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  1. Def. been looking into the MAX a lot of late. If it really can fit a M50 or a rover in it I may have to get my hands on this puppy.
  2. I love a good read, it'd be awesome to be a part of something so interesting! Sign me up! You can use either of my aliases; CollateralKhaos (This is one I made because I like to leave my enemies with tons of Collateral Khaos, haha). or Guardian of Laoria (me and my fiance game together she's Laoria, and I usually play support or protective classes like a pally). I'm currently in Combat Ops, though I'm considering transitioning over to Exploration or Trade. I fly a Cutlass. I take honor and chivalry very serious and for the most part I'm usually quite selfless when it comes to others.
  3. I'm willing to trade the game listed in the title + cash for one Mustang Omega, or a higher valued ship. I missed the chance to get my own due to AMD running out of Mustangs so I'm looking to pick one up. If you need some feed back check out my ebay account: http://www.ebay.com/usr/collateralkhaos Thanks!
  4. Might possibly be going, just according to scheduling when the date gets closer. It would be super fun to since I missed PAX South, lol.
  5. If have anymore lmk I'd buy a few from you as well. Thanks!
  6. I also have some to giveaway! Enjoy my friends! CODE for PC: 6I6PC-P38CY-T8BWG 6I72T-QYK59-RRXA2 6I747-TTDHY-W0B2W
  7. Awesome thread! I like what you're doing here for people . :-) Just a heads up though a lot of people don't like using VoIP services that much for many reasons. You may want to consider using the PM services on the forums instead.
  8. This is still for sale if you're interested! If you want I can remove it from eBay and sell it to you straight up. I'm also quite flexible on the price, I'm moving soon and need some extra cash! These things need gone! Thanks!
  9. Haha. Great feedback there, but let's keep this serious, and keep the spam out. I hope that isn't too much to ask. I've seen in the past how this community gathers around it's members looking for help, advice, and guidance when it comes to making purchases and they often get it. I was simply hoping for the same.
  10. Not quite what I was asking for... Anyone can do a simple search like that, I'm looking for personal experience, and feedback. Thanks though... I think...
  11. I'm in search of a new computer chair and I need your help here at Imperium! I know there are a ton of you that obviously sit in a computer chair as part of your daily gaming/work routines, so I thought, "Why not ask this awesome group of people here at Imperium, instead of just trudging through countless reviews written by who even knows?" So here's some info: I'd love to keep the price under $300, and even better if under $200. I need something that offers great support and comfort for prolonged amounts of time, because I've broken my coccyx twice, and just any old chair without proper support and cushion will simply leave me in pain after a few minutes (no, it's not still broken, but it's an injury that has had a lasting effect). I will be using this chair for gaming, online college coursework, and possible even and online job (if I can ever manage to snag one). I'm about 6'4" and weighing in at around 230 pounds, so I need something that's adjustable in height and isn't flimsy.Also some wheels for moving around the desk, or moving the chair would be great as well. Some of the above might be tmi, but I think even the smallest details help when searching for the right product. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Edit: Also if you post please just don't drop me a link, I want to hear something about the product from you, like personal experience, etc. Really sell it! Thanks again!
  12. Okay now I really want this as my solo craft. Excuse me while I drool. What I really want to do to this ship is turn into sort of the blackbird from Battlestar Galactica, light weight, small, stealthy, and can carry a large enough missile/torpedo to devastate a much larger ship. Great for both hit and runs, as well as surveillance missions. Quite frankly it would be amazing to see this ship with a similar variant, that or at least be able to make it into that in game, if that happens I will throw more money at my screen. Feel free to discuss my idea over at the SC forums: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/134548/turning-the-m50-into-the-blackbird-from-battle-star-galatica
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