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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! So about two days ago, Patch 2.6.2 has gone live. Which means the next patch to be released will be 3.0. (hopefully CIG won't release another 2.6.X patch) I know there a couple of you out there that are psyched up for Procedural Planets, New Missions, New Ships and New Places to Explore!!! I'm sure pumped for it. So lately I been getting some messages from some buddy's of mine that have asked me to get them at a level of flying to where they will survive in combat much longer. I've already trained one of them and found it pretty enjoyable in helping them to get better at ship combat. So I've decided to set up some training lessons for any of you that are willing to learn how to get better at the game and be prepared for any bad pirates out there that are willing to pick a fight with you in 3.0. I will be teaching you on: What kind of weapon load outs you should use and what they are effective against. If you still prefer to use your own version of weapons, that is fine too and will as well teach you on how to best use it. Learning what the different icons/words on your ship/helmet HUD means. How to properly maneuver against enemy's and obstacles(if you tend to hit asteroids alot) Determine what pips fit best for you and how to accurately shoot at your targets. How to properly communicate with you teammates in combat(reason why Renegade have such high stats. They know how to back one another up and prevent themselves from getting killed.) Recognizing the weakest part of that certain ship and use different strategy's to beat AI's in Vanduul/Pirate Swarm. And much more! In Star Citizen I say about ~80%(IMO) of the user player base uses only keyboard and mouse.... which is a big ratio compared to those with joystick/pedals. If you take a look at the top players in Arena Commander, most of them are joystick and pedal users.... which is kind of intimidating because it kind of makes you feel like in order to be good at the game you need to own a joystick. Although it does to a certain extent make things a bit easier, it does not make you a better player. What makes you a better player is willing to put time and effort into learning the game. As someone that is a keyboard and mouse user, I will be able to teach you the in and outs of Star Citizen. It maybe frustrating at first, but have patience and continue to put time into it and soon you will feel a difference in your game play. I can also teach joystick and pedal users but to only a certain extent... (Update 5/5/17: I'm pretty good at teaching joystick and pedals ^.^) If you are joystick/pedal user, I highly recommend going to @Cincinnatus for that. He is amazing at training people. To Schedule a Flight Lesson with @Deonaldi or @Cincinnatus: Send us a private message of a time and date you prefer and we will get back to you as soon as possible. That's all you got to do! Lessons will be between half an hour to an hour.... or maybe longer... depending on how things go. Although I'am not the best in the game, I do have a good amount of experience in Arena Commander. From PvP combat to PvE combat. Pretty much been playing this game since 2.1 and I'm a very friendly and patient person ^.^
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