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  1. This ship is not included with the base Carrack correct?
  2. Irres

    RSI Perseus

    That price will go up once they start working on it.
  3. Irres

    RSI Perseus

    Wow the site is getting hit hard today the ship upgrades page has been up and working for like 2 minutes.
  4. Hi welcome to the boards and Imperium.
  5. "Figure out how the hell I am going to afford all of this without my future wife being pissed" You can't.
  6. $450??? almost makes it worthwhile to buy my 2 year anniversary BMM back.
  7. This ship seems like it would need it's own security detail constantly.
  8. Thanks guys was already planning on picking up a TB SSD just for this. Currently I am running it off my SSHD. (most of my games except Apex are here, Apex is on my ssd. I only have so much room on that with my OS) Honestly though the game performance is fine so far. Just the load screens take forever. So finally figured out some stuff just by mucking around and realized I need to go through a tutorial it has been a while since I logged in. But I did manage to get my 600i out into space and look around, before some dude in a single seater ship tried to shoot
  9. omg 20 minutes to load. Then 10 minutes to figure out I need to take a metro to the spaceport. And when I get out of the elevator at the spaceport, I fall through the floor and die. Almost as fun as I remember. let's try one more time.
  10. Sorry haven't played in a while. How long is it supposed to take on the load screen when you pick New Babbage?
  11. From a purely aesthetic view, I love the Hurricane. I have not flown in it yet, hell I am re-installing SC as we speak. Sabre and Gladius are both good ships, I found them both very fun to fly, back when I had SC installed.
  12. Irres

    Esperia Talon

    Thank you for this.
  13. I have been away for awhile why is this ship 520 now? Has it grown?
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