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  1. I posted once before but it was a joke. Drink: Jack&Coke Food: Log of Copenhagen Wintergreen
  2. I would go on to say that since the entire objective for sustained damage on any target in the game will be flying behind it that the term "flanking" doesn't even apply in space. The only plausible and sensible use of the word I could imagine at this time would be if in some rare case all of the weaponry on a capital ship (representing a fixed position) was facing one way, you could "flank" to the sides of it. Even then using 'flank' is a bit of a stretch. People use military terms all the time, and have no idea what they really mean. I.E. People constantly saying "Repeat" on comms in video games, "I repeat they are attacking, I repeat they are attacking!" Anybody who know's what they are doing there is /facepalm /lecrying.
  3. He is saying exactly that. Where as ground units have limited options in retreat and avoidence I.E. you can attack from the front and flank from the rear, left or right. In a space simulation, there is no wall to put the enemy up against. You attack from the front, and flank (not flank, would also be attack, but we'll call it flank for you) from literally any side, and they will fly through your lines, up, down, left, right. Short of making a litteral blockade of ships you can't impose flanking tactics in space. The one suprise that you can give the enemy, that would be the equivilent to a flank, is some sort of hidden reinforcements. An ambush. Which is a common air tactic (flying high altitude "In the sun"). Since there is no way to guarantee rear advantage with any one move, it's not a tactic, just an Idea, and the idea is you want to be behind the other guy.
  4. Again, thanks everybody. We'll have to see how they work things out Johnny, but keep in contact!
  5. I'd have to agree with the opinion that ground tactics have almost a null effect on what we are looking at here. The only thing that could be taken from ground force tactics are the region on defensive based command tactics. I.E. organizing regular patrols of varying distances, implimentation of FOB's and the command structure seems to fit a bit more considering everyone can be a pilot. It makes sense to have our COC in capital ships and small leadership as squadron heads, that know the commanders intent yet have the knowhow to lead us when as was said, contact hits. It's too true that no plan lasts much longer then the first whistle overhead. Then It will fall heavily on small unit leaders take charge. A raid style of command would be worthless in this form of combat. Really ships IMO should be broken up into squads, as far as to say that 4 man teams should be a maximum, the exception being manned ships. I almost think that they should work on their own voice channels for continuity in effort from gunners to pilots to (In my case fighter pilot detached) without a flood of cries for help. Two ships should be responsible for eachothers tails. Wingmen were real things once because it's very simple to look out for yourself and a friend. As long as you're taking it upon yourselves to find friends in need or valuble/exploitable targets when not engaged. I do believe it is possible for more hardcore gamers to directly pull on several flight formations and flight tactics as far as dog fighting goes as well. The only way I could see a high command structure being of use would be global marks and due to the nature of the game I doubt we will see that in any reasonable form.
  6. Thank-you everyone for your welcoming messages. Glad to be here.
  7. Not a vet yet but I'm almost through 2011-Current USMC 1371 Combat Engineer 3rd MLG 9th ESB A. Co. Okinawa, Japan. 1st MLG 7th ESB B. Co. Camp Pendleton, CA. As for deploymends Afghanland in 2012 and Balikitan 2013 I liked the Philippines a whole hell of a lot more.
  8. Though I haven't been called a recruit since MCRD San Diego. Can I get a Rah? Don't worry if you don't get it. I look forward to playing with you all in-game, who wants to help me fly this Constellation?
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