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  1. Good to hear the problems we are having are on their radar. I had issues too where the game wouldn't even boot with 16gb. I expanded this to disk to a total of 16 ram and 16 swap only then it booted but around 5 FPS with a 1080Ti Can't wait for the performance problems to be fixed so we can finally test the limits of the game!
  2. Looks like some kind of feather pattern is growing on top, pretty amazing!
  3. Welcome to Imp, Glad to have you onboard If you ever have any tech questions for your stream related to websites or twitch or whatever, feel free to ask and we can try to help out! Can't wait to watch your stream
  4. Wow, Dan! That looks absolutely amazing! What a PC! That cooling is awesome!
  5. This guy explains it so well and all backed with the source of where he got the information from. Pretty amazing.....
  6. Nicee, I was looking into doing the MCSE next year Since SC is really pushing boundaries here, it is great to see a big party such as AWS hop in the pool to support the push and help with integrating computing resources into lumberjack/cryengine. I believe AWS will be investing time into meetings with CIG itsself to tweak things and make it work better for them, so the next Lumberjack customers can benefit from those tweaks. It is in best interest for both AWS and CIG. AWS will improve it's engine and make it attractive for it's next customers CIG will have lesser effort into maintaining computing resources for all their servers PLUS integrating it with cryengine will be much easier. I do believe the cloud option is quite pricy compared to having your own hardware, but it is also a great benefit because SC does not have to maintain the hardware themselves and will always be guaranteed of the latest generation hardware, but it all comes down to their SLA with AWS
  7. I use to have XSplit but it's more focused towards streamers... OBS is great and I recommend it greatly. You might also consider getting a capture card
  8. Hahaha, that'd be wonderfull! We do have the option to be in the same datacenter as the SC servers and therefore having lower latency( It is the location of the server that matters. Choosing AWS, it allows SC to setup servers in 13 different regions with the click of a button instead of having to fly out to certain locations to install new hardware.
  9. Being a certified AWS architect myself, I am sooooo happy to hear they will be using AWS for their infrastructure. This will mean good pings all around the world and gives them the ability to use auto-scaling of their infrastructure for SC. PS. All SCB servers run on AWS!
  10. Very cool video, thanks for putting it together @Pagan_X2, very impressive!
  11. EXACTLY my thought when I saw the video. I had a PSP laying in my closet, then the battery literately blew up last year, so thrown it away. To me it looks like an improved PSVita/PSP! Will I be buying one? Probably not as im not really into console stuff, but I do think this product will work out great
  12. Any reason not to buy the CCU'd versions? The price difference is quite big on some of them
  13. There are a bunch Officer Sub Commander Human Resources Technology Media Academy Diplomacy Moderators
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