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  1. Pictures from your daily life.

    @Painmiester thats what I call a Giant red Christmas tree
  2. Happy Holidays

    Couldn't have said it any better way.... Thank you and to you too =)
  3. Map and shiny pic of Idris

    They did say that it could pretty easy take you up to 5 min. to walk from one end to an other.
  4. Map and shiny pic of Idris

    No words are needed.... just look at all of these shiny pic. https://imgur.com/a/zakFA
  5. CIG Being Sued by Crytek

    Oh... do I sens a Crytek company that is affraid of getting out tech'ed by CIG
  6. Game Fighting Alternatives

    I am more like:
  7. Pictures from your daily life.

    I gotta admit... you look like someone from a pretty epic movie
  8. Pictures from your daily life.

    Someone got famous dear @Painmiester
  9. Best Ship Names

  10. Best Ship Names

    "Smile when flash"
  11. Flora + Fauna + Pets in Star Citizen

    And I'm like... can we get this porg already?
  12. Pictures from your daily life.

    Damm... got my self into a magazin... again.... damm.... The guy in the black uniform on the right site of page 3.................. https://www.hjv.dk/_layouts/PA.HJV.Ver2.SP.Utilities.FlipPage/FlipPagePopUp.aspx?ImageFolderUrl=/nyheder/HJVMAG 20172&url=https://www.hjv.dk/Sider/default.aspx#page/2
  13. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

    I already got it and I like it
  14. 4fff5d24d1f55c15d4fb3ce8e61d290d.jpg