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  1. Hey, whoever is in charge of the Imperium clan, do invite me. My name is the same there. With the coming clans update, it's going to be nice. I am on EU server
  2. There is no security risk at all from technical standpoint. If there are any hacks, it will be you giving someone else direct or indirect access to your computer by either social engineering or other malware programs
  3. I completely agree with that. As an API Architect and Evangelist, I am really sad they dont have one yet.
  4. I will be willing to sell an LTI version of the SUPER HORNET, SABRE, GLADIATOR, RETALIATOR, STARFARER, CRUCIBLE ships. No paypal involved. Only RSI website. I can do this only once because I have only 1 LTI chasis which I can upgrade. Offer lasts until Oct 17th since that is when the sale ends. Send me PMs with offers Super Hornet - $190 Sabre - $195 Gladiator - $190 Retaliator - $300 Starfarer Gemini - $370 Crucible - $380
  5. Hello muskie, We have a lot of Trade & Industry people like myself. and a lot of discussions around the forums. Please don't hesitate to participate. Welcome!
  6. Any information about what was planned in the original Orgs 2.0? When it was announced, I thought spectrum can have potential if they allow orgs to write custom integrations and tools, but after hearing them talk about it, I realized it's just a glorified chat client and will be nothing more.
  7. I liked the previous "Unread Content" layout. The new one doesn't look as good. What happened to the gravatar?
  8. This means that we have seen something that is or had been travelling faster than light. Looks like space exploration is possible in the real world
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