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  1. I'd rather say this is how Hong Kong gave China the casus belli they have been waiting for. Chinese establishment is very happy about what's happening. Anyway it was inevitable: step by step they started taking away freedom. If HK citizens accept, no problem, if they riot, Chinese government has an excuse to make it even worse. Just wait and see. PS: western nations will not make anything, since they accepted HK handover to China. So, basically, since then HK is just an internal affair of China.
  2. uhm ... dangerous comment ... mind that Mr. Roberts any day could come out of the blue with a "we have re desigend mechanix X or Y" and in one second the Banu ends up in a wasted pledge (like it is likely to happen with the Starfarer)
  3. Metternich70


    That's definitely not good. Starfarer was advertised as scooping fuel from gas giants. It was one of the main roles of the ships.
  4. Well I'm just a lawyer and a wonderful chef, but I'd say that wings are just a particular (and, for me, nice) esthetic feature to give an iconic image to a new ship
  5. maybe, but ... well ... let's say that grey companies deserve grey customers. And the other way around. This last thing of CCU does not concerns me at all, but last CIG market moves put them in my personal "black" list.
  6. I have none of them in my bag, but - if I recall correctly - 0 money CCUs were meant to let backers choose alternatives since ships stasts were still subject to changes. Ships stats still are subject to changes and they take away CCU, so that ... either they lied before or changed their mind now about the status of backers: odds is that now it will be more difficult for them - under a legal point of wiev - to maintain that a customer is just a pledger that did not purchase a certain ship. The grey market argument is not very strong in my opinion, since - instead of wiping all the CCUs of all players - they could act more surgically since they perfectly know how many (and which) CCUs each backer has in its inventory More likely they are scratching the floor of the barrel to get every possible money from future sales.
  7. I hope they will not ask money also for being able to give name for a ship you already own ...
  8. uhm .... after ships they are powercreeping also the .... characters
  9. that's the new genial invention of CIG marketing
  10. Metternich70

    Freelancer MAX

    the new shape and skin - from above - reminds me an elecrtic shaver
  11. Yes, let's be honest then. Well, honestly I think that CIG has been going through "convenient errors" and "questionable choices" a bit too often lately. Such kind of miscommunication on a feature of a product costing 250 USD is not something you expect from a seriuos company.
  12. I wouldn't defend too much CIG's last marketing moves ... maybe this ship is not a good example, but they are going into powercreeping, warbonds, excluding CCU on top tier ships, and whatnot to piss off old backers, Back on topic: I do not purchase alien ships since I do not like their alien shapes (except the banu merchantman)
  13. Actually the only value in the K upgrade is the S10 beam. Other weapons grant just a marginal and situational improvement. The problem with the Idirs P is that it may be quite good at defending itself against swarms of fighters, but - without the S10 beam (which costs 250 bucks more) - it cannot actually have any effective offensive role: cannot attack small or medium ships since it's too slow, cannot attack capital ships since it's undergunned. Idris-P as it is now could work as - a moving base for launching deep surgical attacks (3 eclipses or 3 gladiators) in highly hostile territories - a heavy escort ship for idrises M/Javelins in fleet military operation or the escort for heavy civilian ships against pirates (but for this last purpose a Kraken would perform better in my opinion)
  14. the M-50 is just wonderful. I own one and will never ever ever melt or upgrade it no matter what.
  15. actually I think the only advantage of the K kit is the s10 beam, other alternative weapons are situational and not so much better in comparison with the original fitting So basically you pay 250 bucks for the beam
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