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  1. Would be one heck of a troll if 1 month ingame LTI was like.... 1 real life time week xD
  2. Still a long time might even have sold the ship by that time, but lets see, still under development after all... I think
  3. I'd be suprised if any of us ever mannage to do 72 months of playing in 1 ship.... thats a looooong time to sit at that PC and look at the same consoles and ship... lots of time to learn the ship nevertheless xD
  4. I sens Xenomorph in the near future.....
  5. Oh dear.... white powder coming down on my screen here.....

    1. Gallitin


      Yup, that time of year :) 

    2. stefmarster


      Wouldn't know too much about it good sir 😃 I will be at sea working at that time :P 

  6. Not just a view good sir.... a "Great View"
  7. thats defenietly a start 😃 Fly an astroide into the hangar, close it and see if we can bring it
  8. We got so much shit to do with a ship like that 😃
  9. watch out for the xenomorph, they might infest your ship and do alot of damage
  10. What Bengal carrier.... I didnt see it either... or heard of it.... I Definietly didnt indeed....
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