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    Killing Ostia at every point possible in StarCitizen. Intelligence is for squares and circles! I am a Triangle!

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  1. Ostia won't see this 🖖

  2. Happy day of birth!

  3. Whoever voted for Fortnite, i will find you, and i will ban you.
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    1. Lakota


      Keep doing that and you might learn something.

    2. Switch



      "Killing Ostia at every point possible in StarCitizen. Intelligence is for squares and circles! I am a Triangle!"

  5. Upgrading would help him however we both know that even people with monster PCs experience these issues today. Regardless of what he does in terms of hardware there will undoubtedly be issues with the game-play experience. The key thing to remember, which has already been hammered home here, is that the game is in Alpha. It will get better eventually, as do all games in their long development cycles. They've continually improved the playable portions of the game and that will simply continue to happen. My advice, if you purchased the game with the expectations of jumping right
  6. This must be what Heaven is like.... 9q5hBO5.png

    1. Painmiester


      your first time.......................

    2. Devil Khan

      Devil Khan

      It's Xfinity so everything is comcast is a lie.

      Cake is a lie.

  7. Lakota

    Build help New Build Advice

    I read somewhere micro center will sell you a gpu for msrp if it's for gaming and not mining.
  8. Trailer gave me goosebumps so i thought i'd share!
  9. Lakota


    Only if i can break my leg outside an airfield while desperately waiting for you to find the material for a splint....
  10. Lakota

    Build help New Build Advice

    I've seen, on average, 4.6 to 4.8 stable OCs and i'm personally going for 4.8. Anyone pushing higher, like 5.0 to 5.1, isn't making something you can really use without high risk of a crash.
  11. Lakota

    Build help New Build Advice

    Couldn't agree more. Once the build is complete run a test to see how it preforms under pressure before you run to overclocking anything. @Gallitin Try to research average temps for similar builds and find out what the Max safe temp is for the CPU and GPU. When running passmark or any other stress test/benchmark watch and see how your hardware responds. The 8700k (With the Corsair h100i v2) should idle around 30c, average around 55c to 65c when gaming, and should never sustain a temperature above 80c.
  12. Lakota

    Build help New Build Advice

    "By default, memory should adhere to specifications set by JEDEC (formerly known as the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council). These specifications state what information should be stored in the memory EEPROM, such as manufacturer information, serial number, and other useful information. Part of this are the memory specifications for standard memory speeds, including (for DDR3) 1066 MHz, 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz, which a system will adhere to in the event of other information not being available." Source: https://www.anandtech.com/show/7364/memory-scaling-on-haswell/2?_ga=2.52297513.1
  13. Lakota

    Build help New Build Advice

    My general thoughts on the build. CPU: I'm an Intel fan boy so i love the choice in CPU as i have also purchased the same just recently. RAM: Like you may be suspecting already the Ram you've chosen will most likely provide no noticeable difference in gaming or average running of the system. Also consider that whether you chose the 4000MHz or 3200MHz the Ram does come, by default, in 2133MHz. Most motherboards come with an XMP profile you'll need to enable in the BIOS to actually set the Ram to run at the speed advertised. Also, stick with 32gb if you can afford it and I'm unsure if
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