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  1. And you guys are "based" in Moscow, Russia, and you have shiny infographics...almost makes me want to abandon SBSPPS (which doesn't seem to be getting traction anyway) and join up.
  2. Sign up here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SBSPPS "Are we all insane? Possibly." "When in doubt, shoot. When without doubt, shoot HARDER!" Basic Idea: Do you ever feel that you have too much ammunition on board and nothing to unleash it upon? The Organization/Republic/Fleet/Alliance you're a member of is choosing peace over war, and telling you not to shoot, leaving your trigger fingers itchy and impotent? You would like to shoot, but just don't think you can cause enough spectacular, exciting, violent, dangerous CARNAGE by your lonesome? Trouble yourself no more fellow space sociopath for I am here to show you the light...of explosions...MANY EXPLOSIONS! Here at SBSPPS we believe there is no hierarchy, there is no economy, there is no diplomacy, there is no orders, there is no formations, there is no sense, there is no reason, there is only EXPLOSIONS! Any member is free to put up a target through "organizational" communication channels, and then if other members feel like it, they are free to show up at the coordinates and blow up everything that is there. Two big alliances are about to go at it for spaceresources, spacehonor, spacefreedom, and spacemuffins? Show up there, SHOOT EVERYBODY! Big convoy is forming up with plenty of protection details to deliver spacefood to the spacehungry and/or spaceweapons to the spaceterrorists? Show up there, DESTROY EVERYTHING! Ruthless spacepirates are blockading the only spaceplanet in the system there hope for spacedemocracy still spacelives? Show up, shoot the pirates, blow up the planet, BLOW UP SPACEDEMOCRACY! P.S.: I understand that this will not be for everyone, but I was hoping that I can find enough like minded people with whom to network in case something needs to be destroyed because it is there and destroyable and my guns alone are not big enough to destroy it. Please post in this thread if interested, we'll be working out best ways to communicate and designate targets for each other in the coming months.
  3. Meh, wished the Bounty Hunting ship got voted in.
  4. Lets not make any more out of this.
  5. And my advice to you would be to piss off, though it is flattering that I now have a stalker.
  6. Have the new changes been patched into the hangar already or not yet?
  7. Accuracy is ensured through volume of fire.
  8. Welcome. That wouldn't happen to be a silhouette of Alexander Peresvet, Hero of the battle of Kulikovo, on your avatar there?
  9. Solve problems. You have a problem? Launch torpedo barrage, no more problem.
  10. Welcome to the fleet! Now grab a shovel and help me bury this dead hooker.
  11. Well I got a superhornet now, 350r is melted, no going back now.
  12. Construction work is hard business, I recently did some paid construction work in the strange and exotic hills of northern new jersey. Welcome.
  13. Well, I got an Avenger as well now (got it more or less for future melting), so I can basically melt the 350r and it and get the hornet without spending anymore money. Good thing I got 2 more days to decide. If anyone has anymore points they'd like to share, please contribute.
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