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Found 1 result

  1. I know a few people are talking about multiple accounts. Here are some thoughts. There are an infinite amount of advantages to having a second account. You can have 2 ships, 2 characters, and two bank accounts. You can transfer all of your items to another account so you don't have to worry about losing them. You can have a recon account active while your fighting to scout areas for you and tell you where all the enemies are. You can have a different faction for one account so you can get an inside look at the operations of enemies and use that knowledge to ambush their trading routes and pick apart their strategy's. You can get items from a faction that you're not supposed to have access to and send them to your other accounts. You can do missions that would not be allowed if you are in a non-pirate faction. You can attack people at random with no repercussions (on your main account) and you can trade with people who wouldn't trade with you're faction. There is no disadvantage to having multiple accounts. So here's what I believe. The concept of these games is to build something from the ground up. A character, an avatar, a realistic home away from home type thing. The REALISM aspect comes completely in how you play the game. RSI is trying to build the most realistic space simulation to date. Now, we are part of this amazing endeavor. " We will have each others backs. We will fly as a team, and we won't leave any man behind." In life, people use the phrase "nice guys finish last". And I say I would rather finish last knowing that I did the best I could in a way that I believe is right rather than finish first using tactics that I believe are wrong. The Imperium (my organization) doesn't allow piracy... and we chose this. Our choices should mean something. We shouldn't turn around and make a second account as a pirate so we can get the perks of being a pirate. Lets just blow up some pirates and get their weapons and ships! Let's work, and earn what we have. So we can't trade with every faction. Then let's have a diplomat create better relations with that faction if we want to trade with them so bad. Sure it's harder... but that's the point. You get no reward from doing something the easy way. But when you do something that is hard the right way the rewards are endless. Let's not allow this to be another MMO where the guys with multiple accounts pick on the newbies and use there endless supply of credits from there "Mining" character to own the players who are trying to do it right. Let's play right and make friends with mining characters so we can offer protection in exchange for credits! Seriously guys... this could be an amazing game... Every MMO I ever played I quit because of multiple account players.... They spend hours on one account building wealth... The character is absolutely worthless to fight with, but it has money... and then they give all that money to their fighter character and just kill everyone.... If you have that much life to waste than do what you want. But it really is no show of skill or character. And I am a true believer that these games should be a show of skill, knowledge and strategy... with a single character. The choices you make will have an impact on everything, and you should feel the repercussions of this. I always hated restart buttons. The beauty of life is the imperfections and the fact that we can't take back anything we've done. And the reason games can never be realistic, even with super awesome graphics, or virtual reality, or headsets, or real players online is because there are no real repercussions. People can act however they want.. Then hit restart, or load there second character, and everything they did means nothing. And although it could be compared to using voice attack or another program to make the game easier... Voice attack is great... but it is delayed. I can switch faster using the keyboard. Also it is something to give a small edge against the competition. Not to double the amount of power you have. To have the latest gadgets is not cheating. Having a joystick is not cheating. Some people prefer a joystick. Some prefer a mouse.. some prefer a game controller. These are preferences. Some people want to talk their commands... Some people have a special mouse with the important buttons right at their fingertips. The point is... These things in no way compare to having DOUBLE the initial strength created by a multiple account. And if you want to do this, I can not stop you. And I wont try. I will post this message on RSI because I believe that this should be as realistic as a game can be... And there is nothing realistic about having two accounts... It is in every and any sense of the word Cheating. And although many Games have accepted it as a part of the game... it absolutely is not. Like I said before., our choices define who we are. In real life, or in a game. I feel like we should act in a game the way we would act in real life. We still have real people we're playing with. And some of them may be snakes, but that doesn't mean we have to follow them. If you build something on morals, truth, and honesty... It will stand strong. If you build it on lies and deceit... it will crumble. And if this squadron is all going to be multiple account players... Then unfortunately I will have to find a new squad... which sucks because I think you guys are great, and i've gotten to know a lot of you through PMs... but I really want to play with people who live they're lives in real life with some kind of integrity... and that will in turn pour over into the game. When I turn around and I can't shake some guy, I wan't to have faith that someone is coming.... Not looking at another screen building his second character fighting with pirates somewhere. I don't know... maybe I'm too intense, and I am sorry if this offends anyone. But I am a firm believer that multiple accounts ruin the best games. And I also believe you can be the best without it. Having a team of 20 trustworthy guys is the same as having 20 accounts. What more can you ask for? I sincerely hope a developer sees this and puts some thought into what I've said... I love the game. I backed it from the moment I heard about it. I played wing commander as a child and I was extremely exited when I heard Chris Roberts was producing this game... And I just hope we can find a way to eliminate this multiple account issue. And I completely understand that people want to play with a different style sometimes. But the game has the flexibility that you can change organizations, or factions, and become a pirate, or marine, or whatever you want. The fact is, you can't use that excuse. just like in real life... If you want to change careers.. you just quit your job, and start in a different line of work. The game should be the same way. If you don't like the play style... just stop playing that way and ACCEPT the consequences of switching from UEE to Pirate. For everyone who read this... Thank you for listening to my beliefs. I'm sure I will get a lot of angry comments... So if you are with me feel free to message something nice. lol. And maybe if my organization doesn't believe in this, we can form a team who does. Sincerely, Paul
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