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  1. Morgenroete

    Idris is in R&Y hangar for PTU 3.3.5

    IT WAS FUN!!!!
  2. Morgenroete

    Want to Sell F7A, AMD Mustang Omega, etc

  3. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    This kind of error - giving wrong dimension when the ship is almost flight-ready - is ridiculous and unacceptable in any business.
  4. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    It's not how many ship can do what or how many things a ship can do. The reason for the current argument is the current thought process behind the decision the Dev made is in contrary to the project. It become very restrictive, while Star Citizen was suppose to be free. Star citizen is based on accurately sized physical grid with actual physical space, so the cargo (as a generalized term) space is physically presented in the game. Now, the Dev tells us the physical space can only carry vehicle not something else because of their own reasons - if we scale up the application - your HOA tells you the physical space in your garage can only park vehicles not something else because of their own reasons. Do you think this is a reasonable thing? I understand Dev need to find balance in game, but I fail to find a reason why a Valk carrying cargo is going to break the balance. If the current through process continues ships in SC will not need physical space anymore and eventually become ED or other space games. TLDR: I'm not arguing about this ship, I'm not happy about the current Dev's thought process.
  5. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I actually filed a complain via concierge. First ever complain from me. LOL. If the Dev is stating the ship is not gonna fit, then do a fact check and provide the dimensions. Just a No is not professional and not giving any explanation.
  6. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    I really like this bird. But if it have physical space to carry a vehicle it physically has the space to carry other things similar in size and weight. The current restriction is unnecessary, artificial, and illogical. This bird has very similar dimensions to a Vanguard yet they say it can't fit in the Jav? Did they even check the ships' dimensions? https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/valkyrie-cannot-fit-on-javelin-idris-or-polaris-do/1609527
  7. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Can't fit in the Jav, can't carry cargo...imho it's the most stubborn bullshitish Q&A ever. No orbital deployment of Jav-based Marine/supplies to the ground for fast reaction missions then.
  8. Morgenroete

    Anvil Valkyrie Dropship

    Valk is on my chopping block now😔
  9. Morgenroete

    Imperium Pin Project.

    Can't wait for the Operations Pin!
  10. Morgenroete

    Want to Sell F7A, AMD Mustang Omega, etc

    Updated current list of ships.
  11. Verified PayPal only. 4.5% PayPal fee will be added to invoice. All profits will go to a charitable foundation that I'm helping to raise funds. Please PM for details 😊 Special Price AMD Mustang Omega $150 F7A MILITARY HORNET UPGRADE $150 Upgrades CCU from Price F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade F7C to F7C-M $95 Constellation Andromeda to Aquila Upgrade Andromeda to Aquilla $85 REDEEMER TO ESPERIA BLADE UPGRADE Redeemer to Blade $50 Stnadalone ships Price ENDEAVOR MASTER SET - LTI $1,250 ESPERIA VANDUUL GLAIVE - LIMITED - LTI $625 ANVIL CARRACK - LTI $425 AEGIS RECLAIMER - LTI $425 STARFARER GEMINI - LTI $365 RSI ORION - LTI $350 MISC STARFARER TANKER - LTI $325 COMBO - CATERPILLAR & DRAGONFLY PACK - LTI $320 RETALIATOR HEAVY BOMBER - LTI $300 AEGIS VANGUARD WARDEN - LTI $300 ESPERIA VANDUUL BLADE - LTI $280 CATERPILLAR - LTI $275 XI'AN SCOUT - KHARTU-AL - LTI $200 2943 ANVIL GLADIATOR BOMBER - LTI $200 AEGIS SABRE - LTI $200 DRAKE HERALD - LTI $125 HULL B - LTI $115 RELIANT MINI HAULER KORE - LTI $75
  12. Morgenroete

    Drake Kraken

  13. Morgenroete

    Drake Kraken

    At least a couple for Quasar as well🖖
  14. Morgenroete

    Drake Kraken

    No CCU
  15. Morgenroete

    Drake Kraken

    $1400 //$1650 Didn't see a limit on the quantity for now.