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  1. I wonder if those ships had always been there? or just recently added there but nobody noticed, it was quite odd that the Polaris though a limited hull was available to CCU last sale, I wonder if they were testing the effects of making a hull limited ship available for CCU like the Polaris, I wonder if they are planning to later make more hull limited ships available for CCU in the future. That would really make my day.
  2. Hi I'm just wondering when you go to the Ship Upgrade Page, in the From list of ship why is there a Polaris, Pioneer, and 890 Jump? if there are supposed to be no other ships you could upgrade them into. At least for the Idris-P maybe you could choose to upgrade to the Idris-K, though not sure as I have just recently started into CCUs myself and haven't witnessed it in the last Anniversary Sale
  3. Woah the master set comes with 2 biodomes, its like you save 100 if you buy that and its all with LTI, nice. So to maximize it you could buy that for all the LTI, then just buy via CCU additional Endeavors to utilize the other modules so you don't have to constantly change module configurations. Many thanks for that input. I think I know how to plan my CCU for the endeavors now. I have all the flyable ships that I need bought in game right now, and I don't want to waste an LTI on a small ship that I could easily buy in game and the Insurance is probably very low anyway to bother to LTI bu
  4. Thanks so much for that info. I got a couple of Endeavors on a CCU chain that I had just started and find that post and it really worried me, but at least I'd have a chance to LTI those endeavors once cheap LTI tokens are available. I have a few questions there: 1. Had that happened before a CCU got deprecated, because they are not allowing CCU purchases anymore? 2. So on that sale we can still buy the modules and Endeavor packages like Hope, but we just can't CCU to them, right? 3. Do you recall if they are giving away LTI to those Endeavor packages? 4. If not, do you reca
  5. Hi I joined SC right after the free fly and Rent for Free all ship event of Nov-Dec 2020, and I wasn't paying any attention to CCUs at that time. Does anybody recall if the Endeavor was available for CCU last Anniversary Sale of 2020? I got worried when I came across this post here in this site:
  6. Never mind, I found my answer, but I am still worried about the Endeavor CCU, if it is still available to CCU.
  7. You are absolutely correct there. And for that same reason that I didn't planned to buy the pioneer at first. But I came across this comm-link (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17821-Star-Citizen-Birthday-AMA-Recap) from 5 months ago, which stated: " Basically, iCache will enable us to allow all of you to settle the stars! When we first came up with the concept of player built outposts and land claims iCache hadn’t been technically designed, but now we have a system that will have a much higher degree of fidelity in remembering where each building or componen
  8. Oh yeah you're right, there will be limitation in making ships because of patents, I forgot there is this whole other dimension of the game, which is the lore. Well I was hoping the ship would at least make all the components needed for any ship and / or base repair and if there would be a possibility to make ships then that would be grand, but of course patents will most likely be a major stumbling block there. If ever ship building would be possible with the pioneer, it most likely be limited to CO ships only since its manufacturer is CO. I was planning to mine with the Orion, to make ship c
  9. Wow, you just saved me a lot of money and headache, looks like I don't have to push to get and keep that A2 CCU anymore, nor do I have to keep the extra C2, M2 and Taurus CCU I just bought, basically minus 1 whole CCU chain, unless the pioneer grows out of favor like what happened I think to the starfarer, which used to be a rare ship and is now always available in sales. though not sure in the future if that is always going to be the case once refueling mechanics is further developed. Was the starfarer ever been hull limited too? I just heard it used to be one of the rare ships not sure if th
  10. Hi, Thanks very much for the quick reply. Just to clarify on Question 1. So each CCU that I buy with cash / credit is a Pledge, so each Pledge I could gift at most once if I bought it in cash, and if I buy all 4 CCUs with cash I could then Gift all 4 CCUs to my second account to later upgrade the Dragonfly. Too bad the Dragonfly is a promo and cannot be gifted or melted, I wonder if once I apply all intended CCUs to it both gifted and bought, If I still can't gift it to my main account after then, have you or anybody tried that? Well I was hoping to delay buying the buy back like mid
  11. Hi anybody please confirm, is purchasing CCUs for capital ships as of last November 2020 sale were allowed? I saw some videos from Nooblifier that CCUs to capital ships were allowed there (last November 2020 sale), because I am planning to buy a few capital ship CCU on the next anniversary sale and hoping that CCUs to capital ships are still allowed
  12. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and I've searched here and in google, and so far I couldn't find any answer. I have a second account, that I am reserving for 1 of my kids, I bought a non LTI package pledge to have the Dragonfly with LTI. I am currently building my fleet with my main account and I have some store credit but I was thinking if I buy cash for a Taurus, C2, M2, A2 CCUs each and keep them unmelted just in case I later want to gift the 4 CCUs to my second account, since its got an extra LTI token, I could have that option. My question is 1. can I gift multiple CCUs to the sa
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