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  1. so six times the mining power and just twice the space for ore .... bah, without some compressing gimmick its seems a ship not very useful without the constant help of one hauler
  2. If cig releases a big guns corvette for engaging big ships (so not an anti small ships escort like hammerhead, but a sort of polaris with huge guns instead of torps) with a price tag under 1000 warbond and 1100ish with CCU it will get a crapton of money. Much more that with a pocket carrier.
  3. I think that the subtle nerf of Idris P may be a preparation for the launch of another cap ship for a price 300-400 higher than Idris P to get some fresh money from CCUs from disgrunted P owners
  4. Metternich70

    RSI Mantis

    After no LTI except for warbonds, this is the new way CIG is going to piss off backers: selective CCUs (but with LTI) I closed my wallet quite a long ago. And I'm happy I did. PS: if you want to buy anything, wait ... CIG site is a mess right now
  5. Metternich70

    RSI Mantis

    Ar that point CIG will nerf the QJ disruption to oblivion ... After the Starfarer infamous QD fuel trick (not mentioning what happened the vanguard) I'm done with pledging on promises about what a ship "could" do in the future.
  6. I did check around, but did not find until when the concept will be on sale. Can anyone help me with such info?
  7. bah ... the only appealing feature for me may be the twin S7 cannon turret in the front of that thing. I will wait for the infos tomorrow, but I guess I'll pass on that
  8. I will not be buying a single vehicle or ship until the corresponding gameplay is actually and entirely implemented into the game. CIG turned cards too many times on too many things (the Starfarer change and the vay CIG handled the Idris P situation after the Kraken was launched were the turning point for me) to get more money from my wallet just on promises. These Q&A tell almost nothing about the actual usefulness of the vehicle. And within a couple of months they may change everithing as they never said those things. Once bitten twice shy works even for a pledger that has a F8 lightining in his virtual hangar.
  9. I'd rather say this is how Hong Kong gave China the casus belli they have been waiting for. Chinese establishment is very happy about what's happening. Anyway it was inevitable: step by step they started taking away freedom. If HK citizens accept, no problem, if they riot, Chinese government has an excuse to make it even worse. Just wait and see. PS: western nations will not make anything, since they accepted HK handover to China. So, basically, since then HK is just an internal affair of China.
  10. uhm ... dangerous comment ... mind that Mr. Roberts any day could come out of the blue with a "we have re desigend mechanix X or Y" and in one second the Banu ends up in a wasted pledge (like it is likely to happen with the Starfarer)
  11. Metternich70


    That's definitely not good. Starfarer was advertised as scooping fuel from gas giants. It was one of the main roles of the ships.
  12. Well I'm just a lawyer and a wonderful chef, but I'd say that wings are just a particular (and, for me, nice) esthetic feature to give an iconic image to a new ship
  13. maybe, but ... well ... let's say that grey companies deserve grey customers. And the other way around. This last thing of CCU does not concerns me at all, but last CIG market moves put them in my personal "black" list.
  14. I have none of them in my bag, but - if I recall correctly - 0 money CCUs were meant to let backers choose alternatives since ships stasts were still subject to changes. Ships stats still are subject to changes and they take away CCU, so that ... either they lied before or changed their mind now about the status of backers: odds is that now it will be more difficult for them - under a legal point of wiev - to maintain that a customer is just a pledger that did not purchase a certain ship. The grey market argument is not very strong in my opinion, since - instead of wiping all the CCUs of all players - they could act more surgically since they perfectly know how many (and which) CCUs each backer has in its inventory More likely they are scratching the floor of the barrel to get every possible money from future sales.
  15. I hope they will not ask money also for being able to give name for a ship you already own ...
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