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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Bambaataa

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    The idea that NPC crew functions would be so robust that you could be on the deck of your ship and have NPC's conducting flight operations, performing salvage, mining, etc. in real time. Well that's the dream isn't it! CIG have shown they err on the side of immersion and don't take shortcuts so let's hope this is the case with crew operations as well.
  3. Bambaataa


    Sorry @Trophias to clarify, i have the armada package. I'd like to swap out some of the ships in the package. Has anyone had any success doing this with multiple ships or is it solely 1:1 ?
  4. Bambaataa


    Has anyone had any success using concierge to melt or ccu multiple ships from this package? I'd like to dump the gladius, gladiator and starfarer for other ship options, but the current ccu tool allows only one ship at a time.
  5. I finally picked up Arma 3 on the steam sale last week. Are you guys still doing trainings?
  6. We can blockade run together Magic! Merchantman convoys for speedy shipping.
  7. Haven't seen it yet but hearing very good things. All of those shows are good and if you gave up on agents of shield it's really come around. Check out the recent season.
  8. Yeh that's an O.G. Veteran move there. I can confirm this does work although it does make for more tickets in customer service. Seems its easier from a service standpoint to "restore" an item to someone's account.
  9. Playing as crew on these ships is going to be so much fun. Imagine all the "oh shit" moments if you're the guy in engineering or even a deckhand or security officer. Can't wait!
  10. some very cool work in that thread. a lot of compliments to the original but also, interesting changes by the community. thanks for sharing!
  11. Holy Sheetballs that is a sexy ship. I think this will be the combat ship of choice for most exploration focused squadrons. Also, I wasn't a fan of the wings at first, i mean who needs wings in space, but i like the animation and they are starting to grow on me.
  12. Ahh I think you're right, the F8 Lightning is the ship that likely wont be sold, not the Vanguard. Thanks for the correction!
  13. My vote is for the 3rd. Although, I thought I saw something on reddit that in one of the interviews out of Pax East it was said the Vanguard wouldn't go on sale for backers. Something about, they wanted to save some Squadron 42 ships for the single player campaign only, and there might not be a carryover to the PU. I can't find the link quoting it, but i saw it somewhere.
  14. How awesome would it be to park your ship on some far flung asteroid, and to see this monstrosity come clawing out of some hole to attack your ship. That'd be an unforgettable moment in game.
  15. Bambaataa

    Origin 890 JUMP

    Wow, didn't realize the 890 jump had a 6000 page count on the RSI forums. Glad to see there is so much interest on this breathtaking ship. I tend to agree with @JoonYoungK and @VoA I've always seen the 890 and the Phoenix to some extent, as an analog to Lando Calrissian's personal yacht the Lady Luck in the star wars universe. The ship was the ultimate in luxury, and while not heavily armed, had the best of the best in terms of military grade scanners, shields, etc. I purchased my 890 and my Phoenix in the hopes they'd be my own personal Lady Luck. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lady_Luck Modifications: At the time, Lando's involvement with the mining operation known as Nomad City kept him from tinkering with the starship, but in the years since he repeatedly modified and upgraded Lady Luck.Lando initially planned to transform the Lady Luck into an advanced luxury cruiser. However, Calrissian's near-constant involvement with the New Republic forced him to convert the Lady Luck into a competent combat vehicle. At first glance, the fifty-meter long starship appeared to be an unarmed pleasure yacht, but this placid exterior conceals five retractable laser cannons and a small ion cannon turret. A pair of powerful Chempat-6 deflector shield generators provided moderate protection from enemy fire. Lady Luck's engines were housed in two long engine pods connected to the main hull. Although the starship's sublight and hyperdrive speeds could not match those of the Millennium Falcon, the Lady Luck could still outrace nearly any other luxury vehicle in the galaxy. The Lady Luck's secondary systems truly set it apart. It had a highly-sophisticated sensor system allowing Lando to detect, identify, and scan approaching vessels at great range. When Lady Luck was scanned by customs officials or enemy forces, the ship's transponder could be programmed with up to three separate false identities that include aliases, fake cargo manifests, and modified system specs. Lando frequently changed these identities, although he has used the alias Stardream on more than one occasion. A droid brain aboard the starship could pilot it in emergencies and direct it towards a beckon call that Lando always kept on his belt; this feature proved especially helpful when Lando, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo were forced to flee the mining city of Ilic. The starship also had concealed smuggler compartments. Although the Lady Luck was well-suited to combat, it was still a lavish luxury starship. An entire observation level included an exterior deck and numerous viewports. Lando's private suite and the five visitor cabins were decorated with rare art from around the galaxy. Conform-couches could be found throughout the starship, and the main deck contained a jet-stream meditation pool, and a small crystal garden. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lady_Luck?file=LadyLuck-JOcutscene.jpg http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Lady_Luck_schematics.png
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