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  1. memory More RAM for Star Citizen

    Well here is the plan... we are going to infiltrate the Google mainframe... hook our pc to it and use all the memory their server has and fire up this game
  2. Weehamster's Ship Album Collection

    Good luck with all of the upcoming new ships and pictures to be taken
  3. Another quick port call

    Hmm... funny... I just got off the ship today, so mow I am home for yet another.... 28 days And you know what... it's always fun to tease the cheif engineer
  4. Pictures from your daily life.

    @Painmiester thats what I call a Giant red Christmas tree
  5. Happy Holidays

    Couldn't have said it any better way.... Thank you and to you too =)
  6. Map and shiny pic of Idris

    They did say that it could pretty easy take you up to 5 min. to walk from one end to an other.
  7. Map and shiny pic of Idris

    No words are needed.... just look at all of these shiny pic. https://imgur.com/a/zakFA
  8. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Oh... do I sens a Crytek company that is affraid of getting out tech'ed by CIG
  9. Game Fighting Alternatives

    I am more like:
  10. Pictures from your daily life.

    I gotta admit... you look like someone from a pretty epic movie
  11. Pictures from your daily life.

    Someone got famous dear @Painmiester
  12. Best Ship Names

  13. Best Ship Names

    "Smile when flash"
  14. Flora + Fauna + Pets in Star Citizen

    And I'm like... can we get this porg already?