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  1. Hi and welcome, I too have a new build (about 2 weeks now) but I can't get the elevators in microtech spaceport to work. But everything else is a smooth 56 fps. No stuttering what so ever on max settings. Intel i-9 12900k NZXT X73 AIO Asus Hero Maximus EVA Z690 32 GB 6400mhz DDR 4 Corsair Dominator RGB Asus Nvdia RTX 3090ti Strix LC OC 24G 3 NVME M2 SSD 1TB, 2TB, 2TB NZXT H7 Flow case
  2. Welcome back. The K-kit is only $250 warbond now, it was $300 with credit at the last IAE and ILW and they ran out pretty quickly at ILW.
  3. Other Items (Explicitly stated if CCU'd) Item RSI Store Price ($USD) Melt Price ($USD) Insurance QTY Status My Price ($USD) Content Pics STANDALONE SHIP - Origin 600i Explorer (CCUd from Reliant Kore LTI) $475 $310 LTI 1 Available $326 Additional contents are poster and model from OC LTI - Reliant Kore STANDALONE SHIP - Reclaimer (CCUd from Reliant Kore LTI) $400 $275 LTI 1 Available $290 Additional contents are poster and model from OC LTI - Reliant Kore Transactions will be done via Paypal Invoice I am EST, so please allow time for response, I will respond to every one. If you see something you like, message me with: Paypal Email RSI Email (if different) RSI Handle These are needed for the invoice. Original listing: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/sy2v46/wts_irres_great_spaceship_coaster/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 Not sure what happened with the colors when I pasted this. Thanks, Irres.
  4. I completely agree, in fact I have mistakenly listed the wrong price or calculated the melt incorrectly and I still honor the price listed, as it is my mistake not the customers'. I've done that with a BMM and told the buyer I made a mistake, but it does not work against him, as I would still give him the cheaper price. Not everyone will do that though. I recently tried to buy a glaive ccu already marked up at 15 for a 10 ccu on his store page, and the guy tells me he has hundreds of them, but the price is now $18. I decided I can wait till Nov to get it on my own.
  5. lol who are you dealing with over there? Make sure they have the trader flair and some trades. As for this CCU it is going to be rare that someone is holding onto it and even rarer that they will sell it anywhere near that cost. I have 2 wb to the 220 price from corsair, but I can't even part with them they part of 2 chains to bigger ships, already promised to people. Now that CIG has made WB ccus adjust on buyback, the odds that people will just hold WB CCUs is slim. I bought mine with chains in mind. I do have a taurus to Scorpius and a prospector to scorpius at the 240 price, They are on buyback, I probably got them at the 220 price before....but they adjusted, and I doubt that would even work for you. I'll ask a few people if they have something close to what you are looking for, $220 would most likely.
  6. Never mind last one just sold. These are gone.
  7. 1 more A2 sold, 1 of Either left at $468
  8. Like ChiefWarrant said hire a guide from the website. It is worthwhile to do when you are unfamiliar. Hell I might do it given how many patches I have missed. Everything you listed sounds like familiarity issues. The only "time" pro gamers complain about in the game are "train times" and "elevator times" and "bartender times".
  9. 2 more sold, 2 left, 1 at the higher $468 price.
  10. Physicalized Armor will have a big impact on the Hornets. When will that be? No idea. Most of the fighters are easy to earn in game. If you like the SuperHornet itself, I would keep it. I personally prefer the Hurricane to the SuperHornet so moved off it a while back. You are better off waiting and seeing before adding money because they are ignoring your ship. I mean that could happen to any ship at any moment.
  11. 1 sold, 4 left.
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