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  1. Physicalized Armor will have a big impact on the Hornets. When will that be? No idea. Most of the fighters are easy to earn in game. If you like the SuperHornet itself, I would keep it. I personally prefer the Hurricane to the SuperHornet so moved off it a while back. You are better off waiting and seeing before adding money because they are ignoring your ship. I mean that could happen to any ship at any moment.
  2. 1 sold, 4 left.
  3. Selling some CCUd LTI ships. Item RSI Store Price ($USD) Melt Price ($USD) Insurance QTY Status My Price ($USD) Notes STANDALONE SHIP - Polaris LTI (CCUd from Hull A LTI) $750 $430 LTI 2 Available $462 Additional contents are poster and model from OC LTI - Hull A STANDALONE SHIP - Hercules A2 LTI (CCUd from Hull A LTI) $750 $430 LTI 2 Available $462 Additional contents are poster and model from OC LTI - Hull A If anyone is interested in one of these ships. Polaris and A2 are interchangeable. (I have enough CCUs to both) I have 5 4 in total. The last one one will be $468 and made from a Reliant Kore LTI base it will have a melt of $435. **Paypal fees are included in my Price Transactions will be done via Paypal Invoice I am EST, so please allow time for response, I will respond to every one. If you see something you like, message me with: Paypal Email RSI Email (if different) RSI Handle These are needed for the invoice. Original posting is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Starcitizen_trades/comments/sy2v46/wts_irres_great_spaceship_coaster/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 Thanks for reading. Irres
  4. Irres

    Want to Buy Valkyrie Liberator LTI

    What is the difference is it just the skin?
  5. Sorry both sold forgot to close this. Also forgot HOW to mark this completed apparently.
  6. Yeah that video..... while his emotion is understandable and relatable for many. It is misleading to the actual change that was made.
  7. If you don't own a BMM definitely consider adding one. But I would go further and buy a small giftable LTI ship back with cash, and then ccu to the warden,,,you lose $10 in the process (Warden is 260 in the store). And then sell the BMM for a profit. Or use it to step up to something bigger. In short do not waste them.
  8. For you Buck I would easily make an exception, because I know what you are saying is honest. But it's like everything else with CIG people figure out how to exploit their systems and do. I never did this for one reason, back when CIG stopped letting credit backers buy LTI concepts...they made a clear statement..."value your cash" And with warbonds you need new cash to buy anyway so I would never move it. But I can see people getting tired of waiting on a chain....and using the credit from it to get something else in the meantime. Rumor is anything before 2019 is still unadjusted....just a rumor.
  9. I agree they should have communicated this. But why are people holding Warbond CCUs in buy back? Here is some new cash, please give me 65 cents on the dollar for store credit? I have a few WB CCUs but they are all in my hangar.
  10. Hello, welcome to the boards.
  11. This is a verify files issue, I would try reverifying the client, and if that alone doesn't work reinstall the EAC.
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