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  1. Happy New Year Europe :D

    Greetings from 2019 - Your time will come @America

  2. Serxon

    Debris field in Ariel's orbit

    I feel the love bro
  3. Serxon

    The official music thread

    Time for good old classic stuff
  4. Serxon

    Debris field in Ariel's orbit

    Team Omega reporting in... Investigationsquad is on standby - awaiting further instructions... .... ....
  5. white stuff on the forum and the 1st thing that goes through my mind is:


  6. Serxon

    The official music thread

    Русская музыка - Don't translate the lyrics :D Drop starting at 0:32 -
  7. Serxon

    What would you do?

    Sixth rule should be Part of the Imperium rules. I second this proposal!
  8. Serxon

    What would you do?

    The first rule of Bengal Carrier is: you do not talk about Bengal Carrier. The second rule of Bengal Carrier is: you DO NOT talk about Bengal Carrier! Third rule of Bengal Carrier: if someone yells “Incoming!”, betrays , or blurt out, the Bengal stops existing. Fourth rule: Only trusted guys for a flight. Seriously, no idea.
  9. Happy Birthsday! - is the board correct ? :)

  10. Good fight - Good night!

  11. Serxon

    Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    The most annoying video i ever watched about star citizen. Like it s a crime to say "We are the best!" In my opinion: To declare war on anyone in a game not even finished with such a reason is dumb.
  12. NIN were really great

    Johnny Cash was great

    Damn nice cover - just wanted to share

  13. Serxon

    Infinity War is coming!

    Hell yeah! thanks
  14. Serxon

    deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Trailer

    DEADPOOL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH Hell, it was about time! Lookin forward to this gun sniffin action movie