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Found 7 results

  1. As of Sunday June 30th, former fleet member Cruxvader has passed away. Family discovered him unconscious during that day and attempted to revive him to no avail. Cause of death is currently believed to be due to a combination of cardiac arrest and a bad reaction to his medication. There will be an online wake held in his name in the coming future on tinychat. Details on date and time of this event are not yet confirmed. Please DM me or @SkyLordOwnen for these details and we'll share them with you as soon as we find out.
  2. My ill-conceived question for my singular new topic of the year is this- What happens when you die? I'll add a few more caveats. We know that sometimes you'll die and wake back up. The whole death of the spaceman, cat has 9 lives thing. But what happens when your character really dies? Yes, I know they've said you'll pass your stuff on to an heir. I'm more interested in the immediate circumstance surrounding the death. If you're lucky you'll go through a high adrenaline sequence where you're racing your own doom-explosions and debris hurling themselves down corridors, or being stuck in ruined fighter in the middle of enemy territory. If you're unlucky you'll probably just be nailed by a sniper who won't think twice. So now you're dead. There are an infinite number of scenarios that brought you to this point and it all adds up that you've run your race and your time is done. What we've got now is the semi-cinematic camera shots of your dead corpse in AC, and thats really about it. What I'd like to see and enjoy is this-upon your death (your final one and all of the others that led up to it) you have a moment of suspense induced by the game. Maybe it does the AC-style cinematic camera, maybe they have a sad song scored by Pedro Camacho begin to play. The key difference of course is that after the first few measures of the song, you wake up in a hospital or you don't. Instead you just kind of hover there for a bit allowing you to relish the great musical score and the weight of your (likely) poor decisions that lead you to this point. After this you'd probably just funnel into the character creation process, but just for those few moments I want the game to drag out your death. Ah who am I kidding, they'll just do something trolly like this:
  3. So was having a discussion about the perma-death feature of the game and how our beneficiaries will become our new character. I had then mentioned about being able to have a second account and make that character into an NPC that can be used as a crew member and that you could also make that second account/character your beneficiary. So it hit me then that if I die with one account i'll still always have a "new" character but that account will stay alive infinitely. If I name my second account the beneficiary then when he dies his beneficiary will carry on infinitely. BUT I will have gone from two accounts/characters to only having one. So if we are running multiple packages to have extras for crew then we need to make sure not to name our own characters as beneficiary or we will effectively lose that account upon death and will be merged into our second, leaving only one. Thoughts? What am I missing here? I had planned on just keeping it all within the "family" so to speak and pass belongings to the next crew member (my npc second account).
  4. An interesting video. I was one of those folks that only recently discovered what they were planning to do with the death mechanic in SC. I really like where they are going with this idea and can't wait to see how it works out. I feel the death mechanic in 98% of video games is old and tired. I am hoping to see some great innovation that only SC can bring.
  5. How Star Citizen will handle death and ship loss is still somewhat undecided, but the general consensus is that your character can never actually die, and that the pledge ships will always come back for free (minus components). But how often should ship loss occur? And how long should it take to get back to where you were? In Privateer you often ended up destroying 2-3 enemies as soon as you arrived at a nav point, like they weren't even there. Going against human players, the game will not likely be set-up to let kills happen that frequently. This is probably necessary, but it makes the game a lot more boring. You will show up for a fight, and if you're too strong for the enemy they will just run. If they stay to fight and you start to win then the game might just let them run still. If SC really places a premium on ship survival then it might even set up shields and armor to be very strong while weapons are relatively weak. Actually accomplishing anything in a massively multiplayer combat environment is going to be tedious...maybe. Another issue is transit times. Where does the game reset you? Your home system? The nearest base? Is your ship ready to fly already? One alternative would be that you don't even have set characters, you just pick existing pilots to fly as out of the established universe, they ARE mortal, and if they die you go play as someone else. That preserves willing suspension of disbelief, removes the need to nerf any of the combat, and lets transit times be optional. However they accomplish it, what are your preferences for gameplay? The poll gives arbitrary times for examples.
  6. So, something that Chris Roberts seemed very keen on his game was that the video game story wasn't about the video game, and playing through a linear fashion, but rather as a person in the universe. Wing Commander 1 had good and bad ends, based on your preformance. That being said, whereas games mostly carry losing the mission as "death" and repeating the mission, Chris gave you the option to continue, despite failure, because the story was your story, not his. Yes, you followed a track of missions he planned, but just because you failed one doesn't mean you need to repeat it. The game ended in 3 ways: Victory, Retreat, or your characters demise. So, in your alls opinion, what do you think the Price of Death will be in this game? Will death write your character down as KIA? Will it have severe consequences? How about ejecting if it's put in? I may have lost the fight, but I lived to continue. What about this penalty? Should ejection be rewarded over death? Just wanna see everyone elses thoughts on this.
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