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  1. Welcome to the boards and the org.
  2. I bought all these ships for myself originally, with no intention to sell them....that said, I have sold a few to others. Not a store front, just from time to time I make a post here or on reddit.
  3. Buy back token is quarterly. I had an original sale polaris on my buy back. I had melted it when the carrack went up in price and was able to ccu my carrack...but then I ended up melting the package that was in so needed to buy this one back. Honestly also back then I had a Javelin and Idris also, so the Polaris was luxury.....now Javelin and Idris are gone so the Polaris is my biggest ship....this is why the CCU Kungfu is possible. In the end I did not think the idris and the javelin would really work with or without AI blades and full ai crews. Just real life, and server p
  4. Welcome to the Org and the boards.
  5. Are there sandwiches? also hello OP and welcome back. I leave and come back a lot too in gaps large and small. Just contact whoever was running it before or other members of the unit if you remember them.
  6. I must echo this. Do not go in too heavy...I do regret it some myself but nothing I can do about it now other than caution others to be more careful than I was All you really need is a good utility ship to make in game currency and time. The MSR in hindsight would be the only ship I would get if I were starting over today...maybe the Mole. edit: Oh wait I read your post after and see you already know this. Uhm so when I remake, I mean with CCU kungfu and buy back...without adding new money. So already in progress....since you mentioned Polaris....the
  7. Irres

    Aegis Redeemer

    For some reason this is more appealing than when I previously owned the jpeg and melted it.
  8. I wish they would stop selling packages specifically directed at Concierge with inflated prices. That would be the best perk.
  9. I have as much info on Beta date as anyone else, which is very little. AllI can guess at looking at the road plan is it will not be next year. I actually used the anniversary event to "re-make" my fleet. Planning well into Jan of 2022 to have buy back tokens....but that is just my take.
  10. Hard to say with certainty and because it is Warbond what will happen. But everything I have ever bought back was essentially locked at the price at which I bought it. I will say when a certain CCU to BMM's became a deal due to price increase. Only the ones still in my account were valid at the original price, trying to buy back melted ones reflected the new price, I hope that helps. But I also believe this is what led to the whole removal of $0 ccu's , so it may have been a special case. In general CCU's on your buy back, not in your account, will reflect current p
  11. You're kidding right?? The day they stop selling ships will probably be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. That's if we lose the internet right off the bat. Yes also clearly stated BETA is when you need to stop all your CCU-Kungfu.
  12. Welcome to the boards and the Org.
  13. Welcome to the boards and the Org.
  14. nvm didn't realize this was brought back from 3 years ago
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