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Found 15 results

  1. Not too sure who said they are no longer tradeable but they are wrong mine still is.
  2. $3750 verified Paypal only. Paypal fee included. Fleet member only. Someone else is inquiring about this Idris-M. I think I should give our Fleet member the opportunity first so it can stay within the fleet.
  3. And it's beautiful https://imgur.com/gallery/hiD2dNh Although sorry, there is no internal geometry.. so it's just a husk full two hours of us exploring this husk of an idris If you're new to Star Citizen and looking for a referral code try this one https://enlistcitizen.com/star-citizen-referral-code/
  4. Any of you good people looking to offload an Idris-M ?!? please PM me if you are. It’s for me so it will stay in the family. (And only interested in the M not the P. I know that the P will be M capable but .........😊) COMPLETE!!!! Thanks everyone that took the time.
  5. As you can imagine, I'm being very cautious with this sale due to the value of the ship, before sale happens I might either converse with Imperium staff first to ensure buyer is genuine and also might request a staff member as a middleman. The offer: 1x Idris-M with LTI (Fully Giftable) Cost will be $4000 o.n.o, Buyer will also incur paypal fees, which will be calculated when deal is struck and buyer will be presented with value+paypal fees together ... e.g $4000 + Paypal fees would cost the buyer: $4119.77 Price Change and Wont come any lower $3000 ... Seller will incur paypal fees, Screenshot taken today(date and time in lower right of screenshot) of my hangar with Idris-M waiting for its new home. All members interested please P.M me with only serious offers.
  6. PWS-Silver

    Want to Buy Idris-m LTI

    I'm suddenly in the market for an Idris-M, And from what I'm told, the only way I can get one right now is either from the grey market, and from buying the $15,000 or $27,000 game package... I'm just a normal guy, and even $1,000 is a bit too much for me to be spending on a game, but, here I am lol. So, down to business. I want the idris-m with LTI, I will pay $1,000 dollars for one. You send the ship, I send the money, boda-bing, boda-boom, everyone's happy... it seems paypal is pretty shadey so if you could suggest a safer method of payment that you would be more comfortable with, I would happily take suggestions and look into them, if not, paypal is fine. I do not currently have the money at the moment, so I might just be jumping the gun here, but I wanted to see what responses I would get in advance. It will take me a few months to save up the money for this purchase. But let me know, If nothing else I would like the hear some opinions, maybe some wise words to talk me out of doing this
  7. Looking for players who'd be happy crewing capitol combat ships like Javelin, Idris-M, and Idris-P. Pre-requisites: Good in-game rep Can be in any ORG No backstabby stuff Brief: I'm in TEST Squadron and in the mining division. My goal in the Verse is to be a mining baron. Yes, you can make fun of me... lol. I'm not personally into starting big wars and aggressive PvP/combat, but I do have x1 Javelin (might get a 2nd with my old completionist token before release) x1 Idris-M x1 Idris-P Goal is have these capitols patrol and provide security in the system area(s) I'll mine. However, the ships will be free to do missions in the same system(s) to pay for crew wages and their torpedos and repairs... and encourage having some good fun overall. I plan on having the captain role for these ships be reserved for trusted TEST members, because it's that's my main ORG, but might do random one day promotions. e.g. Janitor might be the captain for a day as a thank you for his or her hard work. So if you'd like to have a home on one of these ships, I'd be happy to have ya! RP welcomed!
  8. Executive Order ship sales! LTI 890 Jumps and LTI Constellation Phoenix! Are you a former President, CEO, Kingpin, or maybe just a collector of fine things? Well you've stopped at the right place cause fine things are what we sell here. Welcome to Executive Order ship sales. We offer the finest in truly limited LTI and Non-LTI ships both with package options if you need. We also offer worthy trades for those with fine things to offer. As always all prices include fees, and I cannot accept RSI as payment due to recent scams involving RSI credit sales. _ Truly Limited Standalone LTI ships with package options available! 5x LTI 890 Jump on sale at $1300 a piece total. This ship comes with a free Model II Arclight Sidearm and a free Star Citizen Starter Package! 890 Jump to Polaris upgrades available as well for $275! 3x LTI Phoenix Constellations at $671 a piece total. This ship comes with a free Star Citizen Starter Package! 4x LTI Esperia Glaives on sale at $550 a piece total. Create your own Glaive Package for only an additional $40 by asking for a Starter Package addon! _ LTI Harbinger and Sentinel BUKs for Vanguards. Harbinger BUK for $120 each Sentinel BUK for $80 each Deluxe Combo BUK Pack for $180 _ TRADES: Wanting to Trade my 2x LTI Glaive and 1x 890J, or 2x 890J for your Idris-M _ SPECIAL NOTE regarding the Unmelt Tool: Currently special packages CANNOT be unmelted using the Unmelt Tool. The items include promotional packages such as the AMD Omega package, discounted anniversary packages such as the 2014 $20 and 2015 $30 packages, and all physical item packages which includes the old Vice Admiral, High Admiral, and Grand Admiral Packages. Also be advised that any upgraded ships that are melted will lose the upgrade. _ Most buyers are now required to use a known and trusted Middleman and will pay their fees. Known and trusted traders are exempt from this requirement. If you are in need of such a service Middlemen such as Kane, Baragoon, gbrenik, xcoriganx, and the like are acceptable and highly recommended. Buyer will provide the name of the Middleman prior to sell. If the chosen Middleman has fees the buyer is responsible for those fees. Buyer must be Paypal verified and must produce both their Citizen Number and current registered RSI Handle NO EXCEPTIONS! The Seller's Citizen Number and Handle will be provided upon request and seller is only required to sell the item posted and listed on the invoice with item ID included. All scams or suspicious activity will be reported to the MODs and elevated from there. _ COMING SOON - BLACKMARKET CREDENTIALS ACCOUNT SALES Who do you want to be today? In the not too distant future? Soon the choice will be yours.
  9. I would like to sell my Idris-M LTI Standalone ship for $2500.00 no trades, Pay through PayPal. Its a very rare Capital Ship and to the right person it might make your Fleet Complete. It is Giftable so if there is anyone interested in this let me know. You can email me at cyoung2400@yahoo.com Can pay for it through PayPal
  10. As the title says. (Background) I have 2x Occulus DK2 (One spare one for trade that is new and unused.). and just pre-ordered my CV1. I don't need the spare now and looking to offload it to someone not looking to rush into getting the CV1 just yet. _ More than willing to go with an alternate option of 2x 890J + Occulus DK2 for your Idris-M if that works for you. Trader must be Paypal verified and must produce both their Citizen Number and current registered RSI Handle NO EXCEPTIONS! The Trader's Citizen Number and Handle will be provided upon request. All scams or suspicious activity will be reported to the MODs and elevated from there.
  11. I have been thinking about selling my Idris-M and I was wondering what would be a good fair price for it. Let me know if anyone is interested in this matter.
  12. Idris(M) 6 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret 1 x Class 6: A&R Plowshare Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (ASML) 1 x Class 8: Klaus & Werner Zestroyer Spinal Mount Rail Gun Idris(P) 7 x Class 5: Behring M3C ASA Turrets 1 x Class 6: Behring M5C STS Turret ----------------------------------- What roles do you guys see the two ships? How much of impact will the railgun have over not having? How many people you think will upgrade to the (M) when they sell the kits for the (P)?
  13. Rabor28

    Want to Buy Want to Buy Cheap Idris

    Hey, i'm searching for an Idris-M to buy. Price Range up to 1300$. Payment can only be made in Several smaller payments. I know many people offer it for way more but that's far over my Money limit^^. I haven't bought much here only 3 Things upto now. Verified Paypal only. Hope someone can offer me one ^^. If there are any questions , just ask. I hope i don't violate any forum rules ^^ haven't been active here for some time.
  14. Hi, RSI username is the same, starstuff, I've sold plenty ships on reddit under /u/xboston with ZERO issues and I have a listing on ebay right now for these ships HERE where i have over 400 positive feedbacks so I hope this is sufficient to prove my trust worthiness. Prices are below, willing to entertain offers as well. Javelin - $4,000 - comes with original email and an aurora LN with alpha package, pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/tkLJgkx.jpg [SOLD] Idris-M - $3,500 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/vuqfPfs.png [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Glaive - $475 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/LzIZlG0.png [SOLD] Scythe - $2,000 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/EBrXC2f.png [SOLD] Hull-E - $550 - pic in hangar: http://i.imgur.com/qFiwQno.png [SOLD] All have LTI. It's my first time posting here, so if I missed something, please let me know and I'll fix right away. Otherwise, thanks for looking. Cheers.
  15. Bürger und Soldaten des Verse Confederacy of Independent Systems, das über lange Zeit mächtigste Bündnis aus Escape to Space, formiert sich neu, um sich den Herausforderungen von Star Citizen zu stellen. Wir sind auf der Suche nach Piloten, die uns auf dem Weg dorthin begleiten und unterstützen wollen. Gemeinsam werden wir einen schlagkräftigen Wing bilden, welcher sich in allen Bereichen des Spiels beweisen wird. Unser Startschwerpunkt wird die Erkundung des Raums und die massive Ansammlung von Ressourcen sein. Eine große Streitkraft folgt aus der wirtschaftlichen Stärke. Nicht zwingend die mit den meisten Schiffen gewinnen Kriege, gewiss aber diejenigen mit den meisten Credits. Unser Ziel ist daher auch nicht, eine unüberschaubare Anzahl an Piloten zu rekrutieren, sondern eine elitäre und schlagkräftige Truppe zu formieren. "Die Macht verschleißt nur den, der sie nicht hat." (Besprechungsraum an Bord der Idris) "Wenn man einmal ins Heldentum geraten ist, gibt es keine Weigerung mehr." Deshalb brauchen wir fähige Piloten als Crewmitglied an Bord unserer Großschiffe. Zum Beispiel an Bord der seltenen AEGIS Idris-M Frigate, welche ein eingespieltes Team braucht, um zu einer der verherendsten Waffen im Raumkampf zu werden. Wenn ihr Euch den Dienst an Bord eines solchen Schiffes vorstellen könnt, als Bestandteil einer koordonierten Crew, dann meldet Euch zum Dienst. (AEGIS Idris, Klasse: Frigatte, Länge: 240m) "Am Mute hängt der Erfolg." Ob als Mitglied einer Crew an Bord eines Großschiffes, oder als Pilot in einem Jäger im Flottenverband. Wir suchen einen furchtlosen Teamkameraden, der sich neuen Aufgaben stellen möchte und dem kein System zu weit entfernt ist. Jemand, dessen Tank stets halb voll, statt halb leer ist, wenn es darum geht, einem Verbündeten zu helfen. Ein Pilot, der niemals die Ehre der Confederacy gefährdet und stets dem Ganzen verpflichtet ist und der Spass hat im Team zu operieren. Große Karrierechancen stehen Dir offen, nutze diese Chance jetzt. "Strategie ist die Wissenschaft des Gebrauchs von Zeit und Raum." Wir bieten Dir dafür alles, was es an Logistik und Know How braucht, um so ein Ziel zu erreichen. Erfahrene Köpfe im Bereich Wirtschaft und Taktik, ein hoher Grad an Schlagkraft und ein, den Richtlinien der Gesellschaft nahezu angepasster, Umgang untereinander. Hast Du den Mut für diese Aufgaben und möchtest Dich unserem Kampf anschließen, besuche uns auf unseren Plattformen und melde Dich zum Dienst! "Ein großer Reiz des Lebens besteht in den Herausforderungen, die wir an uns richten und denen wir uns dann mit all unserem Einsatz widmen. Es geht um das Vorankommen, darum, die eigene Meßlatte immer wieder ein Stück höher zu legen." COIS Confederacy of Independent Systems http://independent.systems https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/COIS
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