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  1. I would like to sell my Idris-M LTI Standalone ship for $2500.00 no trades, Pay through PayPal. Its a very rare Capital Ship and to the right person it might make your Fleet Complete. It is Giftable so if there is anyone interested in this let me know. You can email me at cyoung2400@yahoo.com Can pay for it through PayPal
  2. I have been thinking about selling my Idris-M and I was wondering what would be a good fair price for it. Let me know if anyone is interested in this matter.
  3. Hey guys, I just bought me a new PC and would like to get some of my RSI Credits back. If interested I can get you any ship on the RSI Weekend Sale for $30 USD off the price. It will have LTI on it and I can gift it to you. I'm taking a $30 USD hit but that the only way to get back some of my RSI Credits I have spent. So a $350 USD Reclaimer LTI would only cost you $320 USD. I use to do alot of the LTI Tranfers for Imperium Members back in 2012 2013 made over 100 LTI Trades. Use Paypal for the money transfer.
  4. Hello guys, I have a total of 3 LTI packages forsale. Lightspeed Package LTI Melts For $120.00 Sale For $170.00 Arbiter Package 325A LTI Melts For $80.00 Sale For $130.00 Digital Pirate Package Cutlass Blue UpGrade Melts For $160.00 Sale For $210.00 PP verified ALL SHIPS HAVE BEEN SOLD, THANKS GUYS!!!!!
  5. Trooper2400

    Complete Cutlass (alpha)

    Just letting you know that I will be the middleman for your ship trade with Montag. On the Digital Pirate LTI Package for $150.00 Trooper2400
  6. Very good video, I feel the same way he does. I'm so looking forward to going out and exploring the verse.
  7. I like my cart, its fun to drive around in the Hanger. Just look at it this way, another way to donate money to this game and I think its more fun than buying a lamp or posters.
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