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    Killing Ostia at every point possible in StarCitizen. Intelligence is for squares and circles! I am a Triangle!

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  1. Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting!

    1. Amy Babe

      Amy Babe

      Hi there, is there a transcript somewhere? or a record?

    2. Ostia


      soon tm

  2. Imperium Fleet Q&A is starting soon on our TeamSpeak.

  3. Welcome to fleet. I look forward to talking and flying with you!
  4. So many questions....But please don't answer them.
  5. @Gallitin Did the update go as planned?
  6. Welcome @Raptor_67!
  7. I'm not sure it would be possible or safe for someone to even attempt as it could result in a account ban from CIG.
  8. Fantastic work gentlemen! It's nice to see the result of all the work happening on the back end.
  9. While it may be true you can currently purchase a ship that was 'created' with a certain job set in mind, don't view that as a roadblock to do other things. What i mean is try not to view whatever ship you buy now as your set role for when the game comes out. Odds are this game and Imperium will be flooded with an excesses of ships not being used and it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that you'd be able to borrow a ship from someone.


    1. Serxon



  11. When your playing Stellaris and they sneak in the speech with Charlie Chaplin from the Great Dictator into the game lol... http://i.imgur.com/Vd5fkWz.png

  12. Nividia is killing it!

    1. Donut


      2015 was a good year to buy Nvidia stock because it soared in 2016. 2017 hasn't been good for them so far. AMD is the one to invest in this time

    2. Switch


      Nvidia stock being $108 (Negative) and AMD being $14.55 (Positive), I'd rather just play rabbit and tortoise on this.  Nvidia might have a slow year but still producing 1080 TI's and quality products. They're even used in self driving cars with Volta, a new GPU already expected to launch 2018. 

      Nvidia is what some might call a solid foundation.