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  1. woot! still though it makes me wonder every time I see it hit a new million, how does CIG live..... How much of our money is actually going back into the game and how much is going into a fancy time share on the beach at California or Hawaii
  2. You can buy it in pledge store for $100, but my price is $90 with paypal fees included PM me if interested
  3. What the title says EDIT: Decided against investing into a super hornet and instead thinking of a cutlass, a little less firepower but with addition of 150 cargo units appeals more to me
  4. Happy to see @Kane finally at the base welcome, a well respected trusted name in star citizen reddit trading and usually lowest prices
  5. Well considering there is an avenger on the countdown, obviously they will release the avenger into arena commander. If I were to guess on something it would be launch date for FPS module
  6. Multiple problems I have with this post, one he does have a problem with me personally PMing me saying my attitude is despicable, two I never said it was the lowest price on the internet, 3 it isn't my job to educate anybody, whenever you buy anything you should do your own research. 4 your clogging up my thread and starting pointless drama creating unnecessary work for HR.
  7. Between you and @Visertonic I really don't give a damn what either one of you think since you guys fail to read. and since @Visertonic came at me in a private message and personally attacked me saying "I am swindling guild members with my lies" (even though I provided him a reddit link showing Kane having it at $200 right now but apparently I lie) my patience is really losing with imperium all together from how members can personally jump onto one another and hijack other peoples topics when they don't even read properly and they are just allowed to do it with no consequence cause you think you are being helpful when in reality you didn't even read...@Malarkey and @Visertonic fail to understand is in my post I said no where does it say "I am going to charge you 240 for it" It is just me saying what "I! me! Dezno!" have personally saw on reddit for this particular item...yet everyone and their damn grandma who FAILS TO READ thinks that it is the listing price....HR should really do something about all these people in the peanut gallery hijacking my post and even if I was selling it for $240 what does it matter to you? it is my upgrade I should be allowed to sell it for whatever I wish...but this petty forum bullying over YOUR misunderstanding is getting absurd between @Visertonic & @Malarkey if you don't like the price then don't buy it! but I don't get what is to be upset about the price !!!!!!!!!!!!!CONSIDERING I NEVER LISTED A PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. on reddit I have seen them for 240 and lowest I have seen is 200 from Kane but Kane usually low balls to get more sales To answer the question yes I would sell it for just cash if you wanted to message me
  9. I have a phoenix upgrade that I haven't applied yet up for trade the only thing I am really interested in is a standalone retaliator non lti of course
  10. Discounted price compared to buying the pledge ship only selling it for $95.00 message me if you are interested
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