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  1. I think they are neccessary. And I am certainly no griefer...☺
  2. I´m not especially interested in the ship itself. But I love the mines. I really hope that I can set them manually from the Hammerhead or by the DroneCompartment of the Carrack(Praise to her name!). Also a great asset for otherwise helpless ships like the Endeavor. I will sleep much better with this little buggers keeping watch...;)
  3. I flew an attack with several torpedobombers and Talis on 5 fully crewed Hammerheads. It was a blast but we only managed to down one. After that it was a free for all....really spectular.
  4. I havent played much till now. First Sequences werent terrible at all....but its a little repetitive. Much grinding involved I fear, but with a nice Warhammer feeling.
  5. Thank you, yes....thats exactly what I'm looking for...😁
  6. The Emperor protects, Brothers. Is there already an Imperiums Cabal(Hehe) in formerly mentioned game? If Yes....Designation? Ready to serve DKDW/Narcelia/Damianus
  7. Hehe...you seem to have much trust in the capabilities of human crews....😁 Speaking of my own flight abilities I'll try my luck with a nonhuman crew. So much less arguing...😉
  8. I just completed the campaign and I want MORE! More content, more battlemechs, more of that epic soundtrack...😁
  9. Maybe we should agree to disagree here...😁 No conflict by religion doesnt mean that there is no religion. In BT-Universe it is just too natural to mention it seperatly. I thought the hijab as quite original and fitting. And the lady would certainly smile in disbelieve about our medieval expectations towards her private matters...😁 Same goes for “THEY“...its a gimmick, nothing more. And I see no harm done if its integrated in all future games. Personal views...☺
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