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  1. Just bought a Hull C and separated from the wife. She didn't fall for the mugging story a second time. A win, win situation for me none the less !!!!
  2. I have to report a mugging, someone jumped me and took my wallet; went out and purchased a Reclaimer to go with my Redeemers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it !
  3. I have room to spare aboard 2 Redeemers for any of you who become outcast
  4. Just purchased my second Redeemer. Somebody Stop Me !!! LOL
  5. Picked up my Redeemer today. best move I've made
  6. Sir Morien


    Hello, I'm new here. Feel like a kid in a candy shop and don't know where to start first. I pledged civilian.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm very brand new here and feeling really out of my depth. I could use help in several areas, CPU and hotas, both of which I need to make first time purchases of. My pocketbook isn't unlimited but I don't mind spending a bit for a good system either. Any suggestion of were to look and what systems to look at would be greatly appreciated.
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