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  1. Happy New Year o7

  2. Happy New Year Europe :D

    Greetings from 2019 - Your time will come @America

  3. Time for good old classic stuff
  4. Team Omega reporting in... Investigationsquad is on standby - awaiting further instructions... .... ....
  5. white stuff on the forum and the 1st thing that goes through my mind is:


  6. Русская музыка - Don't translate the lyrics :D Drop starting at 0:32 -
  7. Sixth rule should be Part of the Imperium rules. I second this proposal!
  8. The first rule of Bengal Carrier is: you do not talk about Bengal Carrier. The second rule of Bengal Carrier is: you DO NOT talk about Bengal Carrier! Third rule of Bengal Carrier: if someone yells “Incoming!”, betrays , or blurt out, the Bengal stops existing. Fourth rule: Only trusted guys for a flight. Seriously, no idea.
  9. R.I.P, Excelsior!

  10. Happy Birthsday! - is the board correct ? :)

  11. Good fight - Good night!

  12. The most annoying video i ever watched about star citizen. Like it s a crime to say "We are the best!" In my opinion: To declare war on anyone in a game not even finished with such a reason is dumb.
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