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  1. Banned doing the impossible.
  2. Wyvyrias

    Saber in PTU

    The Saber sales will go up for sure. lol
  3. +1 I watch it for Krul (started watching because of fanart of her) and Shinoa (she's just too awesome). Yu and Mika (yes, both males) almost deserve a romantic tag. Dunno what to think about that...but yeah, it's awesome. OPM is a self-explanatory must watch and dunno about World Trigger. Read about it, maybe I try it it when I've got time. I read Madhouse is known for not making a second season.
  4. Welcome to the Fleet.
  5. Well, why land it when you just can eject? Or spin at max speed while moving forward...it'll be like a huge drill making it's own landing bay, which doesn't need landing gear.
  6. Probably we need a course just for landing the Merlin.
  7. Banned for being purple.
  8. Wyvyrias


    The internet is a dangerous place, even without alcohol. Anyway, welcome to the Fleet.
  9. Won't be useful unless the people he'll interact with are there as well...and catch his message. Praise ingame chats, where the one that's threatening you (or vice versa) can directly read it! Btw I figured you really seem to love their Discord chat. I'm sitting in there as well...but never actually reading it.
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