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  1. where is the repair tool? and not nothing yet on the matter to troubleshoot it other then checking RSI forums for launcher errors, the only thing i found was in regards to the PTU, there seems to be a new PTU launcher. after i input my info and hit launch button it shows me this error message as soon as the logo boots up, iam going to attempt a full reinstall.
  2. Hello SCB members i wanted to see if anyone else received this error after the last patch? After the last patch i seem to not beable to get pasted this Star Citizen logo, once i get to this part the error message appears and deny's access to the game. I wanted to se if anyone else has the same problem or know a course of action to fix this, if nothing else i will just do a full uninstall and reinstall it.
  3. I was in the Marines 10+ years i Fought in OIF/OEF and other operations. I was Stationed where ever i was needed,not satying in the sates for to long before i was deployed again.
  4. @ alkiap of course, I welcome you to the chat, i wanted a chat group that acted like the USO
  5. I am sorry to hear that . I was also a Marine i fought on the ground during OIF/OEF, right out of school i joined the Marines spend my entire life in the Corp. I was robbed from my dream to join the Recon or MARSOC due to me medical discharge When i left the Marines i was 1st Sargent
  6. i messed up on the title if you read the message i stated prior and active please forgive my mistake
  7. How many Prior Military members do we have? I like to get to know them all and here their stories. and invite them to my Armed Services Society. A group hangout spot for former/active duty military personnel.
  8. http://www.bestoldgames.net/eng/ If you are interested in old school PC games take a look @ this site and it it free to download. I was look to replay Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain and found it
  9. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131012022305/starcitizen/images/2/2b/RETALIATORcutaways.jpg a look into the ship for those who don't have it
  10. That's what i was thinking about, if we gutted the ship and militarized the ship to suit the role. I am sure that when the PU boost up into full swing they will be a way to change mod the ships with salvaged armor plating and also see if we can swap out the point defense turrets the class 9 and add some higher hitting cannon and remove the flood lights and add in a few pylons tubes. I would love to deploy a Platoon with heavy armor will be easy to invade Vanduul planets or enemies of the Imperium. again i am only thinking what could happen still no proof that any of this can happen.
  11. Well a Redeemer is much more them a Gunship/dropship it is also a mobile flak cannon platform if you position them in the right formation. food for thought for you and the other Redeemer ownwers.
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