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  1. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Hehe...you seem to have much trust in the capabilities of human crews....😁 Speaking of my own flight abilities I'll try my luck with a nonhuman crew. So much less arguing...πŸ˜‰

    I just completed the campaign and I want MORE! More content, more battlemechs, more of that epic soundtrack...😁

    Maybe we should agree to disagree here...😁 No conflict by religion doesnt mean that there is no religion. In BT-Universe it is just too natural to mention it seperatly. I thought the hijab as quite original and fitting. And the lady would certainly smile in disbelieve about our medieval expectations towards her private matters...😁 Same goes for β€œTHEYβ€œ...its a gimmick, nothing more. And I see no harm done if its integrated in all future games. Personal views...☺
  4. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Its never enough...😁

    Oi, lots of drama here..:) I always liked that most conflicts in BT were not religion- or race-based. There are some....namely Word of Blake Jihad or racist behavior in Kurita-Space(Pure Japanese heritage against "Gaijin"), but in total every person, regardless of heritage or believes could play any House or Periphery-Member without any bad feelings. That was quite refreshing, almost like Startrek if you forget that there is constant war among the human race. LGTB has never been a matter in BT, I believe such animosities have been solved before mankind left their cradle.....and as long you fit in the cockpit of a Spider noone cares about your preferences. Only time I encountered dissense in sexual practices came with the arrival of the Clans. I.e. Geschko(Geschwisterkompanie)....I believe its Sibko(Sibling Company?) in english. Phelan Kell was quite unhappy with that if I recall it correctly.
  6. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Quite a stunt in atmosphere..😁
  7. Crusader Hecules Starlifter

    Size 5 weapons on the A2 seem nice, but getting this brick planetside will be tricky. Is it just me or does this ship be very vulnerable to attacks from above? I like the firearcs on the Hammerhead much more. I bet both ships would cooperate quite well...;)

    Yes, its not Inner Sphere, but people from the Periphery come from somewhere...😁 You cannot get past a Kurita without a Confuzius quote, I remember several Christian religious manners....ComStar is an semireligious order. I think they are the only ones who go to war because of their beliefs. People keep their traditions, that has always been a strong sentiment in Battletech. What else could bring starfarers to the use of bagpipe music?πŸ˜‰

    Ah, I understand. Doesn't bug me describes it very well. I had to smile about β€œtheyβ€œ and the practicing Muslima is quite fitting in my opinion. The Inner Sphere is a quite diverse setting, multiple cultures,religions and languages have always been part of Battletech. So I found the hijab quite original. Even the books describe very often the ancestrys of several characters. We have Japanese, Chinese, Indian, German, French, even Gaelic origins...even in Battletech Housebooks.

    I'm not quite sure if I understand your point, no native speaker here. Social Justice Warrior? Maybe I haven't reached this part of the story yet....I'm fighting against the dropshipdeparture at the moment.

    Excuse me, what does SJW mean? Maybe I've been lucky, but I have nearly no technical issues. And I love story, music and events. I would wish not always to be outnumbered, but thats life. I guess I'm not very far storywise, but currently I feel pure joy...😁

    I love the game...☺
  13. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    You`re always welcome aboard, my commander.
  14. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter

    Again discussing terms from a long gone era?
  15. Hammerhead - Gunboat Anti-fighter