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  1. i knew the video with out the sc text regarding other games but i dont know for me its kinda NOT funny still +1 like jk ahii ahiii ahii XD
  2. why did they change it probably in anyway not because of people profeteering of the said mechanics
  3. i mean MH was obvious for me a longtime ago but malcolm mcdowell that would be epic or anybody from the WC3 crew like the MANIAC man that dude had character off screen ^^
  4. ya know Tier 2 starter and stuff !!!1123456!2 no shipcreep intended /pun end
  5. Inkarnus


    heh Deadman Wonderland atleast the manga goes into overdrive especially in the part where the anime stops which is sad
  6. actually some members where banned on RSI you can guess whom the most were attached to and who might want to payback CIG a bit but reddit did cover that already
  7. tbh if a ) no source code is leaked its ok b ) no major secrets are unveiled c ) no alienating is happening where is the damage except CIG getting free advertising. One could argue it was a advertising gag altogether. I wish thou i would have seen alot more info about some of the stuff it contained from CIG ITSELF instead of hiding everz tiny but off it and screaming with the other hand OPEN DEVELOPMENT and we SHARE EVERYTHING.
  8. last part of the animation shows the ship quite well resembling a B WING and BAM SOLD >D + that it rapes the aurora clipper for good and will be a quite good low end cargo hauler since well it has the biggest internal cargo bay of all the smaller ships but there is a let down there too for me and thats SHIPCREEP Tier II’ starter ship ....
  9. Inkarnus


    anybody stumbled upon School Days ?
  10. The Xeelee Sequence by stephen baxter is pure gold for HARD SCIFI fans but i doubt it exist as a audiobook
  11. i personally used g2play.net which is now affiliated with Kinguin to get uncut games in my region and i can say i never had problems. TBH thou there is always the risk but with some games they are always just throw away games anyway play it through and be done with it. So atleast for me it made no difference of having a risk or not.
  12. wow MISC Starfarer 4043.52 SCU starfarer looks sexy MISC Freelancer MAX 123.44 SCU++++!!!! had around 280/4=75 RSI Constellation Taurus 236.8 SCU ----!!!! 1400/4=350 Drake Caterpillar 512SCU-------3200/4=800 rely bash more on cat already its dead already.....
  13. far all you Hull addicts keep in mind for 1xHull B it will take 8 rounds each to fully unload an Hull C for 4xHull B it will take 9 rounds each to fully unload an Hull D for32xHull B it will take 9 rounds each to fully unload an Hull E so dont forget to buy some B(ees) to unload your shit and make more profit I atleast if i buy the C will atleast get 2Bees for it to drive in a pack!
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