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  1. Your Avatar looks hungry, Este! Is it okay if i feed it a can of Spam? :spam:

  2. Your timelapse video of 3.0 was simply stunning! Great work!

  3. I reckon most of us is well covered with Warden/Redeemer -> BMM CCU's, but with the speculated concept size of this beast, even $350 seems like a steal. Inb4 $450-500 come flight ready-status.
  4. I agree that the design style now seem more sleek and simple, and it's not bad, but I'd certainly prefer the old style with the dark 'mesh' and spikes. I guess they are giving 'spikes' exclusively to the Vanduul, eh.
  5. According to the review tab on steam, the scores are absolutely abysmal. Seems they fucked it up, or?
  6. Hear hear! Merry Xmas from Nor/Swe!
  7. Congratulations, chaps and chapettes!
  8. Exte

    Aegis Sabre

    Also bought myself a P-72 and a Taurus -> Sabre CCU, in case it turns out to be a peach. Can't say nothin' about the looks, tho!
  9. Exte

    Aegis Avenger Warlock

    Jepp. As long as it's balanced right. Not like; * Fly up to ship B * Deploy EMP burst and totally cripple ship B * Ship B floating in space for ages without a chance to retaliate * Ship A gets an easy win Everyone would just fill an Idris to the brim with Warlocks and grief everything larger than a single fighter.
  10. Exte

    MISC Endeavor

    Now, that would be interesting! Perhaps made into a S&R ship with drones to search for survivors/corpses for ...harvesting. B-)
  11. Exte

    MISC Endeavor

    That's certainly true. What would be the 'official' ambulances on i.e. Terra? It might be the 'Lasses based on aforementioned criteria. Looking forward to see how the Hope can accommodate different S&R ships.
  12. Exte

    MISC Endeavor

    No, I absolutely see your point(s). I were just entertaining the thought that if there were to be a dedicated ambulance chassis (which I'm sure there is in the 'civil' world), it doesn't make much sense for it to be a Cutlass. I merely used the Idris' drop ship as I think it shows a lot more utility. Ambulances in the real world are specifically built for just that role. You can't outfit them to be drag racers. -or, disregard that... In the case of, well, its a game, I certainly agree. Medical modules on larger ships is another story in it's own. EDIT: I'm sure the Cutlass will look much more
  13. Exte

    MISC Endeavor

    What's the deal with using another company's hardware for accompanied paramedic -and response service (MISC using a DRAKE branded ship)? Where does it say/Is it accounted for in the lore? Just on the top of my mind, wouldn't it be more logical to use i.e. the dropship that comes with the Idris? Seeing that I believe it's 'pods' can be modular and swapped for a S&R outfit? Perhaps I'm confused, but I fail to see why a Cutlass would have a ambulance version in the first place. You'd expect there to be dedicated frames for such activities in 2945, just like we have with ambulances today. I fo
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