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  1. By the time the game comes out I doubt I'll have time to play any other game. Also why the hell are you still a recruit @SPCFS ?
  2. It's been a pleasure to know Trak, he was an intelligent, witty and strong-minded lad. We're all better for having known him and I wish only the best to the people he's left behind.
  3. Obviously one for TeamSpeak, One for Spotify, one for gaming, one for Netflix and one for browsing more monitors on Amazon.
  4. Most important thing I'm taking away from this is the location of Gamescom. Pack your leiderhosen and prepare yourself for Swinefleisch! @Academy Assemble! We're going to Germany!
  5. Interesting to see if this ends up being a thing and who actually is in it. Director is announced, but no other details that I can find online. Looking forward to it anyway.
  6. WarWulf

    Sabre Raven

    Can confirm that popping off the EMP is immensely satisfy when used in combat. The guns lack power, but against a disabled ship, you have time to play.
  7. Press F1, go to the comms tab on the mobiglass, find the landing services (usually near the bottom) in your contacts and click to request landing permission. Follow the indicator (circle with a wrench inside) to your designated landing bay. Exit the ship, head to the elevator, realise you're a week too late for the Expo, cry quietly.
  8. Fifth rule no smoking. Sixth rule No pants on board. Ensures that no weapon is concealed and the Captain knows who to feel threatened by.
  9. So this is my first bit of theorycrafting in a while.... You're out in an unfamiliar part of space, and you discover the first located derelict Bengal Carrier.... What do you do?!?!
  10. Welcome aboard Barabonc o7 Feel free to jump onto teamspeak for a chat, connect to discord or just chill on the forums. Definitely looking forward to seeing you in-game
  11. @CyberianK @Dragon-Knight Count me in on that. Be good to see you both again. What are you looking for? Historic sites? Quaint British pubs? Hardcore dance clubs? Super science stuff?
  12. Submitting for consideration, though something I've never used, or anything like it: Video of first review I've found here, time marked to the Elite Dangerous section: Edit for transparency: I've just backed this. I'm definitely interested.
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