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  1. Hello all! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and new year!


  2. Zion Orion

    Permadeath? Please make this optional, not compulsory

    PermaDeath was and is one of the things that attracted me to the game back in 2013. The impact on game play will be crucial in my opinion and to remove it or even make a separate mode would be unfair since it exactly what Chris sold it as.
  3. I been looking for someone... Sahweet! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  4. Zion Orion

    Game Day, February 25th

    Work is pushing me today, gonna be a couple hours late, but will be on asap.
  5. Zion Orion

    Game Day, February 25th

  6. Zion Orion

    Death, beneficiaries, and second accounts.

    T Doesn't that throw espionage on the table? I mean I could have one collecting information for the other. Or will a pilot search pull up all of his alts?
  7. Zion Orion

    Death, beneficiaries, and second accounts.

    I did not realize we would be able to switch between characters like that, I thought and secondary slots were only going to be AI controlled NPCs.
  8. So was having a discussion about the perma-death feature of the game and how our beneficiaries will become our new character. I had then mentioned about being able to have a second account and make that character into an NPC that can be used as a crew member and that you could also make that second account/character your beneficiary. So it hit me then that if I die with one account i'll still always have a "new" character but that account will stay alive infinitely. If I name my second account the beneficiary then when he dies his beneficiary will carry on infinitely. BUT I will have gone from two accounts/characters to only having one. So if we are running multiple packages to have extras for crew then we need to make sure not to name our own characters as beneficiary or we will effectively lose that account upon death and will be merged into our second, leaving only one. Thoughts? What am I missing here? I had planned on just keeping it all within the "family" so to speak and pass belongings to the next crew member (my npc second account).
  9. Zion Orion

    Force your "Get Windows 10" Icon to appear *GUIDE*

    Run Forest Run!!!
  10. Zion Orion

    Ah life is Feudal

    I'll be on shortly!
  11. Zion Orion

    The Quest to Find the Perfect Computer Chair

  12. Zion Orion

    Hello fellow traders and merchants!

  13. Zion Orion

    Voice Commands in AC

    yes but make sure you "type" in "look" instead of "lock"
  14. Zion Orion

    Voice Commands in AC

    I am having a hard time finding out how to increase power to the diff areas as well....