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  1. Yapp. Now father of two!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Nord


      I think we're fine @Gallitin - One of my bud's got twins on their second run. He has no social life what so ever.

    3. Schatten


      Congratulations! : )

    4. Exte


      Gratulerer! (Congratulations)

  2. Welcome to the promiseland!
  3. Will they like, delete all the post and stuff? I mean, it's ALOT (edit:some bad too ofc) of good info there...
  4. Wait what? Close close? Source?

  6. Thanks, joined discord last month :-) *trying to stay on track Yup. But then we'll be on TS chatting to our mouth dries out.. I'm guessing a huge leap again at 3.0 and a fall before the rise again
  7. Ok, so it's been a while since I joined Star Citizenbase and Imperium... A few years ago I was very active, but now I rarely post anything. Still, I try to follow whats going on here and there, even popping my head out sometimes. I like to know how many of you there are? Who is still with us, but in the shadows? Say hello & make your mark here!
  8. Alright, I'll post here again cuz I love this thread. Since last time we have a new house and it's winter as always. Bear feet. (yes, kids love to attack windows) and a second one from work. I love the light from the "low orbit sun"
  9. It's funny!
  10. This guy.. He has an amazing ability to speach! *joke alert* What does the secret service agens say to the president if someone opens fire? - "Donald DUCK"
  11. photoland.io <- Taking up imgur competition, start using my site for imghosting if you want :)

  12. I've hosted a free photo sharing site, https://photoland.io you guys have the front seats tickets. (yes im advertising a free service to get more users) feel free to share with friends and family. 

  13. Hoping for big news!

    1. Basard


      You and me both m8! :)

  14. Any thoughts on what we might see today, or get our hands on?