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  1. @Vahadhar, I really appreciate your reply here as it has truly clarified how I must proceed with my CCU Chain. I had bought the Tumbril MT Warbond standalone for my 3rd acnt, instead of buying a game package this time, for the Referral Bonus, so that my main and my 3rd acnt will both get the Aurora ES with LTI, and plan to Gift the MT back to my main acnt in the future as another LTI Token and just buy a game package for the 3rd acnt once I plan to use it. In my defense, I have 4 kids that I hope will be playing with me in the future, so I plan to do this at least 2 more times to get
  2. Hi @Irres, thanks this is a great help, so this actually confirms what @Vahadhar mentioned above that not all the time a CCU (non-warbond) will retain the original price it was bought with, though for WB CCUs, it may make better sense that CIG just keep the price locked, but of course that is not a certainty unless it is sitting safely in your hangar, as you have also confirmed here. Thanks for that valuable info, I'll make sure to buy back my CCU's and even my WB CCUs that I most need ASAP, though it is a bit harder for me since my goal is to buy all my most needed ships in CCU chain in
  3. I kinda felt you were the kind that had bought those as well, I mean if I had 1K and the idris-M was on concept sale i'd probably buy it too, and then later regret buying it. Especially now where it's almost 8 yrs since people had bought it, well hopefully server meshing and SQ42 comes sooner so that people could actually appreciate what their money had bought them. I really love the Idris when I saw teller's walk-through and some SQ42 videos. But unless it goes to CCU'able I'd probably just grind to get it, or hopefully the AI will grind to get it for me, that's a big HOPEFULLY. And t
  4. Wow, that's 2 warnings already, that certainly means something. I most certainly will keep my spending very slow then, except for the 2 solo ships (prospector and refinery ship), before the next wipe, but after Invictus week, so that I could just melt and use store credits to get the CCU to prospector and the same with the refinery ship as soon as it get released, I just don't want to go through the grind without at least a prospector. I really appreciate the warning guys, i really do. I'm sorry about your regret, I hope do not get to that point as well. I love the MSR and th
  5. Thanks for the warning, but I understand that, I never planned to purchase them all in one go, but I do want to support the game in my little way so, all ships that I mentioned except for the prospector and solo refinery ship will be purchased 1 at a time and only once I've accumulated the most savings I could get in WB CCUs from each CCU Chain, which I expect will take several years, and even if I complete all WB CCUs for a chain, if that ship is not coming out anytime soon, I have no plans of applying any of its CCU until it does come out. Right now my only plan this invictus (if there is an
  6. Agreed, so I should have enough time to complete my fleet by then, if not, which is unlikely, as long as I have a prospector and a solo refinery ship, then if time still permits I'll add some capital ships, Orion, Polaris, BMM, Endeavors into my fleet. So what's your fleet now and what are you planning to get when you remake it?
  7. Definitely Persistent Streaming (icache and server meshing) Probably most of the awaited ships specially the capital ships, since those will not get released before SQ42, then we could include SQ42 to the list also then, right? and probably a few more systems, Pyro, Terra, etc, right
  8. Now, that makes better sense, financially for them. So only CCU will be gone by then So what features and / or milestones should I be looking out for to gauge how far along they are before beta release?
  9. Should have taken the combo then, next anniversary hopefully there is a combo with LTI again. Never gotten a chance to properly play Wing Commander when I first saw it when I was in High School, I hope to correct that mistake with SQ42.
  10. I wonder if CIG mentioned what will happen after beta launch? no more standalone ship sales, just starter ship packages. And what core features and / or milestones should I be watching out for? so that I could gauge how far away they are from Beta Release
  11. Thanks for the bit about the valve. Weird to think that they tripled their revenue when they made TF2 free to play.
  12. Oh that great news So how are the other chapters of SQ42, they gonna sell each one as a separate game?
  13. Is it true that CIG had already once mentioned before to finalize our fleets before Beta release? If that is the case did they ever mention how are they planning to fund further development? I mean Beta is still a looooooooong ways away from actually release, how are they planning to get the funds with only starter pack purchases, and some subscriptions And the same question goes for when the game releases, did CIG mention how they plan to fund server and future development? Are subscriptions going to be a requirement for all players later?
  14. Thanks so much for that very detailed info. At least I know now that not all upgrades will be safe from changes. Basically it is still best to keep all important WB CCUs in hangar, and we don't know if buy back would always be there. And too bad about the Hull E, I hope that is not your targeted CCU ship, but if it is, it is still not too bad to buy it back if you make a goon enough savings via CCU and WB CCUs.
  15. WOAH, that's great news, I must have misunderstood Nooblifier, I thought only the ships and CCUs in the hangar are safe from price changes and everything in the buy back that had its price increased will have to buy back based on its new price. Basically I thought, if in your case you wanter to buy back your Carrack melted when the price was $350 but now is $600, you'll have to buy it back at the new price of $600. Based from what you said, everything I put into buy back is fixed (its price, and for WB CCUs and WB ships, the savings may even increase, if the price of the ship had increase
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