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  1. Hi D! I was away for 3 years myself due to medical issues but back in the swing of things. It's always good to get on track. Take care and fly straight into the verse.
  2. Thanks Drum, I flew out there and by the time I got close ran out of fuel and had to abort. When I logged back to Port Olisar I found my ship needed to buy insurance for the ship again. Not sure what that's all about but going to try later. Do you have any recommendations for a particular ship to use?
  3. Where and what is it designed for or its use? Is this just a template or module?
  4. Another joystick hit the road. He didn't have to use any Hotas but I agree with J.Coren because I play very tense and not sure this would be for me. I do like the concept but watching him play in SC I focused on his wrists and there seemed to be the need for a lot of tension. Does look cool though.
  5. First, welcome aboard. I have a place in Cleveland Ga. and here in Florida. I guess you could say we're Nomads and will head up there late this year around June 1st. I've been with SC since 2013 and waiting for the game to come alive, hopefully before earth shoots out of its orbit. Anyways see you around the Base.
  6. Hi CyberianK. I used to go by the name ThunderSnake and left SCB for awhile and then Galitin allowed me back in and assumed the name Hammer173. I have been out from participating in SCB due to cancer I had and now fully recovered from I will be on more as I use to be. I went to the portal and noticed they didn't have squadron's listed anywhere, is that changed now? I use to be in your squad and just wondering what has taken place with all of that. I would appreciate an update if possible and glad to be back in SCB.

    1. CyberianK


      sending you PM

  7. This is rather long but searching the web these are the things that are posted for both. I realize the immersion is going to be awesome but wearing glasses is my biggest concern. Oculus Rift Pros: Lighter Weight 1.03 lbs vs 1.2lbs Sleeker Design Includes (removable) headphones Expected to host more exclusive games 360-degree positional head tracking Price $600 vs $799 Easy Setup in 10 minutes or Less Great for apartments or tiny living spaces Several sources have cited that the Oculus is much more comfortable on the face (probably due to the lighter weight) Comes with two actual full games for free bundled with the headset (compared to just some mini games on the Vive) Oculus Rift Cons: No adjustable screen distance No Ability to connect to phone to display and answer messages No Safety Measures to Prevent You from Running into Walls or Tripping over furniture No Augmented Reality VR Space is limited to 5ft X 11ft compared to 15X15ft tracking on the Vive Controllers will cost $150 – $200 Making the price difference of the headset moot. Designed to be played while sitting down (less immersive experience) HTC Vive Pros: Chaperon Safety System via front facing camera to prevent you from bumping into objects Screen can be adjusted further or closer to your face via an adjustable knob Able to connect to phone via bluetooth to answer calls and messages The controllers are already available — and included for free with the headset Designed to be played while walking around (more immersive) HTC Vive Cons: Heavier Weight 1.21 lbs vs 1.03 lbs Bulkier Design Expected to have fewer exclusive games When the Oculus Touch arrives it will probably be better than the HTC controllers Price: $799 vs $600 More complex setup and installation Requires a lot of space for actually playing the games – not ideal for apartments, tiny homes, or mobile homes Several sources cite that the Vive is not as comfortable as the Rift – probably due to the extra weight. Comes bundled with some minigames to show off motion-control – but ultimately not as fun as the games bundled with the Rift. Equal Footing: Both are Tethered Devices (cords everywhere) Neither Require a Phone (such as Samsung gear or google cardboard) Both Require a high power Windows PC (Expensive and still an extra component) Both are powered by two OLED panels that combine for a 2160 x 1200 resolution. That means each eye has its own 1080 x 1200 resolution Both have a 90Hz refresh rate Both have 110 degree field of view I would rather wait a little bit and see if other brave buyers from SCB or SC get them and let us know they works
  8. I'm a certified diver and we like to call under the water "Inner Space". Since we have sole focus on outer space in SC it would be cool to have down the road an inner space world. Fully combative submersibles, or just for cruising the under world. Have military bases with airlocks for divers to explore or carry out operations or ocean pockets of minerals or ore to find and have oceanic mining operation with cool submersible rigs . For the civilian adventurer plan a dive from one of the ports seen in some of the planets and have reefs with awesome corals and far out fish of sorts. Anyway I seen some of the most awesome reefs and wrecks in my days and this would be another opportunity for CIG to try it on one planet and see if it goes well with another twist of game play if "Outer Space" gets to tiring for some. I always thought on this myself and thought how great it would be to find a secret Atlantis with a city of aquatic beings, special caves to explore and find some rare mineral, objects etc... and beware of the sea dragon he! he!. Well enough said and now stay tuned for our next adventure of "Voyage Under The Sea" or "Private Realm of Inner Space". Oh! By the way how do astronauts get their training of space, yup! under the water so why not!
  9. Hammer173

    Aegis Sabre

    The stats on this ship are awesome and feel the primary role of it will be for combat utilization purposes. But the best ship is only as good as the pilots that fly them. I wanted to melt my Orion for it but my role in T&I supersedes making that purchase. I guess I could buy it anyways and let Combat Ops use it. We do have a Combat Ops still don't we? Ive been away for quite some time and just signed in and lots of catching up to do.
  10. Hi all! That was such a great personal story to tell. I have been out of the loop for awhile and left SCB to start my own org that turned into a disaster. My former handle was ThunderSnake and Gallitin re-instated me and now go by Hammer173. VoA! I really miss all the chatter from those that are on consistently on the forums, and much to my surprise I see the same handles still plugging along. I have been fighting issues of similarity on finding the fun in SC and honestly haven't even been out there once. Without excuse it is easy to go astray and get bogged down and become complacent within ourselves, that is to say for myself that is. I have been battling a tumor in my left kidney and issues with my right one. Monday I will find out what the surgeons after all the testing and prodding will finally do surgery wise. I will have more time on my hands once they do their thing and hope to to get into a ship and possibly go out with a few folks around here when I recoup from battling the cancer I have. It is good to be back and jumping in like I use to was tough but hey! I love this place and need to get back on track again. Anyways, as always VoA you brought another fine clip of reading for our community and hope you and others that I see here never give up. Thanks and will check in later, need to run to the VA for final test before Dr consultation. Take care all and good to see these threads.
  11. Searching the US dictionary high and wide looking for the perfect word to describe all of this DS/escapist magazine crap, I could only come up with 2. These are 2 mainstay slang words often used to mean someone is really stupid or actions that are the like, "dumb ass and jackass". I simplified the two in hopes to add another US slang and it's the verb of both "Jackassery". This is the act of doing when one is considered a dumb ass or jackass. The actions of DS and escapist mag. is just pure jackassery. So rest my case.
  12. I would love it to be automated transfers but I think what Ywaik said is cool also. To be out in your EVA suit and use your Mobiglas and press cargo transfer. A hud comes down with a reticle that you could lock on to say 10 containers at a time and then press tractor beam cargo to ship. This would have some sense or direct immersion in the game and also have the capability to use and control drones to go back and forth until the cargo is secure.
  13. Thanks for posting the video it was great. Not quite sure if he was loaded with SC Adrenalin, Jack Daniels or both but it was a great feed. Thanks Doopsums.
  14. First and foremost, don't give up and as others said here, practice, practice, practice. I know it's easier said than done but when I first started I didn't want to log on because I thought it was to difficult. But I went into the arena with not trying to kill the enemy but learned how to evade them and progressed to being a fairly decent fighter pilot. I would fly threw small space in the structure or an asteroid, hit the space bar to come to a complete stop and jump on the Vanduul's six. After awhile I got better and learned enough and confident that I will be able to hold my own while I'm out there doing Trade & Industry. Anyways, don't give up.
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