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  1. The winning image doesn't need any views, views will only add a bonus payout for the competitors
  2. Hello Star Citizen Base! niceGame.io is running a competition to get things rolling. We invite creative souls to join in on our screenshot competition and win up to $100 for the best screenshot of the month. The site is non-profit and aims to be a screenshot platform for beautiful games. Made for artists and enthusiasts! Star Citizen is one of the most capable screenshot games out there! We are all fresh and don't have any submissions yet, so winning the first month should be easy if you have a hidden talent for gaming screenshots. You can read more about the competition
  3. This is on my to do list for this night exploring! Thanks
  4. I'd happily accept a cleaning job at CIG or the Coffee guy's job
  5. In that case, it's even better. Wish they'd share more of the economics with us though, as it's very interesting seeing where we're at. But I'm not worried, just curious and hoped anyone else had more concrete information about it.
  6. I'm curious, what is the average salary for a developer at CIG? Doing a quick google search the lowest is around $44k a year to $120k a year for a game developer. This is in the US. CIG has multiple studios around the world which also differentiate the average income. Let's say the average across all studios is $60k a year (a "wild" guess) and they now have around 500 employees. That's $30 million each year. Do we know how much CIG has used on salaries since 2012? I don't know the math here since I don't know all the numbers, but my wild guess would be around $80-90 million since 201
  7. Having access to analytics I bet there is quite the activity even with few members online
  8. AH! Welcome back! 

    1. Nord


      Thanks man!

  9. Nord

    Complete Rear Admiral - LTI

    For what its worth, I can offer you $300 + pp fees
  10. Got my original account back! It needs some itemizing to get rolling, so see you in the verse! (Soon)

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    2. Fintz


      So Nord when you are free to fly around in the PU?

    3. Nord


      Once concierge support moves the package I got from you to my main account and access to 3.3 I'm diving in with you buddy

    4. Fintz


      Oh also, i wanted to say that now Squadrons (clan system) is coming to ED we should try to play a bit more :) 

  11. Welcome new friend! This is the place where everything is happening Hope you find what you are looking for in this community! See you in the verse!
  12. Nord

    Complete WTS My Account

    Hi, I'm selling my account. It's an 2013 concierge account with rear admiral package (giftable), orion standalone lti (not giftable) and superhornet lti (not giftable) and a bunch of other backer perks. Account still got one handle change token. $20 in store credits. Lost interest in my account. Going to start fresh when the game releases. I'm the original owner. $650 or highest bidder
  13. I got the same when I flew out from spawn. But at wakeup it was bad - I thought they had optimized the network code better in 3.0...
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