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Found 18 results

  1. Good day, SCB and Imperium members! In the spirit of fun and given the fact we'll ALL be watching this as a livestream, as a bit of fun I'm taking submissions for "drinking game" activities. You can have your own favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink available (liver damage is not a pre-requisite for this event or game) to enjoy during the show. There will be designated "DRINK!" announcers so everyone's aware that they need to drink. Please feel free to submit your ideas to the drinking game, along with the level you think appropriate. I'll pick the best ones and make up the list before the event. Here are the stipulations: Small/fun things = sip Medium-level = two sips/1 shot Big shit = finish your drink / 2 shots Here are some of my ideas. Anytime a new ship is revealed (Concept) = Big shit A ship is announced as "Now flyable in 3.15!" (e.g. Scorpius, Railen, etc...) = Big shit Anytime the Redeemer or Ares are mentioned = Small Anytime Chris Roberts says "Ehm/Erm" in his presentation = Small Anytime CIG mentions Theaters of War = Medium Anytime the word "persistence" is used in CR's speech or a video = Small Anytime they say "Physicalized Inventory" = Small If CR swears during his presentation(s) = Big Shit
  2. Darius Marx

    Want to Sell Steam Account sale

    Hello, I've got a steam account that created in 2005. This account is so old it has a 6 character password. Never banned on anything. Has many many many games, including; PUBG, COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 - CSGO, TEAM FORTRESS 2, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2 - BC/ Vietnam, The Witcher... Total value of account is unknown, but I've spent over 800$ just on games on this account. I'm walking away from gaming and I wouldn't want to account to go to waste. I'll sell it for 300$, but PM me with your offers.
  3. Howdy everyone, As many of you may remember, Imperium and friends previously became fairly heavily involved in the Life is Feudal MMO upon its early access release. With our superior numbers we established one hell of a defensible base, set up production lines for all needed materials like food, weapons, and armor, and used our diplomatic skills to carve out a respectable sphere of influence, at one point nearly controlling an entire half of a server grid between ourselves and our vassals. We were involved in many wars, fielded a well-known cavalry corps, and participated in great battles like this regularly: Taking a Chinese base with no survivors While the going was great while the group was still active, slowly people began to part ways with Life is Feudal for a variety of reasons, and the group was whittled down to a shadow of its former self. Today, Imperium's presence in Life is Feudal MMO is an odd one, with a core group 3-4 active players essentially focused on the sole objective of maintaining a base intended to house dozens of people. We have stockpiles of weapons but no-one to use them, piles of armor but no-one to wear it. We've essentially got the fruits of countless hours of grinding but nobody around to actually use them. In light of this, I've decided to put together the following: On Friday night (5/23/2018) at 7:30 EST, I'll be gathering as many people as possible and we'll set out on a great expedition from the base. A ton of the older guilds around during LiF MMOs heyday have more or less died out, and left what are essentially ruins behind. I intend for us to explore around the map (particularly the eastern island and northern areas, which are the most war-torn), looting abandoned settlements as we find them and killing hostile players if we encounter them. If we manage to say alive until 10PM EST, judgement hour will begin and various castles will become vulnerable to raids, and if we find a suitable target in our explorations we may as well launch a raid as well. All needed supplies will be provided for those who show up, everything from weapons to horses to potions to siege equipment, and the responsibility you will have is ensuring your character stats are high enough to use the weapons and armor you request. We've already got around 8-10 players intending to show up, and anyone else interested is obviously encouraged to give it a try. If you're a new player, you get LiF:YO (and thus MMO access) on g2a for around $10 now, and if you're an old player looking to come back, I can't think of a better time where you'll be able to jump right into the best parts of the game, skipping the grinding aspects. I think it'll be a great time, and I hope to see you there!
  4. Hello all as we have E3 under progress will post the game that caught my attention and some feedback in general for the years event. Please share your opinion ,enthusiasms or disappointment with the rest of us. EA One of the most lackluster events till now ( post-bethesda) , personally i don't care for NFL.NBA and Fifa. We were aware already for the Battlefront 1 expansion and as for Need for speed was more like a Fast and the Furious the game. A way out was an nice coop game but didn't caught my attention. They did make Battlefront 2 their main selling point, but until they really release the full info for the game is not something i intend to buy. Anthem teaser was kind of off putting but made me want to watch the Microsoft presentation more Microsoft I will not comment on Xbox One X as i don't care much for consoles. I will skip most games and go directly for the ones i did care about, Sea of thieves (also a windows insider on that) it is shaping up nice but i do want to see more on that. Metro Exodus looked good but want to see more also, the trailer had some nice elements and reminded a bit of a new fallout game. State of Decay 2 is what i was really waiting from Microsoft, thought it did look like a remake of the first one a lot, regarding the locations and assets they have shown us. And last but not least Anthem, i won't lie , i am curious to see what Bioware (or what is left of it) can accomplish. I didn't have the glaring problems ME: Andromeda had when it was first shown and i am afraid that MEA was the test platform for Frostbite and Anthem. Also i want to see another Destiny like game except Destiny 2 and The Division. Bethesda I will be blunt, nothing to see here except Wolfstein The new colossus PC Gaming Show Xcom 2 expansion at last, Battletech, Mount and Blade 2, Griftlands and the TW:Warhammer 2 release date i can't ask for anything more... maybe some more Mount and blade 2 Didn't care much of the AoE remaster, but i love the work of Klei and Griftlands looks good. Ubisoft I have to say that i liked the 2 switch titles and at last some BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL nuff said!!!!! Mario + raving rabbits , i mean look at that princes Peach rabbit breathtaking and as i am looking forward for more titles on the switch this one looks good. Sony I can't say that there was any game that surprised me or caught my attention. Nintendo Great a pokemon rpg game for the Switch ,maybe next year will end up buying it to accompany my 3ds. If you haven't watched the Devolver digital presentation you totally should it was mental (NSFW).
  5. Hi there So i have a couple of Steam- and Uplay-Keys that i would like to trade in for Star Citizen Ships, Hangar Flair etc. I am open for offers. Just send me a PM with the game or the games you'd like to have and the SC-Item you are willing to trade for the key(s). If your ship is slightly more valuable than the game(s) you want, i could also pay the difference. Here are the Steam-Games i can offer: - Anomaly 2 - Bound By Flame - The Bridge - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Cities XL Platinum - Cook, Serve, Delicious! - Deponia Doomsday - Endless Space Emperor Edition - ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition - FORCED - Frozen Cortex - Frozen Synapse - Game of Thrones - GRAV (Early Access) - Gunmetal Arcadia Zero - KHOLAT - Magicka 2 - Mars: War Logs - Of Orcs and Men - Prison Architect - Risen - Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition - Rocket League - The Stanley Parable - Styx: Master of Shadows - The Talos Principle - TIS-100 - Torchlight II - Volume - The Walking Dead: Season 1 - The Walking Dead: Season 2 - The Walking Dead: 400 Days And the Uplay-Games: - Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Creed II - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed III - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (x2) - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia - Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Assassin's Creed Unity - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Rayman Origins Please feel free to PM me if you are interested in any of these or have any further questions. That's it folks. See ya in the verse!
  6. Hi, I just purchased the Avermedia Live Gamer HD internal card to record my ps4 gameplay. I connected my computer to my ps4 via hdmi just as the instructions say to. I keep getting an error message that says," no device detected" when I open the Avermedia software. please help!
  7. i found a new game called The Turing Test It looks to be a great game it the type there you have to solve puzzles .. there is some lateral thinking involved .. as you go the puzzles get harder i will leave a link or two for people to look at www.theturingtestgame.com
  8. The storied history of the long term rivals in the League of the Rocket, Team Blue and Team Orange, have been battling for the hotly contested and highly coveted "Championship" since "The League" was formed back in the mid 2015's. You will find below the official match recording, provided via the LNN (League News Network), of the most recent highly competitive and extremely close games. This record highlights a best of three (Standard League Championship Format) series that decides the 2 teams final standings in the Championship series for Q1 of 2016. Tempers flared, distractions were present, the smack talking was real, and a down to the wire finish proves that the these two teams still have the best yet to come. Enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rosters/Spectators - League Copyrighted(Form C - 2.1.a) Team Blue Team Formation(D-M-F): .25-.75-1(Dynamic Rotation) @rimmer59 - Defender/Midfielder @Doopsums - Midfielder/Forward Team Orange Team Formation(D-M-F): .66-.66.66(Role Focused) @Switch - Sweeper/Midfielder @missionAvs - Midfielder/Striker Spectators @Colossal - Season Ticket Holder: Team Orange Fan @Trophias - Season Ticket Holder: Team Blue Fan @SnowOwl - Single Game Ticket: Hopes for relocation of Team Blue of F.L to Team Purple of L.A. *-LNN -* *This has been an official public annoucement from LNN. LNN Inc. reserves the right to edit, delete, or change any content produced.* Don't forget to like, comment, or subscribe if you enjoyed the video!
  9. So just by curiosity i will ask this question " What have you funded?" *kickstarter and early access projects my list Star Citizen (ofc) Wasteland 2 Pillars of Eternity The Mandate Insomnia After Reset Sheltered Darkest Dungeon Dyscourse The Escapists Confederate Express Awesomenauts: Starstorm Chroma Squad Kingdom come : Deliverance Galactic Civilizations III Planetary Annihillation Spacebase DF9 Maia Godus Folk Tale Divinity: Original Sin Stomping Lands Rust DayZ Isomer Red Solstice Horizon Endless Legend Dungeon of the Endless Space Engineers Starpoint Gemini 2 Shadowrun Returns Shadowrun Online Legends of Eisenwald Kenshi Caribbean! Sunless Sea Void Destroyer Torment: tides of numenera The Convoy Bedlam Underworld Ascendant Shadowrun returns: Hong Kong This is the police Battle Chef Brigade Massive Chalice H1Z1 Satelite Reing Star commnad gallaxies
  10. Fintz

    Into the Stars

    So while browsing i bumbled onto this. From what it looks like is a 3D FTL game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fugitivegames/into-the-stars
  11. This is a thread to talk about the Future of Space Opera and what we can look forward to. I am loosely defining Space Opera as “stories set in Space”. But I kind of ended up ranting quite a bit, so please let me excuse my long post in advance. If you are interested in the subject, this should make for a great introduction post. I. The Golden Years of TV Space Opera (in 4 parts) ​ II. What does it all have to do with Star Citizen? III. What about, you know, pre-electricity entertainment. Analogue Kindles and whatnots. IV. So what now? V. The future is in 2015 I. The Golden Years of TV Space Opera Millenial Bliss Let us start at around the year 2000. The new millennium was a great time for Space Opera. I mean, it was amazing! Star Trek was still strong with season after season since 1987, Farscape was on, Stargate was just starting its 14 year franchise on and the Dune mini-series. Other, less known shows like Andromeda, Lexx and Starhunter were also on the silver screen. A culmination of almost two decades of great science fiction on the silver screen. And it only got better with Battlestar Galactica being re-imagined, and just before that Firefly that had to be cancelled in its infancy, never allowed to become a franchise on its own... The Fall of the Empire But by the start of the 10s, the only few Space Operas we had left where movies. 2009 was still a good year both on TV with BSG running its last season, Stargate, and movies like the blockbuster Avatar, and the first Star Trek movie in years. It isn't surprising that people thought that all was well on the Space Opera front for years to come. And then something happened… slowly, one show after the other ended. And one the last great franchises signed of the golden age of Space Opera (1977-2011). The last scene of Stargate Universe was a perfect allegory of the end of that age. Not only did it conclude a 14 (17) year old franchise, but it also closed the doors for that golden era. Surviving on the Silver Screen But all is not lost. Last year (2013) was a great Space Opera movie year (not saying that all the movies were good). We had Oblivion, After Earth, Elysium, Riddick, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Ender’s Game and concluding with Gravity, a more down to earth (pun intended) movie that won 7 out of 10 Oscars (Star Wars won 7 out of 11). 2014 looks like to be a potentially good year as well with yet another Tom Cruise Sci-Fi film, Edge of Tomorrow, and other movies like Interstellar and Marvel’s silver screen adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. The Honorverse itself is being set up with a movie for 2017, starting with a comic series, Tales of Honor with its first ussie published this month, a mobile game, and franchise building for the next few years.And if all of those movies works at the cinema, people are going to start noticing. But What about the small screen? And by that I mean anything from TV channels to streaming on your phone of course. Only two bastions og the genre remain on the small screen in 2014, both so far from each other, yet so true to the core of science fiction at the same time: Doctor Who and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Those two shows are still quite popular, with Star Wars Rebel continuing the franchise this autumn. But is that enough? Of course not! Fortunately, some signs of a resurgence have started to show this past year. And from a most unlikely place even: Syfy! Yes, I know what you are saying. SyFy (The channel formerly known as Sci-Fi) was supposed to be all about science fiction, so what happened? Well the MTV effect hit it and it went all pro wrestling and reality TV. But apparently, and according to this article, SyFy execs have started noticing that for some reason Fantasy and horror are working on television (Game of Thrones and way to many vampire series) and they should also get a piece of cake of that genre (as in science fiction & fantasy). And so they have decided to jump on the bandwagon with their own shows, hoping to produce their own GoT. Among them Clandestine, Orion, Sojourn and Infinity are supposed to be space based. That’s not a bad number. And what if SyFy fails? Well there are a couple of other hopeful shows being produced. John Scalzi is having his novel Redshirts adapted to a TV show. And so is the novel Gateway by Frederik Pohl. So right now we have a potential of 6 Space Operas in pre-production! How great is that? If only one or two of them would evolve into franchises, and we should be set for the next 10 years. II. What does it all have to do with Star Citizen? Well Space Sim games have kind of experienced the same wave of popularity as TV shows did. People were already controlling an inertia-less space ship in Asteroids published in 1979. And Since 1984 with the great Elite, people have been living their dream of flying through endless space and discovery new systems and races all over the galaxy. Wing Commander by Chris Roberts was of course a huge influence, and a major franchise in the 90s (culminating in a crappy movie…) And there have been so many iterations of Star Wars and Star Trek games over the years. Then the amount of space sims being released kind of stopped, maybe Freelancer was foreseeing that when it was build for mouse and keyboard play and not joystick like in the good old days. The X series stayed strong over the years, only to crash with its Rebirth last year. Other than that and a couple of other titles, people had to go to other genres to get their Space Opera fix. Halo is still huge, and Mass Effect has probably the best Space Opera universe since Babylon 5. And on the strategy side there was Starcraft 2 that finally came out in 2010, Sins of a Solar Empire, or the huge 4x game Galactic Civilizations still carrying the torch. And lets not forget the 10 year old Eve Online, a breathing, living universe, and the must have MMOs of Star Wars and Star Trek, because those two franchises will never die… ever… Just you wait for the great religious war of 2952 between the Jedis and Vulcans. So having two of the most influential space sim creators suddenly publishing their new space sim couldn't be more amazing. October 2012 was just the wake up call, and 2013 really was only setting up the playing field with Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen being tip of the iceberg. Now we can see so many developers hoping to kickstart their own space sims that I don’t even know where to start. III. What about, you know, pre-electricity entertainment. Analogue Kindles and whatnots. Ah, books. Well, Space Opera in literature has also had its ups and downs. The golden age is often set between the 40s and 70s. Mostly thanks to pulp sci fi, the Dream of Space finally reachable, and the emergence of so much modern technology and communication; the amount of science fiction that was published during that time was astonishing. Some of the greatest novelists come from that time. Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein and Larry Niven just to name some of the masters. The 80s where maybe not so great, even if the Ender Saga, Hyperion Cantos and The Culture series all started during that time. But it is in the beginning of the millenium that Space Opera started resurfacing as a strong genre again, aptly illustrated by the publication of The New Space Opera in 2007. Alastair Reynolds, Walter John Williams, Peter F. Hamilton, John Scalzi and Charles Stross are some of the great authors that have left their marks on the genre this past decade. Their names are maybe not as eponymous at the old champions of Space Opera, but hopefully they will be in a few years. IV. So what now? To tell the truth, and I really hoping that 2014 will be the start of a new wave of Space Opera like what we saw back in the 80s. There are some positives sign pointing in that direction as mentioned here, but not much is tangible as of this post’s publishing. So I am still hoping more than expecting that this new wave will materialise. With the great production values that we see in tv series nowadays, the cheaper cost of special effects, the lesser censorship in shows (like on HBO or Netflix), it is really prime time for something new, innovative and genre defining to be created. Imagine the possibilities we have now that were non-existent 10-15 years ago. Let us hope that shows like BBC America's The Real History of Science Fiction won't be a conclusion of what was the age of great Science Fiction, but just an interlude. We’ve had our new wave of Space Opera in authors for 10 years now; we've seen quite a few Space Operas at the cinema those past five years, and the great Space Sim genre is being revolutionised right in front of our eyes. All we need now is for the next Game of Thrones in Space for the cycle to truly restart and usher a new Golden Age of Space Opera! V. The future is in 2015 Movies that where and will be I'd like to start with giving an honorable mention to Europa Report, a more indy film that came out in 2013 and got some good reviews. The movie is about the first manned expedition to Jupiter's moon Europa and is told through "found footage". Other than that, 2014 has seen two stellar movies (pun intended). First we have Guardians of the Galaxy, which came out this summer and is probably 2014's highest grossing movie. It also opened a whole new part of the marvel universe to general public, showing that an awesome Space Opera was hiding among all those comics. And last week-end Interstellar was released, its first week-end was very successful international, and is bound to become this decade's version of "2001: A Space Odyssey". 2015 looks like it will also have its spacey blockbusters, starting with the epic Space Opera, Jupiter Ascending by the Wachowskis. Their plan is to build up a new franchise out of this movie, so hopefully we will get to experience a whole new sci-fi universe in the years to come. 2015 will also offer a new more "gritty and realistic" sci-fi epic, this time based on the novel The Martian by Andy Weir, directed by Ridley Scott. The book was a surprise hit that started as an e-book on Amazon and finally got its hardback publication this year, and hopefully it will translate well to the silver screen. Of course let us not forget the big epic that everybody has been waiting for the better part of a decade now: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Yes, the title has finally been revealed last week, and everybody is eagerly awaiting to see how the next chapter of the Star Wars Epic, and first released under Disney and without George Lucas at the helm, will hold up. At least all the main actors from the original trilogy will be in the movie, and hopefully they will help in building a sense of continuity to the saga. A Sci-Fi Revolution on TV (or was it Syfy revolution?) Clearly Syfy has woken up from its slumber since it changed its name 2009. The name change was the signal of the end of an era, which I described earlier in this rant. But it looks like Syfy has realised what they lost by changing their profile, and are now trying to get back to their roots, something the channel's new Head of Original Programming, Bill McGoldrick, explained in a recent interview. And looking at the past months announcements, things are looking quite promising. They are starting with their first new original space based mini-series since Battlestar Galactica in 2003 with Ascension, premiering on December 15th this year! And just like Battlestar Galactica more than 10 years ago, if the mini-series is successful, they will develop it to a full blown series. Another interesting project is the book adaptation of The Expanse Series. The books written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck using the pen name James S. A. Corey (one who happens to be the assistant of George R. R. Martin himself) are some of the more popular space opera novels recently released. The story is also less fantastical with the setting being in the solar system with no artificial gravity generators or FTL travel among other things. The first season will last 10 episodes, and it looks like SyFy is trying to get its own "Game of Thrones" flagship show with this one. But that is not all, they have also adapting other great epics to the small screen, and one of them is none other than 3001: The Final Odyssey, Arthur C Clarke's final successor to 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two which have already been adapted to the big screen (no love for 2061: Odyssey Three though). This time Rydley Scott will direct the mini-series, giving hopes that he will do honor to both Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. But that apparently was not enough, so Syfy got also the rights to another Clarke novel: Childhood's End about benevolent aliens invading earth. The book will be adapted into another mini-series to be released next year. And just to be on the safe side and make sure they have enough science fiction in 2015, the former Stargate producers will adapt the novel Dark Matter into a new TV series as well! The Scalzi Effect Apparently Syfy really want to show people that they are truly going back to their roots. And if you though that all those announcements where more than enough to satisfy your thirst for space operas, well, good news, there is more to come! Syfy has also announced that they will adapt John Scalzi's novel Old Man's War under the title "The Ghost Brigade". One can describe his novels Old Man's War and the Human Division as military science fiction with a more human touch. Hopefully he will win the hearts and minds of the general public with that show. This was announced after Fox's cable channel FX got the rights to another of Scalzi's novels, Redshirts, a sci-fi parody based around the trope of red shirts always dying during away team missions in the original Star Trek series. John Scalzi is so lucky to get two of his works adapted by two competing channels. Talk about being popular. But I believe that it is just as well. Scalzi is probably one of the most important names in science fiction right now, and not only a great writer, but also a banner-man for the whole genre. He is very active and vocal both online and off, he works hard to promote writers, foster a healthy science fiction scene, and make sure that the genre grows in a positive direction. In other words, if you want to see where written science fiction is going in the years to come, this is the person you should follow. The Game of Thrones of Science Fiction? But there is more! Yes! How crazy is that? So much writing, I can't believe you are still reading this! But this last bit of information is just as exiting as the rest! I described The Expanse series as Syfy's attempt of creating a show as big as Game Of Thrones is for HBO and the fantasy genre. But apparently HBO has also noticed this resurgence in science fiction. HBO being what it is, it could not just let this go by without producing its own TV show in the genre, and to do that they also had to go big. And there was only one way to go big and get noticed, adapt one of the biggest science fiction franchises ever: Foundation by Isaac Asimov! They are producing it with WBTV who own the original movie rights. It will be interesting to see a premium cable channel adapt such a seminal work and to a modern audience. And with Jonathan Nolan producing it, right after helping his brother write Interstellar, and also producing another sci-fi series for HBO, Westworld, it looks like the channel is betting big on the genre. 2015 is looking good! With so many shows being produced during the year to come, some of them should be successful. No matter what, this looks like a true resurgence of science fiction after a 2-3 year lull on the small screen. Let us hope that all those big ideas and projects will live up to their source material and create a fantastic experience on TV for us to enjoy. So if you hear about anything interesting or want to share your own stories about the rise and fall of the genre, feel free to post :-)
  12. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150 Anyone given this early access game a shot? As of 2014.07.17 it is on sale -33% as a daily deal for the next 36 hours or so. It looks promising, sort of a cross between EVE and Freelancer, but offline. Positive reviews and incredible looking visuals.
  13. LightMonk

    DotA 2

    If anyone else is playing DotA 2 he can find me regularry (*) on our Fleet-TS and I may consider to play with him/her I have 2 invites but I will not give them away yet. Edit: (*) so at 18:00 UTC+1 / GMT+1 till I go to bed
  14. I´m surprised no one mentioned this here since the sale started hours ago, but yeah, if you like classic (even not so old or even newest indie) games, gog.com has some very interesting autumn sale going on right now. One game at a time, limited quantity (often not more than few 100s of copys), 66-80% off, if they are sold out next game. It´s pretty exciting how quick some of the greatest games in history are gone, literally seconds. I managed to grab WC: Privateer for a buck. I´m still waiting for a games on my wishlist, hopefully I haven´t missed them earlier or they return. They even giving games for free, but you need to be damn quick! I haven´t had so much luck, these free deals are coming irregularly and in very (Very) limited amounts (like I wanted to grab a free copy of Assassins Creed 1, they gave 15 copies and they were gone after less than a second!). Pretty exciting stuff.
  15. Greetings all, This game has got me all worked up, and I for one can't wait a year to get some more flight time. I know I'm not the only one with an itchy trigger finger, so I have decided to announce one of the first Star Citizen community events, FreeSpace FlightNight, sponsored by The Brown Coats squadron! Starting 7:00 PM @ UTC-5 (US EST) on Thursday, December 13th, and every Thursday thereafter, all interested pilots will be able to join in everything from free-for-all dog-fights to team PVP and co-op missions. This is designed to be for players of all skill levels, an excuse to sharpen up our flying skills and get together as a community. The game, FreeSpace 2, is only a $6 download, so why not join us? We will most likely have voice comms up for the 13th, and this wiki page has been set up for those who want more information. We have had about a dozen people express interest so far, and several of us have already been trading blows in game. This is looking like it has the potential to be one hell of a party. So grab your joystick, get in the cockpit, and let's shoot something already! TLDR: Wanna shoot things with fellow Citizens? CLICK HERE for more info! EDIT: To clarify, the FS2 multiplayer is now only available with FreeSpace Open, an open source extension of the original FreeSpace 2 game. if you do not own Freespace 2, you will need to spend $6 on the game, then install the free FreeSpace Open patch. Details here
  16. Google Humble bundle or click this link!https://www.humblebundle.com/ you can get all of the games listed for only 6-7 bucks because this is a charity for many different groups. games include battlefield 3, sims 3, dead space, crysis 2 MAX edition, mirror's edge, deadspace 3, medal of honor, and more! for only 6-7 dollers and yo support charities around the world. ​this is not a stupid thing or advertisement dont belive me then just click the link and watch the youtube video for yourself and check it out! link: https://www.humblebundle.com/
  17. If you’ve submitted a support request recently, you’ve probably already met Brittany Godfrey. Brittany has been handling customer support issues since March… and you’ve probably also heard and seen her on Wingman’s Hangar, where she plays the voice of the lamp and presents the weekly Most Valuable Post. Brittany will be interviewed this week on Wingman’s Hangar, so be sure to tune in on Friday! How did you get started in the game industry? Actually, you are looking at it. While this isn’t my first position in Customer Service or in Production, it’s my first in the gaming industry. What have you been doing for Cloud Imperium? I answer lots of emails and link hundreds of accounts with early pledges. I am also privileged to be part of the team that works on the Wingman’s Hangar show. I’m definitely more comfortable behind a camera, so being in front of one is a little nerve-wracking but I’m getting used to it. It’s a fun escape from the daily grind. We try not to take ourselves too seriously while engaging the Community, giving folks a little insight into the process, and spreading the word about Star Citizen. What is your favorite part of the job? I would have to say working on the Hangar. I love watching the fan submitted videos. The Community is very creative. I am quite impressed with their dedication and enthusiasm for the game. What are you most excited to see in Star Citizen/Squadron 42? Of course, I’m excited for the game to launch but I’m really looking forward to playing on-line with my brother. He’s a big Wing Commander fan which I remembered after getting the job here. When I started in March, we were talking about Star Citizen and that’s the first time I learned that he was already gifted a pledge for his birthday from a good friend. Talk about a small world, or shall I say… Universe. Do you do any gaming? If so, what are you playing now? I used to play a lot of Tony Hawk Pro Skate but it’s been a while. When I was a kid, I remember playing Pong for hours and hours at my friend’s house. When we finally got an Atari of our own, I played a lot of River Raid and Asteroids. I do love pinball, especially the vintage games. It’s pretty amazing how far the gaming industry has come and I feel very fortunate to witness the next wave of innovation.
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