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  1. Some Fan Art I recently did!

    oddly I liked the first one the best
  2. The Best Gaming Monitor?

    For anyone considering projector it is pretty awesome. I can only speak for the one I have which is ultra short throw and it is LED so replacement bulbs should not be too expensive, and it says it will last like 10 years (30,000 hours) before needing to replace. I play most of my controller based games on here. For some reason, Overwatch (I'm assuming fps' in general) give my eyes strain on the projector so those get played on my tv. But SC was okay, although I did not try too much intensive dogfighting on this mostly free flight. Ultra short throw only requires about 15-18 inches to get up to 150" This is the one I have: https://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronics-PF1000UW-Theater-Projector/dp/B01MSBRYZL/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1507908818&sr=8-3&keywords=ultra+short+throw I do run a 25 foot DVI to HDMI cable to it, but that depends on where your pc is set up. Yes you need a semi dark room. This one works in lit rooms fairly decently but not at day light temperature lights.
  3. Origin X1

    I don't care if others get the 890j, it is a beautiful ship. I hope it is a badass bike, because I missed the Nox.
  4. Ok so I have managed to get Leonn the 2 he wanted, and I still have 1 left, the price in the OP has been adjusted to take into account the new redemer upgrade that is needed. Last one is claimed for the moment.
  5. Yeah I read all that, unfortunately I was moving when all that went down.
  6. New Imperium Website

    That looks awesome. Great job you guys.
  7. Hello, I am selling ships upgraded from LTI p-72 (or Warlock). Have 3 1 CCU'd BMM's Selling @Melt Value of $250 + 4% for paypal fee. Added $12 for cost of redermer upgrade to me. So $272 total. If you want a BMM at the old price you should contact me before they expire the BMM $0 CCU's Must be over 18. Must be pp verified (non business account). Thanks Irres
  8. Overwatch s3 Comp

    What times do you play?
  9. RSI - Polaris - Corvette

    So the newest ad on the RSI page says length of the Polaris is 155m, while the already obsolete stats page says 130m. Which is correct?
  10. Picked up 55" 4K TV as monitor

    I sit about 6.5 feet from mine.
  11. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

    Yeah that is the trailer for the movie, (I had a typo in my post I dropped the "i"), but the story line is supposed to lead into the game. So technically stuff that leads into the game's main story/Character. There were some animation points that were a bit wonky and stiff with the princess...but I think I am nit picking Yeah voice acting was awesome. I highly recommend every one sees it, even if it is not your thing.
  12. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

    Anyone else see this yet?? CGI is better than Space Pirate Captain Harlock, but I believe these are scanned models vs 3d drawn/generated. But all that aside, admittedly I know little about whether the story is accurate with any of the games, but the Movie is pretty damn good. Probably going to get the game now, I was undecided on it before.
  13. Picked up 55" 4K TV as monitor

    Actually some of the better tv's are just fine, while they are not 144hz, the refresh is fast enough to keep up on most games. I have been playing on a 55inch Samsung for over 2 years now.