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  1. Congrats on 1.9 million citizens!

    I'm with Caldon, looking back and thinking will my $150:00 go to buying a desk for Wingman, or just another lamp lol... I am very satisfied to see where everything has got too..
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Is Trackir in 2.4 PTU?

    Have deleted and reinstalled twice, still got the code 11. Just not fair, can get into hanger and walk around. Have rearranged things so many times not sure where to put things now lol. Will just wait for the next patch and hope.
  4. Is Trackir in 2.4 PTU?

    Game is giving me the code 11, have not been able to fly at all. Excellent read Grizz lol Now you have me thinking VR as well
  5. Is Trackir in 2.4 PTU?

    Game is giving me the code 11, have not been able to fly at all. With trackir activated and not activated. Seems a lot of players are having the same problem and they are hoping to have it fixed soonith lol
  6. Is Trackir in 2.4 PTU?

    THANKYOU GRIZZ !!!!! P.S. Cannot get the game to work, I continue to get a code 11 error.. Not able to fly but thanks anyway Grizz
  7. Is Trackir in 2.4 PTU?

    Hello Everyone.. Question for those that have access to the 2.4 PTU. Have they or when does CIG intend to reactivate Trackir in game?
  8. Subscription or Free to play

    yup same here watch the bug reports so I can not double up that about it.
  9. Ben has been like this for a very long time. He has run the forums (CIC) the same way for years. There has been many postings that he has stated fact.. Now I just take his word. AND Yes Big Papi it is his job
  10. No INN Update This Weekend

    ~S~ I know I am late in asking but where is our NEWS LETTER LOL Just kidding Zhane, we all know what RL is like when stuff hits the fan. Your Letter DOES keep us "INN" readers up to date on stuff WE do not have time to do our own. We just expect to get a longer larger INN update that is well over the top great of your usual stuff hehehe... Looking forward to the read when you are able to put one out..
  11. Group bullying in the PU

    ~S~ Only read the first 2 pages and I see a lot of EvE lol Don't get me wrong, but I am looking for a SC CR style of game, were IF you are going to be a pirate, then enjoy it. If you are going to be a bounty hunter then stand in line I cannot see the future of what our SC PU is going to be like but I can hope for something like this I am wanting a fun time exploring, finding new things and watching the Imperium Fleet grow. Having a Imperium Main base that can withstand any attack, a safe place to train with other Fleet members. I am the mini mushroom, kiddy pilot or whatever the name is now I like to fly, and enjoy the company of good people. Dogfighting is something I do enjoy as long as I have the right tools to do it with. I am not looking forward to meeting 5 full blown Hornets in my Aurora I plan on working as long as it takes to get what I will need to become a good explorer. We just don't know what we can do or what we are going to have to work with yet. Only time will tell.
  12. Best Score (Vanduul Swarm)?

    ~S~ Well congrats to those how have made it past wave 10, best so far is 10. Cannot seem to stay close enough to the other ships to keep them alive as they seem to do a great job in keeping the other ships away from you. Hotas x52pro
  13. TrackIR as an alternative to the Oculus Rift

    ~S~ First I have TiR 5 and will be using it. I have one monitor and only enough room for one. Money is the #1 reason and yes I have tried the OR Dev #2. BUT.. there is a long long way to go before it can handle the res of my monitor now. TiR gives me the freedom I need in RL as things I need to do/see requires me to see things around me at all times. I see a lot of comments on what is going to be "my" setup s and I am going to say this... "If it makes you happy, do it...with whatever system you are going to use GREAT", this is a game that we are all going to play, use the system you need to make it "your game" and not someone elses, BUT YOURS!! It is about you and what is going to be best for you. Best of luck to all of you in the viewing system you use in the end.
  14. Current Arena Commander and Track IR

    ~S~ I have Tir and yes I will be using it. I have no idea how to code, so no idea what it would take to do so in SC. BUT if I could I would as TiR gives me the freedom of view that no hat can give. Mouse look is fine, if you have 3 hands lol But at this time the view we have now in AC is straight ahead lol which SUCKS!!
  15. New Twitch Schedule! (Shameless Self-Promotion)

    ~S~ Hummm Just opened your T and you were out LOL check back later