $3000 ... Seller will incur paypal fees, Screenshot taken today(date and time in lower right of screenshot) of my hangar with Idris-M waiting for its new home. All members interested please P.M me with only serious offers.
  8. Complete 2nd Starfarer Gemini - LTI

    Sure as per the PM i sent you payment details are in there and I can get the ship to you in under 10 minutes Just make sure to PM me with your RSI Email that is on your account so I can gift the ship to that account Icey
  9. Complete 2nd Starfarer Gemini - LTI

    Ship is still for sale anyone interested PM me ...
  10. Calling all Americans - Conan Exiles Server

    Glad you fixed your problem server is also now fixed
  11. Calling all Americans - Conan Exiles Server

    My apologies, people have told me the search engine is not as good as it is ment to be and use topconan to directly get into the server, don't start up game to get into server use the join function on topconan to auto connect and you'll be fine. Others are on playing I've also disabled battle-eye on the server as this is still buggy due to early access and was the cause of server crashing. Cya on the server when I'm not working best wishes. I'll let you read my post from our forums ... READ THIS Icey ... P.s also you can gain help and support from my other buds or myself via teamspeak @ theiceyshack.com:9610
  12. Calling all Americans - Conan Exiles Server

    SERVER IS NOW PUBLIC AND OPEN TO ANYONE ... use the below link to join the server easier ... https://topconanservers.com/1/search/?term=The+icey
  13. Calling all Americans - Conan Exiles Server

    Hey guys, all the veterans of the org know me from past membership within the community, I'm posting this invitation to any and all americans who own Conan Exiles and would like a New Clean Home to call there own. Starting this Monday, I'll be opening the Doors on my very Own server, I have a few buds on there from Michigan right now in a closed passworded server but your all welcome to join the public release of the server this coming Monday the 13th February. Details Below. 30(this will be raised if server becomes close to full) Slot server hosted in New York so is very viable to any and all Americans, I'm in the UK and even I don't lag on the server its rock solid. so I look forward to seeing any of you on there. Best Wishes Icey
  14. Build help Having trouble picking an M.2 drive

    yes nice ssd and it also proves the point of how Sequential speeds is where the ssd's that are produced for m.2's shine, the above ssd is listed below 1570 yeah almost 3x faster read speeds than a maxed out SATAIII sequential read: up to 1570 MB/s sequential write: up to 450 MB/s
  15. Build help Having trouble picking an M.2 drive

    if you read what i posted correctly you'd see i said yes m.2 is faster system but its a ssd thats in the system if it cant transfer faster than 600 read or write or 6GB max sata3 then its not worth it