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  1. Pictures from your daily life.

    I gotta admit... you look like someone from a pretty epic movie
  2. Pictures from your daily life.

    Someone got famous dear @Painmiester
  3. Best Ship Names

  4. Best Ship Names

    "Smile when flash"
  5. Flora + Fauna + Pets in Star Citizen

    And I'm like... can we get this porg already?
  6. Pictures from your daily life.

    Damm... got my self into a magazin... again.... damm.... The guy in the black uniform on the right site of page 3.................. https://www.hjv.dk/_layouts/PA.HJV.Ver2.SP.Utilities.FlipPage/FlipPagePopUp.aspx?ImageFolderUrl=/nyheder/HJVMAG 20172&url=https://www.hjv.dk/Sider/default.aspx#page/2
  7. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

    I already got it and I like it
  8. 4fff5d24d1f55c15d4fb3ce8e61d290d.jpg

  9. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Nothing more to say... just watch.... and wait until feb. next year
  10. Imperium Member In Need

  11. Happy 4th of july to all ma Americans friends :D


  12. What scanning ship do you recommend to put in the Polaris hangar?

    It can fit mate... just a matter of question about velocity and what kind of state you want the ship to be in afterwards xD
  13. Imperium Member In Need

    Stickers?.... hmm... I would like that... would fir perfectly to my little collection
  14. Imperium Member In Need

    Its even supassing all expactations now HYPE TRAIN!!!!