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  1. Protecting our industry.

    On a separate note, I think the Terrapin may be a very good information gathering vessel as well.
  2. Protecting our industry.

    Ok to clarify only speaking for myself not the org view: (also mostly just theory) 1) Hunting pirates may sound noble....but where is the profit/cost offset? Sounds blunt I know, but as any "theoretical" anti-pirate organization, why would I take on the costs of eradicating pirates, if there is no profit to be made or at least good will and offsetting costs? I mean I am making enemies with a group, and potential friends of that group, that I don't necessarily need to be enemies with. 2) Assuming pirates will be dumb, you have done them a lot of favors. Never underestimate any opponent, these are not actual pirates with no education or reasoning ability but people much like you and I on the other side. If you can "out think", they can too. 3) Anti Pirate means we do not take part in pirate activities nor do we condone them in our ranks. It does not dictate an org's actions in every scenario because "Pirate"!! 4) It is much smarter to patrol controllable trade routes, which when paid for by individuals, they may use them. We secure them, this is a much smaller area than "all of space" or "anywhere in a sector". It also allows pirate groups an option. If they want to take on the large org with a considerable military presence, they can choose to do so and quickly learn their mistake. Or the easier option, they can prey on those who choose not to pay for and use the secured trade routes, and not get entangled with the large org. Options are good. 5) This in no way means bounties on pirates that are too overzealous will be ignored, in fact they may be taken up by individual groups who feel the need to do good on any certain day, who may or may not be in the org, but not as an ORG activity. In short the pirate needs to be effecting our cash flow for an org to get involved officially. 6) That option mentioned in 4, will keep business as usual. Allow them room to operate, with fixed rules, and everyone is happy. In fact, if an outsider comes in and decides to "pirate it up" in their sector, you may see pirates turn on pirates to keep the status quo, and not get the Large Military presence involved. All just my view, but it really seems the smarter way to go. The alternative, of hunting down all pirates, not only seems ridiculously expensive both from a time and cost perspective, it also seems like it could unite them against the big bad overbearing org.
  3. The Best Headphones?

    Look cool, but also look intrusive and like they may pick up ear wax.
  4. I have this, even the smaller version, just the 6dof knob, can replace a flight stick, I have a warthog and pedals also I'm not sue why you are only considering it for left hand functionality. The Expanse uses something like this for flight.
  5. Protecting our industry.

    Let me know how you like those pirate traps. You seem to imagine a verse where dumb pie rats sit unsuspectingly in their ships waiting for justice to be wrought upon them.
  6. If meesa can't make my toon look a like a Jar Jar Binks, meesa want a refund!!!!!
  7. Protecting our industry.

    Anti-pirate means we do not take part in Piracy. All actions in the verse have a cost associated with them, large or small.
  8. Protecting our industry.

    Theoretically speaking... 1) You would generally have a military escort if going outside of safe space 2) Use safeguarded trade routes 3) avoid areas known for pirate activities, or just trade in safe space. as far as stopping piracy, that is an impossible task that no org should undertake.
  9. New To Star Citizen

    Welcome to the Base. There are people from all time zones here, and I play at weird hours
  10. Dora dont know squat

    Welcome to the Base.
  11. Hi Hi!

    Welcome. AS stated we're not Goonswarm, I believe they go by Goonrathi in SC.
  12. Don't want loot crates, pay us MOAR

    Easy fix don't buy anything from them. I'm fine with loot crates that are cosmetic and offer people in-game opportunities to earn the same stuff by playing, like Warframe.
  13. Hello everyone!

    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Phantump_(Pokémon) not sure if that makes it clearer or murkier. also Welcome AdamThePhantump
  14. Advice on Purchasing an Account Please?

    There will always be risk with buying accounts. Like Donut said it is against TOS and CIG can choose to shut it down if there is a reported dispute of ownership. The original email used to register the account will forever be able to claim it as stolen, even if the associated email is changed. You are best off avoiding this mess. but if you must: 1)Use a broker to hold the money till the purchased item is received. 2)Include the original email account in the transaction. I'm honestly not even sure if this can be verified anymore, as there were scams in the past which led CIG to avoid it altogether, and take their current stance. 3) if they can't part with the email, use another form of contract stating the sale (use a paypal transaction number) once complete will not be reclaimed by the seller as the "Original owner" 4) Also verify the account is in good standing. And being sold by someone with some trade reputation on reddit or here (or other known trading platform, I only use reddit and here), the known stores are safest. 5) be prepared to write off anything you pay. AND anything you gift into the account. Honestly there are many good people who are looking to sell accounts due to the changing nature of this game and their ships being account bound, but scammers have made it impossible for most of them, and CIG wants no part of it as it is not a liability they want.