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  1. Welcome to the boards and the Org.
  2. Welcome to the boards and the Org.
  3. nvm didn't realize this was brought back from 3 years ago
  4. Sales in this game are more about ship availability and not really price reductions. The Avenger is a great ship for that price range. I would say maybe also consider comparing to the Nomad based on what you would like to do in the verse. Make sure you get a game package.
  5. Definitely try any of the freefly events or the Event in Nov (Anniversary sale, also multiple ships are on flee fly at this time) This game is worth backing, but understand it will not be here in a completed form till a few (few may be a loose interpretation ) years out. That said there are still many playable aspects today...some buggy ....some very playable, the game is in a very playable state for an alpha. Yet....it feels like..there needs to be more actual gameplay flushed out. There are very few price reductions, although there are some "sales" where the entry packages are l
  6. Happy New Year to all the good people that make up our ranks.
  7. Irres

    Back 4 Blood

    I signed up for an alpha key....
  8. Blizzard already does it in Heroes of the Storm but sadly not in Overwatch. Maybe Amazon is doing something unique though in it's approach...
  9. Can I post something helpful here too? Delete it if not. This is something that took a bit to figure out but for those of you that don't use default keys on the keyboard. CyberPunk 2077 remapping ALL keys: To remap you want to edit ONLY this file in a text editor like notepad or notepad++, but back up the original first. .."GameLocation"\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\inputUserMappings.xml Don't bother with the file in the users folder as it gets generated. When you are done remapping, also backup that file with another name. Updates will likely wipe the "input
  10. I have a Freelancer Max, I can try fitting my Razer LX in there, if that fits all of your ground vehicles will fit. Even if it doesn't fit I should be able to gauge how big of a vehicle will fit.
  11. Honestly no way to know without trying to fit one in. But the g12 is close in size to the Ursa Rovers, the g12 is wider (.3 meters) and taller (.5m) by a little bit. I would think if you can comfortably get a Ursa Rover in there, the g12 should fit. Which ship were you specifically thinking about? also this guy did a bunch of episodes on "will it fit" he may have covered it, I did not watch more than one video
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