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  1. Good fight - Good night!

  2. Org Wars? The verse against TEST

    The most annoying video i ever watched about star citizen. Like it s a crime to say "We are the best!" In my opinion: To declare war on anyone in a game not even finished with such a reason is dumb.
  3. NIN were really great

    Johnny Cash was great

    Damn nice cover - just wanted to share

  4. Infinity War is coming!

    Hell yeah! thanks
  5. deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Trailer

    DEADPOOL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH Hell, it was about time! Lookin forward to this gun sniffin action movie
  6. Greetings from Austria

    Seas Habera, willkommen bei der Hotwolee von StarCitizen Greetings my dear friend, welcome to Imperium
  7. Game Day - January 28th

    Like ostia said Even i hate it while i m playing. But isnt swearing part of a good FPS ?
  8. RIP Carrie Fisher. ENOUGH 2016.

    omfg... i just want this 2016 blow up thing too !!!!!

  10. https://www.twitch.tv/serx_on

    Star Marine - with Servercrashes :D

  11. Convergence

    Welcome Happy Weekend
  12. Around the Verse 3.16 - ATX

    The last minute of ATV.... the animations..... and i felt like Hell yeah, IMP Bengal i m coming
  13. Got my own monster
    Nobody but me
    I would never call him enemy
    He's the bad god I need

    Got my own Angel
    Nobody but me
    I would never call her enemy
    She's the good god I need

  14. The official music thread

    I ve got my own monster..... it s the bad god i need -> so true
  15. Hahaha like our Game Night