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Found 10 results

  1. The storage and potential income from data running (eventually) is really nice from the MSR BUT, the style and large SCU storage of the Railen is looking really enticing, not to mention the LTI. Having trouble deciding on if melting the MSR and going with the Railen is a good call. EDIT: Disregard. I'm dumb and forgot it's Warbond for LTI which makes it a little less appealing now.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and I've searched here and in google, and so far I couldn't find any answer. I have a second account, that I am reserving for 1 of my kids, I bought a non LTI package pledge to have the Dragonfly with LTI. I am currently building my fleet with my main account and I have some store credit but I was thinking if I buy cash for a Taurus, C2, M2, A2 CCUs each and keep them unmelted just in case I later want to gift the 4 CCUs to my second account, since its got an extra LTI token, I could have that option. My question is 1. can I gift multiple CCUs to the same recipient? because (https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013325608) says once per pledge which is kinda confusing to me. 2. If yes, does my second account still have the option to melt any / all of the gifted CCUs? 3. Can you also gift a CCU if you buy from Buy Back in cash? 3. This is a bit off topic, but anybody have any news if A2 is also coming in 3.13, I think C2 and M2 are both coming for 3.13 (not really sure), I'm asking because I made some Buy Back options for A2 CCUs, so that maybe I could just delay buying that CCU for a bit more.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell a few Store credits at 81% of value or $251.10 plus paypal fees. Credits will be transferred via gifted "Aquila" once funds have been received. cheers Please read the Terms & Conditions of Service: Transactions through PayPal (Verified PayPal only). All prices are in USD plus paypal fees of 4.6% (Excluding PayPal fees). All sales are conducted via Paypal invoices. Item will be delivered to buyer's PayPal email address after payment has cleared. No returns or refund as the gifting system only allows a 1 time gifting and it will be account bound to the buyer's account. If you are unsure about the item or have any questions, feel free to ask. You must own a copy of Star Citizen, and are required to have an account in order to accept item (ship/upgrade). Item will be delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address. You can claim the item by clicking on the link provided in the email about "gift" and sign in your RSI account. Be careful to be logged into the correct RSI account when you redeem your email about "gift" containing the transmitted ship/upgrade. Tracking is provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website and will be used as a proof of delivery. Prices are not negotiable.
  4. Following many different questions on TS and posts related to LTI and melting, I have decided to make this PSA and Guide in order to help members of SCB understand the process, how it works, and the pitfalls people can fall into when doing melts. So first, here's the main PSA. I caution EVERYONE to BE CAREFUL when melting their ships. Remember that the upgrade to LTI via the Archimedes or any other stand-alone is NOT a package, and in order for you to be able to continue with the game, you need to have a package. As of right now, there are NO PACKAGES available on RSI with LTI that are less $1000, and MANY of those packages DO NOT INCLUDE SQ42 + PU Access. If you have a SQ42 and/or PU Access package with a ship and you choose to melt your PACKAGE, when you upgrade to whatever ship you choose, you WILL NOT have your package and package perks anymore. So, with that out of the way, here's the Guide/FAQ for Melts/Unmelts. If there are any insights that I might have missed that others wish to have in this thread, please mention me in a comment below using the "@mention" function. Q: How do I melt a ship? A: Each ship or item you have on RSI that is "meltable" has a button on their profile that's shown in the image below. Once you click that button, a warning page will appear that requires you to confirm the melt request, add in your password, and it then melts the ship. Once that happens, you will receive an email stating that you have reclaimed a pledge. Figure 1: Q: If I melt a ship, can I get it back? A: Yes you can. There's a section on your hangar page called "Buyback Pledges". You can purchase back with cash/credit cards unlimited times, but you're restricted in how often you can use Store Credit. Q: Can unmelted ships be gifted? A: Only if purchased with cash/credit card, NOT with Store Credit. Q: When I melt a package to upgrade the ship to a LTI ship, do I keep the package perks? A: As stated in the PSA above, no. When you melt a package, it and all the perks are also melted. Depending on when you purchased the package, you will probably see you have some leftover money from the transaction once you upgraded from a LTI Stand-alone to the ship you want to have as a LTI ship. Q: Is there any way to turn a package that isn't LTI into a package with LTI? A: No. The only way to melt packages and get an LTI package is to melt over $1000 worth of ships and packages and purchase one of the +$1000 packages on the RSI pledge site. So in this way, if you want to turn a 6-month insurance Freelancer package into an LTI Freelancer package, this is not possible. Q: I have decided I want to melt my ship and purchase upgrades to a ship to get LTI. How do I do this? A: This is a multi-step process. Assuming you have melted a ship using the button pointed out above, you must follow these steps. Step 1: Click on the upgrades section of the RSI pledge store page as indicated by the top arrow in the graphic below. Step 2: Select your ship you wish to be the BASE ship with which to be upgraded FROM in the section indicated by the left-middle arrow in the graphic below. (Note: This will have a list of all of your PLEDGE SHIPS including those within packages. The BASE SHIP INSURANCE will STAY with that ship.) Step 3: Select the ship you wish to upgrade the FROM ship TO as indicated in right-side arrow on the graphic below. (Note: This will have a list of STAND ALONE ships available within the store. It WILL NOT include ALL RSI-available ships unless a sale happens to be going on at the time. THE BASE INSURANCE OF THE "TO" (The Vanguard) SHIP DOES NOT OVER-RIDE THE "FROM" (The P72) SHIP.) Step 4: You will see the total cost of the upgrade below the "From" and "To" Sections and you can purchase that upgrade using the "Buy Now" button as indicated in the bottom arrow in the graphic below. Figure 2: Q: Once I buy the upgrade, does it automatically apply the upgrade to the ship I chose? A: No, it does not. Instead it puts an upgrade inside of your hangar that you will then need to apply to the ship in your hangar. Q: If I buy an upgrade like the P72-Vanguard Warden shown above, can I use it with a different ship, like an Aurora? A: No, you cannot. If you do not use the P72, or if you give away your P72, you will be unable to use the upgrade until you get a P72 into your hangar again. Q: How do I apply the upgrade? A: You select the upgrade in your hangar and click on the "Apply Upgrade" button as shown in the graphic below. Once you have done that, an upgrade screen will show in which you select the ship you wish to upgrade. Once you have selected the ship you then apply the upgrade. (Note: If you have multiple ships in the hangar of the same type, you will see MULTIPLE ships available to upgrade from, INCLUDING ships inside of packages, so be very careful that you're upgrading the CORRECT ship.) Figure 3: Q: Okay, I have applied the upgrade, but I don't see it in my hangar! What's wrong? A: Keep calm and look at the ship you upgraded from. You will see that it shows a default icon, but under the title it has the term "UPGRADED" and has a funky looking computer chip icon next to the name. When you expand the actual ship or package itself, it will show the correct ship, as indicated in the image below. Figure 4: Q: So I have applied the upgrade and I see that I have the proper ship or package and it has LTI. If I melt that ship, will it give me the full amount of my pledge? A: Yes. Even though you'll see the default image, when you melt the pledge, the FULL AMOUNT PAID to CIG will be refunded. (Note: If you purchased from the Grey Market, you will only receive the CIG-set price that was paid for the ship or package.) However, if you wish to unmelt the ship or package, the BASE SHIP ONLY will be available for unmelt, not the ship + the upgrade. So to use the example above, if you melted the Vanguard that came out of the P72, you could only get the P72 back. Q: I bought/got/won an AMD "Never Settle" Edition, and upgraded it, but when I go to melt the package it only shows me the upgrade price, why is that? A: Despite the actual "code" having a value of "$60" on the RSI codes page, the total value of that ship in the RSI store is $0. Q: If I want to melt and buy a ship, then upgrade to another ship, am I actually losing money? A: No. If you refer to Steps 2, 3, and 4 in Figure 2 you will notice that there are MSRP amounts in the "From" and "To" images. The final cost of the upgrade is the DIFFERENCE in price from what you would have paid CIG. Once again, this will be the CIG-listed price, not the price you may have paid if you purchased something or were gifted something that wasn't paid full price for. Q: I was gifted a ship that has a MSRP of $350, but when I try to melt it, it's showing that I will only get $280. Why is that? A: Most likely the ship you were gifted was purchased with a Discount Coupon. Remember, the FULL AMOUNT PAID to CIG is what the system will read, and that is all. Q: Is there any way to "game the system"? A: As of right now, it appears that the only way to "game the system" is in relation to the Armada Pack and some of the Original/Veteran Backer ships and packages. Because the upgrade system has a set MSRP for the ships based on the hull, the OB/VB ships and packages will show as worth their CURRENT MSRP, not their "price at purchase". As such, with my $250 VB Retaliator, I can CCU that and it gives me $275 toward something like, say, a Caterpillar. I hope this has been helpful, and if you have any further questions you wish to add to this guide, follow what I stated at the beginning and post them below.
  5. Should you melt your entire fleet to pick up Dragonflies then CCU them? Yes you should if you don't have LTI on your ships. The reason why it is beneficial besides LTI is that CIG mentioned that they will discount buying more than one Dragonfly at a time so you will save money on your overall pledge by doing so. Mentioned today on RTV by Ben. You should be able to pick up all these CCUs that you need during the anniversary sale in November however be careful because not all ships will have them available like the larger ships such as the Javelins, Idris or 890 jump. Definitely get one Dragonfly to the CCU to the Caterpillar since the caterpillar will go on sale as well for $245 and then subsequent sales will end up costing more so you can get more Per ship dollars this way as well. Be careful and do not melt large packages such as the Armada pack for trying to save money this way. Keep in mind that the dragonfly won't be flyable right away and you may want to keep the few ships just to play with in the PU otherwise you'll end up with no ships to play for a while Congratulations to those who also followed Ben's advice about getting the buccaneer to pick up the extra weapon X during that sale and hopefully you held on to them prior to Melting them this Monday. I will end up with 6 extra weapons this way hopefully you got as many as you hope for as well. ========== EXAMPLE: Let's say you have a $1,100 pledge (to achieve concierge status + a bit more)..... and you were savvy and realized the opportunities in the Buccaneer and Dragonfly sales. You Melted all your Ships (say you have no packages for this example) and picked up 10 Buccaneers to get the Weapon X's. Dragonfly goes on sale (let's say hypothetical sale that CIG discounts every Dragonfly $15 off of the first one - NOTE hypothetical example - CIG hasn't revealed the sale discount info yet) and you melt 9/10 Buccaneers for buying 1 Dragonfly at $35 and buy 47 Dragonflies at $20 each You then (that same week) CCU some of your Dragonflies to other ships..... (including two Caterpillars since they will likely be on sale with the Dragonfly) then save the rest for ships that are on Limited Sale - but should be available during the Anniversary Sale in November (the caution here is some ships like the Phoenix and 890 Jump may not be available even during the Anniversary sale). Your current fleet after CCUing (so you have LTI on all your ships from the Dragonflies and melting some to get more store credit back) (you save the RSI discount they have for each extra Dragonfly per ship)......is now hypothetically... 1 Buccaneer $110 1 Dragonfly $35 2 Caterpillars $490 ($460 with CCU) 1 Mustang Beta $40 ($25 with CCU) 1 Avenger $60 ($45 with CCU) 1 Hull A $60 ($45 with CCU) 1 315p $65 ($50 with CCU) 1 Reliant Sen $75 ($60 with CCU) 1 Herald $85 ($70 with CCU) 1 Gladius $90 ($75 with CCU) 1 Freelancer Dur $125 ($110 with CCU) Then after the Caterpillar Price increases (lets say $350 for a hypothetical increase) You Swap your 2 Caterpillars for 1 Hull D and 1 Reclaimer (or keep a Caterpillar instead of the Hull D - whatever you like) ========================== In the End of this "Savvy" (thinking ahead) scenario....... you now have $1,445 worth of ships and 10 Weapon X's (at $180 value) = $1,625 Value for a $1,100 Pledge (remember we don't know the discount they plan on giving us for the Dragonfly yet so scenario is hypothetical) More on RTV... just now...
  6. Please PM me to Sell. I would like to buy these credits in order to grab an Aquila to Hull E for my upgrade tokens. Current Offer for RSI: $110 USD Current offer for Upgrade: $200 Thanks for considering.
  7. sooo with how easy that CIG has made it to upgrade ships to have LTI, it's probaly a good idea for everyone to melt their stand alone ships and buy the P-72 Archimedes then CCU to the ship you had, which is what i'm planing to do for my non-LTI ships but don't melt packages though, unless you want too (info on ships is here https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15070-AnniVERSEary-Sale-Explorers ) Friday, November 20th: Exploration Endeavor and Modules Carrack Saturday, November 21st: Piracy Caterpillar Herald Redeemer Cutlass Blue Sunday, November 22nd: Military Retaliator and Modules Starfarer Gemini Sabre Super Hornet Monday, November 23rd: Racing M50 Mustang Delta 350R Tuesday, November 24th: Aliens Khartu-al Banu Merchantman Reliant Wednesday, November 25th: Working Starships Reclaimer Genesis Starliner Orion Aurora LX Starfarer Thursday, November 26th: Mercantile Freelancer MIS Hull Series Constellation Phoenix Friday, November 27th – Sunday, November 29th: All Previously Offered Ships! now i'm not sure if you guys want to merge this with https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17993-cheap-lti/ as it is somewhat of the same content
  8. Title explains it. I have up to $140 in steam credit which I will turn into games of your choice for either $140 RSI Credit/melt/ships flat out. If you don't have ships to melt/RSI Credits the ships I am currently interested in would be the Freelancer Dur (non-lti) or a Tracker hornet(non-lti), or other suggestions Feel free to reply or send me a message for questions or inquiries. Thank you // traded $90 in steam games to /u/kiwihaqi
  9. bOcy

    Complete RSI$ @ 77% melt value

    Rates are lower but I'll try to take sellers who have nowhere else to go to. Verified paypal+invoice, seller pays fees. FAQ Thank you for visiting! and...
  10. All sold Thank you! and... /r/starcitizen_trade Safe trading information /r/staricitizen_trade Official CIG stance on trading /r/starcitizen_trade Best of PSA Chop'd gallery
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