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  1. Shane

    Aegis Idris Frigate

    @Devil Khan Knock it off. This is no place for inflamatory speech against other members.
  2. Seem like a big issue. Only issue i had was when using gsync causing me to crash bad and not be able to load in.
  3. Dam that is a beast of a ship. Nice to see you get into the 'verse. Just beware of the bugs they like to creep up on you.
  4. Congrats me dudes. Making Imperium proud of you all!
  5. The negativity has come from its long development time. While the game still promises a lot and looks like it will continue to build to something great. It has taken its time getting to where it is now. As whether the game will be as good as it's supposed to be is all dependent on time. While you can play the game now and have fun with it, it's nowhere near to how good it is supposed to be. That all due to the fact the game is still in heavy development due to Chris Roberts Epic scope for the game. I still believe the game will be as good as it's supposed to be but it will just take
  6. There always games like warthunder, world of shits (ships) and team fortress 2. All which are free to play. Quick Pixel run before he catches you!
  7. Ye, if you crash one at least you got plenty spare :).
  8. It's nice to see you have done this but you know GIC and their release times... Peronally I'll just be happy when they release 3.0 To be Honest I've been waiting this long I can wait some more.
  9. The current pirates in the game such as Star Marine seem like high end pirates not your every day pirate in the idea to make it fair. To be honest it's all gonna under go game changes as they really don't know how it will work until they try it out then balance accordingly. They will be easy pirates then harder ones.
  10. Happy Birthday Shane!!!

    btw today is my birthday... I'm glad to finally find someone that has a birthday as close as mine.

    Enjoy your New Year ^.^

  11. Happy birthday Shane!

    1. Nevermore


      indeed happy Birthday mate !

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