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  1. Sorry I thought the link was open to all. Attached the brochure here. Crusader-Ares-Star-Fighter-FINAL.pdf
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17379-Crusader-Ares 2 variants. One with S7 laser, another one with S7 gatling.
  3. Please close this topic. Thanks.
  4. Got my kit earlier. Gonna build my hide away base with this + Pioneer.
  5. Initially don't want one, but you guys make me want to have one. LOL
  6. $3750 verified Paypal only. Paypal fee included. Fleet member only. Someone else is inquiring about this Idris-M. I think I should give our Fleet member the opportunity first so it can stay within the fleet.
  7. Didn't realized Epic is that bad, glad I did not spend a dime on them yet.
  8. Morgenroete

    Freelancer MAX

    120 SCU is a pretty good number.
  9. I think I kind of downsized my fleet while paradoxically upsized my fleet. Get rid off/ccu most of my land-based vehicle and small vessels, but obtained couple Crusader Industry ships and Hull series. Also utilized some of my original Caterpillar as LTI token which give me a instead $70 saving. Probably will hit Legatus when I unmelt some of my caps.
  10. Will got for 3850x, but might wait to see if there is going to be a TR 39XX
  11. Updated price.
  12. Updated list.
  13. $300 for the S10 beam. Imaging how much it'll cost to acquire the S10 railgun in game.🤢
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